Top Ten Best Selfie Light Reviews 2017

Selfies here and selfies there, selfies! Selfies! Everywhere you go. The talk is all about the selfies as that is what is in now. The trend the fashion, whatever you want to call it but long gone are the days when you use to ask someone “can you kindly take my picture?” That is why when the trend is hovering in the air the makers of Phones are competitively trying to up the game by bringing various effects into selfie cameras as well as trying to make it the best possible selfies you could take by making sure the light is perfect. So with that being said we are going to embark on a list of the Top Ten Best Selfie Ring Light Reviews 2017.

What a Ring light is, it is basically a light that is small enough to carry but powerful enough to give your pictures the blast of light that it needs, the ring light are usually round in shape with a number of LED small bulbs and are made in a way that you can use the grip to just place it on the top of your phone or on the side and then voila you instantly go from dull boring pictures to exciting bright pictures.


10. Raphycool Selfie Ring Light

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This selfie ring light is specifically for the iPhone series but is compatible with other smart phones as well such as LG, Samsung, and others. The size of the ring light is just about your palm and makes it easily store able so that you can easily tuck it away in your purse or anyplace else with just 8.5 cm in diameter its compact and the selfie light comes with 36 LED lights that will make your pictures pop and you can adjust it according to the exposure of the brightness you need in your pictures.


9. Bidafun Selfie Light

This selfie light not only has equally distributed LED light bulbs that give you the most distribution around a picture but the lights are energy saving and the clip is a silicon rubber clip so that it can easily grip around the phone and will not damage your screen by scratching it. It is battery operated and customers have even linked the camera light with professional lighting.


8. Demetory Selfie Light

This selfie light is chargeable by a USB cable and can be easily placed anywhere on the cell phone and not just restricted to clipping it on the top. It has a total of 24 light bulbs and has setting where you can adjust the brightness according to your choice. The selfie light is compatible with a range of devices and is available at a reasonable price. The good thing about this ring light is that you do not have to worry about your batteries becoming dead and once the device is charged it will work for a good number of hours.


7. Ingenious Selfie Ring Light

An ingenious selfie ring light indeed where you don’t have to worry about having faded washed out photos anymore. It comes with 36 LED light bulbs inside the ring and a shock proof design with a credible plastic material. It is both easy to use and easy to carry whether you’re in a poorly lit hotel room or an overly lit club, you will be able to make the most of your moments with this selfie ring light.

6. Lavince Selfie Ring Light

If you’re in love with taking pictures and more so selfies then you should give this ring light a chance. It comes with the almost standard 36 LED lights but the light bulbs will not disseminate any heat and you can use it continuously for a long time without worrying it will run low on the battery. The material is made of top notch plastic and the size makes it easy to carry anywhere on the go.

5. Socialite Mini Ring Light

If you are looking for something that can work in even almost no light condition then this is your best bet with bright LED lights you can even adjust the brightness according to the exposure you would like and then make crystal clear picture and even videos. In a ring light you should not only look at the lights that are in it but also consider the material and size as you may need to have it almost all the time so that you are ready to take great pictures whenever it is needed.

4. Ocathnon Selfie Ring Light

When you’re on the go you definitely need a cool ring light to keep with you at all times, you never when you may need to save a memorable moment and then you miss it because of terrible lighting. With the Ocathnon selfie ring light you can take fabulous pictures almost as if they are professionally taken and you may even you use the ring light to give you that extra light to touch up your make-up.

The light is not only perfect in terms of adjustment to high low and medium but the material that it is made from is also imperishable plastic and you don’t have to worry about it withering away because of your phones overheating. The ring light is also shockproof so you are safe when it comes to durability. The ring light is workable on 2 AAA batteries and has a single button for adjusting the brightness as well as turning it on and off, it both hassle free and impressive.


3. Foneso Selfie Ring Light

Feathery and delicate yet resistant and sturdy the material is of top notch quality and you can easily keep it with you at arm’s length because of the miniature size. Reviewers mostly like this selfie ring light because of the hype that was created about this particular light in the youtuber “Nikkitutorials”. Customers are more than satisfied with the effects that it give out when used in even very minimal lighting and the fact that it is affordable just makes it cherry on top.


2. Saflyse Portable Mini Selfie Ring Light

This selfie light ring  is a bit different from your typical “ring” light mostly because it is not in the shape of a ring and it’s more of a cool square design. The portable light comes with 16 LED lights and the fun part about it is that it can fit into the ear jack port on top of phones so you don’t have to worry about the grip not being strong enough that it will fall off like other ring lights because it will stay in place. The cool ring light is an excellent item to keep with you at all times to give your pictures the pizzazz that it may require and not just for pictures but also used for video capturing.


1. Luvami Selfie Ring Light

The number one ring light comes from the brand Luvami and is made to work with all different types of Smartphone. The ring light is 2.24 ounces and can easily be carried around; the cool thing about this ring light is where the rest of the ring lights you have to worry about buying batteries separately with this ring light you can immediately use it as soon as you purchase it because it comes equipped with batteries.

Another benefit of this specific ring light is that you don’t even have to wait to install and app that will support the ring light in order to make it run. you just need to switch it on and off you go with taking pictures or even capturing videos , it’s simple to use , affordable on price and designed in a way that makes it all the more worthwhile.

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