Vince McMahon – Richest Wrestler 2016 Net worth of $700 Million

Vince McMahon is a wrestler of America along with commentator and he has a skill of producing films as well. So, he has a net worth of 1 billion dollar. He is the CEO of the company WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) which he has taken from his father.

He has worked day and night to take this company to the heights. Now a days he is performing many duties at one time in the company; he owns the company as well as is the chairman of that company.

Today WWE is known as WWF by name which is the enterprise of millions of dollars. This company trades at cost per share of $11.09 because of which Vince McMahon owns roughly 57% (39.9 million shares) of WWE 's Class A common stock.

As of May 2014, WWE is trading at a price per share of $11.09 which means Vince's net worth is $480 million. Hence WWE is his income source.

                             Vince McMahon – Richest Wrestler 2016 Net worth of $700 Million



Property of Vince McMahon

He has a sports car which is awesome and expensive. Its name is Bentley Continental GT Sports Car. As, this car has a good consumption of fuel. Chevrolet Camaros is the car occupied by this wrestler. He is also having BMW of his own. Being a richer wrestler he has a high life standard and have the vast property.

His residence is in Greenwich which costs 40 million dollars. He has another mansion which consists of a swimming pool, a number of rooms .In fact it is a mind blowing place of living. McMahon also has a penthouse of 12 million dollars. He has a home for vacation which costs 20 million dollars.

He has his own yacht which he has named as Sexy Bitch. Total wealth of McMahon according to Forbes is almost 1.1 billion dollars. In short he is a billionaire. In the stock market at one time he had lost 350 million dollars of his wealth but then he recovered and again became a millionaire.

He had also donated his wealth to different parties like Republican part. He had given 5 million dollars to the foundation namely; Trump foundation; the charity of Donald Trump.

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