Top Ten Best Ways to Keep Good Oral Hygiene

Do you know that your oral cavity needs more lot attention than you think of? Oral cavity is as important as other parts of your body or may be more. You eat, you smile, you talk every day and you don’t want to compromise that, right? If you think for a while it makes an ample part of your personality and self-esteem. I believe you are smart enough not to put yourself at risk of losing your bright smile, your ability to talk and your sense of taste. More than that, unhygienic oral cavity leads to gum diseases which the contingency of heart attack, stroke, and uncontrolled diabetes etc. You need to understand the cost of poor oral environment and pros of a good oral hygiene and its related effects on your overall health. Take a start to a healthy you because you worth it. Here are the Top Ten Best Ways to Keep Good Oral Hygiene.


10: Thorough Rinsing

 Keep Good Oral Hygiene

The least aid you could to yourself to keep your oral hygiene better than worse is to rinse after every meal. This could prove itself least effective but pretty handy at times. Thorough mixing after every meal brings down the acidity of your oral environment to normal decreases potential risk of tooth decay which ultimately keeps you from a plot of other severe problems.


9: Drink a lot of Water

You must be familiar with the benefits of water to your body. Have you ever wonder its enterprise to your oral health. Taking frequent sips of water carries away all the food stuck to your teeth and has a cleansing affect overall. The less the food sticks to your teeth, the less are chances of tooth decay. And also it maintains the oral PH to normal.


8: Low Sugary and Acidic Food

 Keep Good Oral Hygiene

You love sweets, right? And so do the bacteria living in your mouth. Probably one of their most favorite food it is. They feed on sweets and in turn the acid produced by their break down harms your teeth. Plus sweets like chocolates and caramel have high clearance time which means they stay on your teeth for longer duration therefore amplifying the chances oral problems. Acidic food on the other hand like soda, alcohol and carbonated beverages which ultimately convert into acid in the mouth and starts to resorb your tooth surface notifying cavities and other gum problems. If you are not taking any of the oral hygiene measures, you need to take control over your sweets and acidic food immediately.


7: Add Calcium In Your Diet

Ways to Keep Good Oral Hygiene

Calcium indeed is beneficial for the health of your teeth and bones. It is better to calcium like consume natural sources of calcium like milk, eat yogurt, broccoli, cheese and other dairy products. Artificial supplement intake is also an option if prescribed by the dentist. Vitamin D along with calcium is also a requirement for maintaining better health of your teeth as well as gums and bones.


6: Chew Gum

Top Ten Best Ways to Keep Good Oral Hygiene

If taking other oral hygiene measurements are not possible at the spot, chew a sugar-free gum after you eat like xylitol. Xylitol has an inherent property to kill the normal flora present in your mouth responsible for cavity formation. Salivation increases with gum chewing which bring down the levels of acid. Another advantage of chewing gum is that it takes away the food stuck to your teeth with it. The flavor gives you fresh breath. Chewing gum after meal for about 15-20 minutes is recommended.


5: Don’t Neglect You’r tongue

Ways to Keep Good Oral Hygiene

Being a part of your oral cavity, tongue plays very vital role in keeping oral environment clean. As the food debris cling to your tongue and it causes many local tongue complications if not cleaned. For this reason and many others, (like bad breath), the use of tongue cleaner is advised for children, adults and olds. Make sure not to wipe it aggressively as it can hurt your tongue. It acts as a natural cleanser as it sense and takes away the food particles stuck to the teeth and therefore deserve to be kept clean equally along with your teeth.


4: Brushing Twice a Day

 Ways to Keep Good Oral Hygiene

Brushing twice a day is a standard for keeping oral hygiene as good as it should be. If you brush twice a day, the have got yourself covered from 90% 0ral problems. Morning after breakfast and night after dinner counts the two times. Slow brushing for longer duration is recommended rather than aggressive but for shorter time. Antipathetic brushing can harm you instead as it recedes you gums. Every tooth should be given proper time and brushing should be continue for 5-6 minutes.


3: Use Fluoride Tooth Paste

 Ways to Keep Good Oral Hygiene

Brushing twice a day could be made more effective when the tooth paste used is rich in fluoride. A salt of hydrofluoric acid with inherent properties to keep teeth protected from cavities. It prevents tooth decay. It is more important in children as it gets deposited during the tooth development stage as an inorganic mineral to provide strength to the teeth. Excess should be watched out to prevent its adverse effects (fluorosis). It prevents tooth decay as well as turns back the early sings of tooth decay.


2: Use of Floss

Best Ways to Keep Good Oral Hygiene

Dental floss is used to eliminate food particles and plaque from between the teeth, where tooth brush has no access. It is used as an adjunct with tooth brushing to make sure standardized oral hygiene. Dental floss is mostly recommended in people who have crowding in teeth and the best possible effects of brushing are difficult to achieve. One should master the flossing techniques before using it to arrest it worse outcomes.


1: Use Mouthwash Along With Brushing and Flossing

Best Ways to Keep Good Oral Hygiene

If you are not a big fan of dentist, make it a habit. Make it a hard and fast rule of your life and you are done with the dentist job. It can freshen your breath and makes you confident talking. It can cut off some severe gum problems if use regularly. Mouth wash kills certain bacteria in the mouth that can cause you serious problems. Its use below age 6 years is contraindicated as they may take it in or should bring it in practice under some supervision of an adult.

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