Top Ten Most Affordable Halloween Costume Ideas

So you are a big fan of Halloween, you wish to get dressed and have fun with your pals but nowadays nothing comes easy and same goes for Halloween. It is really hard celebrating any festivity when you have a dent in your pocket and you’re trying to figure out how to be on a budget but at the same time want to join in on the fun that comes once a year. However you should not worry because Halloween is one of those events that you can enjoy to your full blown potential and you don’t even have to worry about spending too much. There are tons of great ideas that will impress your friends and leave you so happy by the end of the day. That is why we are here to help you by bringing to you today the Top Ten Most Affordable Halloween Costume ideas for the year.


10. Cat Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume Ideas

We know that this one may not come as a surprise, it is usually a very go to costume idea one that can even be sexy if you want it to be especially if you’re a lady and have stashed away a black dress somewhere that you never had the guts to wear then this is the exact time to join in on the thrill. Just put it on and make some whiskers with a black kohl liner, the cat ears are optional and voila you have yourself a cat.


9. Zombie Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume Ideas

Another very affordable costume that can do you wonders is going back into your closet, looking for your old Halloween costume that you stashed away even though you had spent a good amount of money on it and wear it again. The twist to this attire is that you have to spoil the costume and give it a rugged dead look so that it can be worn by a zombie! Zombie costumes are one of the easiest and trendiest where the work is all in the amount of decay you add to your costume. Mess up your hair and tear the costume where necessary and you just got yourself a brand new Halloween costume, zombie style!


8. Identity Thief Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume Ideas

Coming up with ideas that are affordable yet tangible enough to wear out in the crowd depends on a lot of creativity. Some of these ideas have even us in a puzzle as to where and how exactly did people come with these. The idea of an identity thief may not come to many but it is one hell of an idea and to top it off this costume is so easy you will want to laugh. This costume can be worn with just a pair of jeans and any plain t shirt you have in your closet, however if you want to make it dramatic we suggest you go with black as the next step of the game is to grab a bunch of name tags or plain white piece of paper and write down as many or however many different names you would like and simply stick them to your shirt and ingeniously now you are for this Halloween, an identity thief!


7. Risky business Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume Ideas

The famous Risky Business hit a home run when it was released back in 1983 not just at the box-office but forever in our hearts. His charisma and his youth tugged at our hearts and while this is definitely not an advertisement for Tom Cruise it is an article for affordable Halloween ideas and with that being said one of the major reasons is that if you’re out of luck on Halloween all you have to do is pull up your underwear, wear that white shirt and slide on a set of shades laying around the house and you have just become one of the hottest celebrities in Tinsel town Mr. Tom Cruise from the movie Risky Business. It is an idea that has never gotten old and will bring joy to everyone’s faces when you enter a party.


6. Ghost Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume Ideas

This one may come as a joke for you but if you are in the mood to do a bit of actual scaring on Hollow’s eve then this idea will itch the scratch and you really don’t need a lot of items for this one. All you need to worry about is having a white bed sheet or maybe any white cloth that you can throw over your head and poke some holes so you can see through it and avoid any injuries to yourself or others. Now guess what you are? A white ghost! To scare the crap out of anyone who comes in front of you. Whether you are wearing it to help your budget or for fun this costume certainly mixes in with the actual theme of Halloween.


5. Unicorn Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume Ideas

This costume number can be as simple or as complicated as you please, if you’re going for the more formal look of a unicorn and you have a pretty colorful dress laying around the house then you can just pop that on. The ensemble is actually complete by rolling up a piece of paper making it into a cone and putting it on top of your head that is the essential component to your unicorn look which comes at a fraction of a cost, the other half you can do in accordance to your taste or availability that is already in your closet. You can put on a shirt and jeans or something fancy, either way the cone has already set the tone for your unicorn theme.


4. Kids in Pajamas Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume Ideas

Another simple Halloween look that you probably did not think of but was right under your nose all this time is wearing pajamas. It’s as simple as that, this pajama look will instantly turn your costume in a kid’s Pj party theme or better yet you can say you’re dressed up as a child. To spice it up even more you can put your hair into pigtails wear very light makeup and take a hold of your favorite stuffed animal, not only will you look cute as a button but it won’t even damage your bank account.


3. Jelly Bean Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume Ideas

So your thinking about a costume that has a unique touch added to it and in the same line will leave you feeling satisfied in the morning with respect to your pocket. How about going as a candy? And not just any candy the most easy and affordable candy that there can be are Jelly Beans of course! The fun part comes when you’re making this costume because all you really need is a bunch of colorful balloons and well you can buy that from a dollar store nearby. When you are done blowing up the balloons you can either stick them to your T-shirt or to make it a bit more sophisticated you can put it in a big shopping bag and pin that to your T-shirt and now you have officially just become a bag of sweet and sour Jelly Beans.


2. Plain White Tee Costume (Error 404)

Halloween Costume Ideas

The perks of being in the technology generation is that it gives you a full range of creative ideas to choose from which will not only be a hoot for those around you as they guess and rack at your brain for coming with such innovative ideas but the beauty of these ideas is that you get the maximum from the minimum. In this case you can go with a plain white t-shirt and write on it “Error 404: Costume Not Found”. All your questions will be answered by your t-shirt and you will rock the night with your costume.


1. Facebook Halloween Costume

Who knew the number one social media site could become such an anomaly on Halloween, some may laugh, some may even look puzzled but hey at least you don’t have to worry about investing money into it. Just write “book” on your face and you my dear are “Facebook” for the evening and you better get ready to take in a number of friend requests because a lot of people will want to know you after introducing this idea. A simple idea that is sure to put a smile on your face, inspiration to your heart and no dents in your pocket.

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