Worlds Top 10 Luxury & Famous Watch Brands 2017

Can you imagine looking and sun and define the time? No I guess, but this was fact in ancient days people judge and measure their time and set their activities according to it. Modern days has revolutionized this term. Now a days everyone has particular jobs to do and for this they have to be very punctual and are conscious about time and it seems to be appealing for them.

Watches has become statement and style for everyone it matches and suits the personality of ones who wear it. A corporate look, casual looks or whatever style you adhere and admire this always adds charm to your personality and evens your dressing.

Many brands counts for their name for making impressive watches that has stunned youth. With such great stance we bring to you Worlds Top 10 Luxury & Famous Watch Brands 2017 which are remarkable in setup, style and module that stunts once perceptions. You will definitely crave for it.


10. Ulysses Hardin

Luxury Watch Brands 2017

It is a remarkable company of Switzerland which manufactures classic yet different designs for all their lovers. This is one of most famous and popular brand founded in year 1846.

Headquarters of this company is located at Least Locke, Switzerland. This brand is specified to manufacture and design excellent marine chronometers. Its statement and sleek module gives it high perception and pleasant looks.

This company is one of the renowned and highest ranked company of all which got excellence in every product they introduce. After acquiring by Rolf Schneider this company has won many medals and 400 first prize.


9. Blancpain

 Famous Watch Brands 2017

A key subsidy brand from Swatch group limited which has its headquarters in Biel, Switzerland is the most oldest company which is giving its class in every piece of watch they made. This brand carries class and manufacture handy watches which are easy to carry and are yet stylish.

This brand is expert in focusing on minute details about every watch they manufacture. Variations in looks, design and color make it worth to buy and this will surely termed as signature of your personality.


8. Jaeger LeCoultre

Famous Watch Brands 2017

One the leading watch manufacturers in the Europe which has no match to anyone. Their style, elegant statement and long lasting looks give it a standard that has no match. This brand always offers their customers extra ordinary timeless time piece with high definition classic crafting and designing.

Their collection has notifiable piece like Reverso, Duoplan, Joailleire, Atoms, Memovox and these are incredibly stunning and yet very expensive to buy for a normal person. The company has also rewarded for making complicated and excellent watches with superior technology and crafting. This would be your dream brand if you once saw there unique collections.

7. Girard Perregaux

Top 10 Luxury & Famous Watch Brands 2017

This is stated as one of the most classic and standard brand that is excellent in manufacturing watches that has no match to others. It is a Swiss watch brand that originated from La chaux De Fonds, Switzerland.

There watches are symbol of luxury and richness, it involves highly professional hand crafting. Watches flourish seamless with fine work and incredible material. One of the most notable collection of this brand was Vintage 1945, Girard Perregaux 1966 which hits the market and break all records of classic and technicality.


6. Rolex

Famous Watch Brands 2017

A foremost demanded brand of European country, Switzerland. This company is expert in manufacturing the product that is best of all since the old days. The watches has so powerful impact and has variant colors and has pieces of enriched looks with plated coats which give them even more glance.

They have different techniques such as automatic updates, different time zones, ones which works on the pulses of your hand and others with chronometer certification. This brand offers iconic master piece which are still popular in market and with different colors and plated looks it gives more rendering impact on others.


5. A. Lange & Söhne

Famous Watch Brands 2017

It marks one of the best quality in the world which is based in Glashütte, Germany. They choose unique soles and best products for manufacture of their watches that leads the markets with high defined price. They has height of standards and innovations in her master time piece that adds up the personality.

This brand has got much popularity worldwide due to unique style and designs. It defines originality and novelty of person and thus proves to be the best of all . The colors and fine designing makes it more worth and different to buy. The watches of this brand reaches the peak of expense.

4. Audemars Piguet

Famous Watch Brands 2017

This brand is established in 1875 by Jules-Louis and Edward August’s Piguet. The headquarters of this company is in Le Brassus. High defined module and technical illustration of pearls and diamonds makes this watches a complete package for its lovers and admirers. This brand is popular for most finest and expensive watches that suits the personality and makes it defined for that person.

They are not only specialized in men but also in women watches with sleek and defined color combination that is admired by all ladies. It is one of not oldest manufacturer company under the name of their family. The refined work and complex mechanical system of these watches makes them worth to use.


3. Breguet

Famous Watch Brands 2017

As the name indicated it is unique and brand of high class and audits. It is also a Swiss company formed in 1775. The owner is one of the classical manufacturer of watches who mind class and standard of personality and royalty. The most famous creations of this brand is the leather strap work with define colors and module.

The watches are light weighted and easy to carry with warranty of many years. They have prominent recognition among all. The headquarters are located in Vallèe de Joux that is located in Switzerland. They has done many achievements throughout era and looking for more .


2. Patek Philippe

Famous Watch Brands 2017

This company is best known for accuracy and perfect time shift with elegance looks and style. One of exceptional piece of work this world has with high definition work and flawless craft ship has nailed it.

This brand made watches of complex and defined structure that truly manifest royalty and defined elegance. The royal people mostly tends to stake money on luxury and makes it style statement and persona.


1. Vacheron Constantin

 Famous Watch Brands 2017

As the name indicated it is most defined and classic brand that is admired for making classic piece that makes your personality more charming and trendy. This company is probably 260 years old designing the best art work they can to amaze their lovers. Jean marc created this company and take it to peak.

These are top most expensive watches to buy. The classic piece and new designed makes them worth to buy. It includes mostly leather work, pearls and different art to manifest the composition of different watches that suits everyone’s personality in different occasions.

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