Top Ten Controversial Personalities Listed In Panama Leaks

Today the hot topic that is making mess around our ears is “Panama Papers”. As it is mentioned and discussed in every News Headlines that many heads of the state and officials are involved in making Off- shores companies to convert their black money to milk white. These Panama Papers leaks that are made in result of the leaked files of 2.6 terabytes from Mossack Fonseca & Co. a Panamanian law firm and corporate service provider by an anonymous source to a German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. These leaks state many International figure’s night bed to a flame. But the real story will be revealed in Early May 2016 when the full list of the companies will be released as it is promised by the sources.

The short view of the off-shores company might be clear your mind that making an off-shore company is not perfectly Illegal instead it is the best way to setup business in tax heavens like Hong Kong. Panama leaks are the biggest paper leaks in the history of journalism in which more than 11.5 million files were leaked which belong to the Panamanian law Firm MF (Mossack Fonseca) which helped out the biggest names of the world including sportsmen, celebrities, businessmen and different politicians to hide their assets in different offshore tax havens all around the world. To prove whether it is legal or illegal international law makers haven’t any jurisdiction. Moving business to overseas can help to protect assets and minimize the credit losses.

If anyone makes a business overseas it is really harder for someone to sue anyone in the particular laws. That’s why they sat up their companies in tax heavens. Here is the list of top ten international names who done very cleverly to hide their off shore assets from their nation unless panama hit the major leak in the history and thus are being listed in the files of panama papers.

                        Top Ten Controversial Personalities Listed In Panama Leaks 


10. King Salman

King Salman Panama Paper leaks

Many Arab nationalities caught in the net. King Salman is one of them. He is the current king of Saudi Arabia. His net worth is 17 billion US dollars. King Salman inherited chunk of his late brother named Abdullah worth of 18 billion US dollars. Further, because Arab is the largest oil producing area of the globe i.e. 11 million barrels per day so, king Salman also have many profitable financial holdings of his nation’s oil industries. In panama papers king Salman used the offshore BVI, British Virgin Island, company to took the mortgages of worth 34 million US dollars on his luxury homes in London. King Salman is not specified in files as the mortgages are mentioned as in relation to king Salman and his assets.


9. Mauricio Marci

Mauricio Marci Panama Paper leaks

Macri was born in Tandil on 8 February 1959. He is the current president of Argentina. It is reported in satellite TV network TeleSUR that Argentine president, Mauricio Macri, was vice president and director of Bahamas Company named Fleg Trading which was dissolved in 2009. It was organized and managed by MF, Mossack Fonseca, when he was the businessman as well as mayor of Buenos aires . These details were hidden by the world and were not shown in his assets details and it will remain the secret by which world would never acknowledged unless panama files revealed one of the biggest scandals of the world.


8. David William Donald Cameron

David William Donald Cameron Panama Paper leaks

David William Donald Cameron was born on October 9, 1966. He is the current Prime Minister PM of the United Kingdom. He is the leader of the conservative party and member of Parliament as well. He also remained director of corporate affairs for about seven years at Carlot communications. He is not only the well known political figure in UK but also in all over the world. His annual salary as the opposition leader in 2008 was 219,000 US dollars. His net worth is estimated as 50 million US dollars. In the recent scandals in panama leaked files it is revealed that British Prime Minister David Cameron made his investment fund for Blairmore Holdings Inc. which is his father’s offshore company. 3 tory figures were also featured in the files including MP Lord Ashcroft. After these leaked files he makes tax records public. He paid almost 76,000 pounds in tax of his income of more than 200,000 pounds.


7. Petro Poroshenko

Petro Poroshenko Panama Paper leaks

Petro Poroshenko is the current president of Ukraine. From 2009-10 he served as the minister of foreign affairs and in 2012 he served as minister of trade and economic development. His networth is 1.3 billion US dollars and that’s why he is among the richest personalities of Ukraine. Because of his large and widely scale confectionery company called Roshen, he is named as chocolate king. Roshen was the Ukraine’s largest candy company. His owner Petro announced that he would sell his company if he became the prime minister PM of his country Ukraine and he did so. But the leaked papers reveal that Petro have moved his company to offshore destination, British Virgina Islands BVI, which helps evade taxes.


6. Jacob Zuma

Jacob Zuma Panama Paper leaks

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma was born on 12 April 1942. He is the president of South Africa. He is also the president of African National Congress ANC. His father was policeman who died when his son Zuma was young. His mother was domestic worker. Zuma joined ANC in 1959 and in 1977 he became member of ANC National Executive Committee. During his political career he got guilty in many corruption controversies after his financial advisor named Schabir was charged because of the involvement in corruption and fraud.

Zuma was the key figure who was mentioned in Schabir Shaik Trail. In 2005 when Schabir was found guilty and sent to jail for 15 years, that year Zuma has also resigned as member of the parliament. After the Schabir Shaik Trail, Zuma was charged with corruption by NPA i.e. National Prosecuting Authority. Despite of all these guilty scandals Zuma is still highest paid South African president with the salary of 270,000 US dollars per annum. The estimated net worth of Zuma is about 20 million US dollars per annum.

