What Are The Most Common Causes Of Body Ache ?

Body aches are severe case of discomfort and uneasiness. People do suffer with different pains some are generalized and some are local. Not really mentioning these pains can be of some organ related, muscles and even tissues are involved.

Most Common Body Aches

Most common aches are headaches and toothaches from which 90% of people are suffering from. Muscles and joint pains are also common case mostly in older people. Regardless to the sensitivity these need to be treated by medicines. Aches and pains are common during viral infections and common cold.

Exercise, drugs addictions, stress and depression can also cause pains and uneasiness. Most common symptoms and effects of Aches are muscle soreness, cramps and tenderness. Generalized body stiffness can be cause of pains and leads to neck pain, back pain and joint pains. These made daily life uneasy and difficult.

Daily routine care and fitness strategies are important to make life simple and healthy. Abdominal cramps and aches are also common .this occurs due to intake of unhealthy and poor quality of food. This cause stress to abdominal muscles and stomach. The release of digestive enzymes failed to dissolve the food and harmful product thus cause, vomiting, diarrhea and other diseases. We should eat healthy and stay healthy and try to use vegetables and fruits with our diet.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Body Ache ?

Here are some common causes of body aches which need to be treated by care. We will notify you there causes and symptoms.


Muscle Soreness

Common cause of pain is Muscle soreness can be occurred due to exercise after long time or not having proper care and considerations. Back pain, neck pain and joints are common sites. It reduces your activity and range of motion. It causes discomfort in movement and acquiring full ranges.

The main cause is due to rapid motion sudden fall down or injury. It can also be occurred due to wear and tear of ligaments and soft tissues. Overuse of muscles is also a main cause of pain. Most of people who are suffering from aches, these are pinpoints if disease site.

Myalgia can be resulted as too much stress, tension, depression or intense physical activity. Muscle weakness is also cause of pain due to lack of exercise and weight gain. These can b cured by taking rest, healthy exercise and use of NSAIDS to reduce pain.




Know about this disease? It is most common bacterial attack on body effect the lungs directly and reduces its efficiency. Lungs get clogged and difficult in breathing occurs, dry cough and fever leads to pain, sore throat and heavy fever are main symptoms. It is a respiratory tract infection which causes runny nose and headache.

These are mixed up with common cold but it is mainly due to attack of virus in the body. Your body also has string immunity to fight against it. Some simple home remedies are also able to control it. Medicines like analgesics can be taken to cure these symptoms.

Another disease related to respiratory tract is pneumonia. it is rather more dangerous. It infects the lungs and make difficult for person to breathe. High fever, pains, nausea, dry cough are most common symptoms. Mostly people got attacked by it in winters. So extra care is needed, Antibiotics are readily treatment for this. During menstrual cycle in female there is feeling like influenza and pain in the body. This is very common in females.




A joint disorder which leads to pain in legs and knees. It occurs when cartilage of joint breaks due to injury it cause stiffness and swelling. Reduce efficiency to do work and limits the range of motion. Mostly occurs when bones get weaker in elderly age.

Proper medication and doctor’s advice is needed to cure this. It attacks mostly at age after menopause, when bones become weak and gentle. And sudden wear and tear leads to sever injury that it would be difficult for person to walk.

It is most common in female who are athletes and do gymnastics because at certain age their bones could not handle abrupt reactions and strokes thus this happen to them. Later on, this can reshape their bones if they get weaker and this condition is called Rheumatoid arthritis.



Low endurance sleep disturbance and most importantly fatigue can lead to generalized pain of the body. Some temporary conditions that cause pain are not dangerous but these are caused by increase amount of pyruvic or lactic acid as you have increased your muscle activity.

This metabolic increase cause disturbance in chain reactions and thus cause pain for temporary duration. Weakness is not merely related to physical aspect but is also has inner impact when proper diet and nourishment is not available to body that fulfills the requirements.


Medical Conditions

Fever, chills and viral attacks can cause body aches as the immunity level gets weak to fight against it and they started showing the symptoms in terms of pain. Cellular immune response play major role in removing the harmful cells from body. Traumatizing the muscles and strains could keep you down for many days for bed rest. We should not ignore long term and constant pain and seek medical care immediately and complete checkup.


Medium Term Conditions

These pains last long but dissipate at the end this can occur due to some serious infection. Some times dry , hacking cough occurs and do not produce phlegm , people suffering from it feel weakened and fatigued all over it makes them hard to get up from bed . This can create problem in daily routine. All these symptoms and problems caused general and sometime local pain in body which leads aggression in person.


Neurological and Psychiatric Conditions

Peripheral neuropathy is a neurological condition that causes bodily pain and aches. It also causes numbness to the body and loss sensations. These conditions can be state due to exposure to toxins and viruses that cause serious infectious effects.

Depression is also a main reason for aching’s. It is a condition of overwhelming thoughts that might need serious attention and distraction. Sudden stress and trauma can cause severe injury to mind that it goes to its fatal mode and disturbs a person mentally.

A person who suffers trauma or accidental cases passes neurological tensions and signaling to brain that it creates a stance phase, this condition of a person is highly concerned and needs to see the doctor because this cause great comfortless situation and leads to hypothetical aches and pain.

These conditions can be cured by medical assistance and proper screenings thus such conditions should not be taken easy and ignored. Proper diet and healthy food is the best treatment. Yoga and other soul and mind relaxing exercise should be done to avoid such situations.

Daily walk and other activities also reduce tensions and stress. A yearly medical checkup and screening should be done to avoid extreme situations. Live healthy life and advice others to follow the same to make life healthy for everyone.

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