USA Drops Non Nuclear Mother Of All Bombs On Afghanistan

U.S is known as one of the most powerful country and the only country which has many issues with other states . Running this state by Trump make it even worse for others as they declared to be superior than others. On the other hand Afghanistan is facing all those problems and become the serious agenda of state affairs. Not having such super powers poor people of Afghanistan has to suffer torture mentally and physically. It’s not just a recent conflict but it’s a matter of century that both countries are standing against each other but it’s a never ending trial. The recent act of U.S was an example of in humanity that destroys many home and cause death of so many people and only this attack leaves many after effects for upcoming live existence.

This Friday one of the largest non nuclear bomb was dropped in Afghanistan that create a massive chaos across the country up to 36 suspected Islamic militants were killed in Afghanistan. The target military described was a tunnel complex used by Isis’s Afghanistan affiliate it is called the ‘Mother of Bombs’.



Dawlat Waziri, Afghanistan Ministry spokesman said that no civilian has been hurt and basic part of province was destroyed. The bomb was designed for destroying underground targets it was deep earth perpetrator weapon, the GBU- 34/B it has a explosive yield of more than 11 tons of TNT. The bomb weighs more than 10,000 kg and it contains 8,164 kg of explosives. If it is dropped on certain area it could cause destruction miles away. Massive bomb was dropped from air force planes and it was detonates before reaching the ground and it results an enormous blast radius.

It is a largest conventional weapon which was never used in wars. Major report says that there are long lasting psychological effects on survivors considered as major impact of weapon. On this issue Donald Trump said that what I do was authorized by military, we have greatest military in the world and they has done a job as usual. Another question is raised that does it send a message to Korea? , The taunting and hitting super abilities surely disperse the foundations of countries. It could be a no messing threat for all. After this incident Afghan military tightens their belts and order is passed that they have to build their foundations strong and they have to thicken their tunnels and bunkers for their defense and safety. They found it right to reduce the obstacles paved their ways and to be offensive against any evil eye.

The blast was denoted at 7:32pm and it shake the whole ground of Afghanistan which and fear gripped in people hearts. Military further said that major purpose of this bomb was to hit the tunnels of Isis. It was one of the biggest blast ever heard over a centuries.

An American idea over the projects is that use of GBU- 43/B minimizes the risk to Afghan and US fighting Isis-K in Achin.

The explosion seems to felt like an earthquake with massive radius and it is felt to neighbor’s districts. Afghan’s military and armed forces get easily targeted by it through tunnels and underground means. A whole lot of momentum was created through the pact and it is said that it was just an experimented ordinance that has been passed. There are no means to harm anyone but the matter of fact is that it could be dangerous and never ending chaos for whole state. Afghan has to pull triggers for such experimentation on their beloved country.

But the explosion of GBU-34/B will remained questioned from US military that whether it was a threat to be proved on the top or not.

Although it is a humongous achievement for US army and matter of pride that they has created this missile which said to be Mother of all bombs as it had made their position even stronger and mighty of all.

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