He is also rest at top of the list of the richest presidents of Africa. But except to these local or regional corruption cases and official net worth zuma is also involved in offshore corruption cases. His name in the panama leak has exposed off the links of him to the oil company named Caprikat ltd. which controversially deals oil supply in democratic republic of Congo.


5. Michel Francois Platini

Michel Francois Platini Panama Paper leaks

Michel Francois Platini was born on June 21, 1995. He is a football administrator and former president of Union of European Football Associations UEFA for 8 years i.e. from 2007-15. On 21 December 2015 he banned for 8 years by FIFA ethics committee. His ban was reduced to 6 years from football related all the activities, on February 2016. His estimated net worth is 145 million US dollars. In 2011 he received misplaced for amount of 2 million US dollars from FIFA. Mossback Fonesca helped him to fabricate an offshore company which is named as Balney Enterprises in 2007 in Panama. In 2007 he also became the president of UEFA.


4. Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto Panama Paper leaks

Benazir Bhutto, the former Pakistani prime minister, was born on 21 June 1953 and died on 27 December 2007 when she was hit by the bullet during her election campaign. She was the daughter of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the former prime minister of Pakistan. She was the first elected female Prime Minister of any Muslim nation. Benazir Bhutto’s net worth was 850 million US dollars. The stateswoman had set up a firm in BVI i.e. British Virgin Island. Her past records Mossack Fonseca to back out her files. The United Nation’s Committee found that Benazir had bribed the govt. of Iraq under UN’s oil for food program, which eventually led Mossack Fonseca to back out from the british virgin island firm.


3. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi Panama Paper leaks

Lionel Messi was born in Argentina on January 24, 1987. The young 28 years old Argentine football player have net worth of 350 million US dollars and his salary is 44.68 million US dollars. The young footballer earned his worth and popularity as striker of FC Barcelona and Argentina national team respectively. Lionel Messi is at the top of the list of higest paid soccer players in the planet.

He earned 44.68 million US dollars from his salary and additional 20 to 30 million US dollars from endorsement per annum and 50 million US dollars from contract with Adidas. Messi is facing trial of charging of tax fraud along with his father, who is his manager as well. Messi has been incriminated of cumulating his image rights which is linked directly with his offshore earning via brand endorsement. Due to this alarming state Messi is planning to file a claim to Spanish news paper for denigration after he was linked to panama leak files.


2. Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif Panama Paper leaks

Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif was born on December 25, 1949. He is commonly known by the name of Lion of Punjab because of his strong political position in the Punjab which is province of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif is the president of PML(N) which is the biggest political party of Pakistan. Nawaz is the owner of Ittefaq Group which is the leading business conglomerate. Nawaz sharif and his family members benefited a lot during the authority of Nawaz as the prime minister. During his presidency in year 1990 he obtained loans of worth 614 billion Pakistani rupees from different banks via his influence.

According to detail of these loans 1556 million rupees were for ittefaq foundries, 534 million rupees were for haseeb waqas sugar mills, 455 million rupees for mehran ramzan textiles, 373 million for ramzan bukhsh textiles, 339 million for Ch. Sugar mills, 226 million for Ittefaq brothers, 205 million for Sandalbar textiles, 182 million for hudaibiya engineering, 153 million for hamza mills, 134 million for hudaibiya paper mills, 351 million rupees for brother sugar mills 174 million rupees for brother textiles 159 million rupees for brothers steel mills, 623 million for ramzan sugar mills, 191 million rupees for Khalid siraj textile mills, 313 million for ittefaq sugar mills, 164 million rupees for ittefaq textiles and 239 million rupees for ittefaq brothers.

Apart from them the panama papers reveals the detail of offshore property and the investments of sharif family in the mega projects and off shore companies which were being hidden by the nation. These papers show that Nawaz’s sons Hassan and hussain and his daughter mariam setup almost 4 companies in the British Virgin Islands. These properties were pledged by the sharif family for loan of 7 million US dollars from deutsche bank.


1. Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin Panama Paper leaks

Vladimir Putin became the president of Russia in 1999 after the unusual resign of Yeltsin. The annual salary of Putin which is official and on record is 187,000 US dollars but in actual it is not all and all, Putin accomplish 4.5%, 37% and 50% ownership in different companies i.e. Gazprom, Surgutneftegas and Guvnor respectively. Through these companies he get more than 70 billion US dollars of assets. By the use of clever proxy channels Putin held his huge wealth. Panama files also reveals the secret connection of Roldugin, the best friend of the president, and Yuri Kovalchuk, the personal banker of the president, with president Putin and also reveals the secrets of how these personalities helped president to hide his billion dollars of assets.

Roldugin is the godfather of president’s elder daughter and he controls the assets of more than hundred million US dollars. While these assets revolve around the Rossiya bank which is headed by Kovalchuk. This bank transfer 1 billion US dollars to Sanadalwood Continental which is an offshore company. These funds comes from Russian Commercial Bank RCB. Sandalwood made 3 loans of total worth of 11.3 million US dollars to another offshore company named Ozon which owns ski resort where the younger daughter of Putin get married. In this way Putin hides his billion dollars assets.

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