Top Ten Famous News Channels In The World 2016

One of the things that has come with high and rising technology is the need to get information quicker to the world, so quick that here an event happens and bam! It’s there on television. Gone are the days where you use to wait on the doorstep for the paper boy to throw you the fresh piece of newspaper because by the time your opening the page hundreds of news channels have probable already told you about it, they are probably blaring over the radio or popping up alerts on your smart phone or flashing breaking news signs on your television screen. News whether it is the local cities, town or the world has changed in so many ways. So with speeding times come also competition of which news channel are the best so here is a list of Top Ten Famous News Channels In The World 2016.


10. NDTV


Named after the capital city of India New Delhi, and in possession of the New Delhi Ltd. this news channel was launched by Prannoy Roy who is a very well known journalist himself and his wife Radhika Roy in 2003. The success you ask for being in this list? It can be accredited to the famous news and current affairs show “The world this week” for Doordarshan. One of the things that may also keep viewers attached to this channel is the fact that some of the anchors who work on the sets of the channel have actually been in the most respectable positions in the Indian government like Pankal Pachaouri, senior TV anchor who use to be the Communication adviser for the prime minister.


9. AL-Arabiya


Launched in 2003, this news channel although criticized several times but still has the most viewership in the Middle East. The channel is stationed in Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates and is under the ownership of MBC (Middle East Broadcasting Center). One of the key attractions to this channel is the show “Special Mission” which has started since its release date and is still the longest running program till today, despite the fact that a lot of news has targeted this station as being one to solely be pan- Arab even though it still has a wide viewership.


8. GEO News


The number one channel in the country of Pakistan, its viewership has increased since day one of its air date in 2005. Viewed in the national language of Pakistan which is Urdu, this channel is provided in other countries in the English language. The channel is under the ownership of the Jang group of media which is well admired for its newspaper in Pakistan. The channel started with the purpose of releasing true facts about the various news in Pakistan and has received a lot of political attention in this aspect as different governments try and ban the channel every now and again but even despite the attempts the channel still delivers news whether bitter or loved and anchors have had to face security issues in this aspect as several have been targeted in an attempt to stop the freedom of expression which the channel emphasizes on.


7. Al Jazeera


Literally translated as “the Peninsula” referring to the Arabian peninsula, this channel is a direct rival to a another name mentioned in this list “Al Arabiya”, these two go head into head in the Middle East, however this channel is famous for and had a huge uproar after the 9/11 attacks when the channel bought a center in Kabul and started shooting events of the war on Afghanistan, the footage that this channel had was unreachable by other channels and even several channels wanted the exclusive footage for as much as $250,000. The channel although launched in 1996 by the Qatar media corporation with its headquarters in Doha, has ever since progressed immensely with several channels based internationally in different languages such “Al Jazeera English”, “Al Jazeera Turk” and “Al Jazeera America”.


6. Euro News


With a YouTube channel, a podcast and an online application Euro News first came into being in 1993 from Lyon, France. It is actually now a multilingual news media but had been launched with the thought of covering only European based news in their perspective. With the slogan of “All news” it is a rolling news channel which broadcasts news in thirty minutes intervals not just about Europe but as well as all over the world.


5. Sky News


Based originally in Britain and airing in 1989 this news channel has won several awards, one of them being the “News Channel of the Year” by the 2016 Royal Television Society this being it not the first but the tenth time, although it has went through a lot of changes throughout 2005 up until now trying to change the music and on screen interior as well as timings of programs it has received its eminence and is not only available via television but by radio, and online through application via Smartphone distributed worldwide and in collaboration with 21 st Century Fox, it is being viewed in different parts of the world like Australia, India, Africa being only few of the names.



Famous News Channels In The World 2016

A partnership between Microsoft and General Electric’s NBC unit in 1996 both these companies came together to give birth to what we know now as MSNBC. The news channel is currently run by its president Phil Griffin who handles the operation of the network. The channel works alongside a lot of other sister channels that are also recognized such as “CNBC”, “NBC”, “Bravo” and others. The news channels has received wide viewership for its very open commentary on political as well as other topics and has also received criticism for the same reasons as well, several anchors have been removed because of very public disputes including Don Imus, Martin Bashir and Alec Baldwin.


3. Fox News Channel


A subsidiary of 21 Century Fox which is Fox entertainment, Fox News Channel (FNC) was released in 1996 and ever since has been viewed by thousand of viewers. One of the strong controversies that go around this channel is that it is highly pro- Republican in regard to its opinions and news but still having the most viewership specially by people between the ages of 24-54.


2. CNN


This new channel was started by Ted Turner. Providing news to 212 countries in the world the Cable News Network (CNN) is acclaimed as the first ever news channel to provide 24 hour news and was in demand as it was the first all news television channel in the United States. The news channel is so highly recognized that it become a household phenomena in 2015 by being available in 96,289,000 households via satellite, cable and television, not only providing services through radio and online but in 2012 it also started CNN films which provides film documentaries on real life issues and problems. The channel was also one of the first to break in the news of the 9/11 attacks and has a sister channel CNN International which provides news from all over the world.


1. BBC


At number one we have none other than the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) which has the highest viewership not only in its own country United Kingdom but also in the world. its popularity can be traced back to its clarity in facts and fast paced information whenever an event happens, special broadcast programs for events such as the 11 September 2001 attacks, 7 July 2005 London bombings, the capture of Saddam Hussein, and the death of Osama bin Laden launched in 1997 and with slogans like “Britain’s most watched news channel” or “the worlds newsroom” it has kept its viewer seated by bringing information that is up to the mark and real.

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