Top 8 Best Cosmetic Brands In 2017 Review

Cosmetics are the magic products that make you look younger, elegant, decent, and enhance your personality in a remarkable way. To this modernize era it is hard to survive without this so called blessing. Make up products are the need of everyone some use it occasionally and some on daily basis.Without makeup women don’t survive in this crucial era where everything is so tempting and attractive. Various make up brands are in race to introduce best product in market that matches to no one. It is a game of uniqueness and ideal perceptions. Here are the Best Cosmetic Brands In 2017 Review

Different sizes, shapes, colors, designs and patterns attract people to buy it. Varieties of products are made under recommendations which are suitable to all skin types and others are made for oily, dry and sensitive skin.

Giving everlasting beauty and anti-aging signs are the goals of cosmetic industry. Latest trends depict the choice, taste and countless modifications in makeup products that make you look personified.

Make Up And US:

Cosmetic brands provide you products that are ever lasting, promising and are much reliable to use they ensure their best quality products reach to every site of market. Beauties products make you look make you look more youthful and bloomy that clearly differentiates normal skin tone and facial elements. Lip liners, fragrances, creams, hair splashes, base, blush on and many other things make a perfect combination to tone your skin at right pace and make you look smarter, oriented and esteemed.

In past days makeup was only meant to coloring your self a bit but in modern illuminating era it means the whole you and your personality. Egyptians are the first who use cosmetics to signify their personalities. People now days become more beauty conscious and they feel uncomfortable to present their selves to others without a makeup.



Basic facts of these global cosmetics are very interesting to know as many companies are launching every new and refined thing that target women of different age and group. The most leading positions in global cosmetic industry are occupied by skincare products and fragrances. Almost 33.8% of cosmetic market is covered by skin care products. USA is the leading country in which vast amount of cosmetic products are manufactured and sell at rate like hell.

You can say that USA is the leader of cosmetic market that earns revenue about almost 55 billion dollars every year and it has employee of about 55,000 people in industry. Thanks to the online selling cosmetic products that adds glimpse to it. The total earning of online products every year is about 7.2 billion; no doubt such a huge amount breaks all the records of being the first in this race. This industry will see massive success and expansion in coming years.



There are many beneficial results regarding makeups and other skin care products but excessive use of anything can leads to damaging phase which is not surprisingly a doubtful fact. Let us look for what basic damage makeup can cause to our skin and affect our daily life:


  • Headaches

Anti microbial preservative ingredients are used in many cosmetic products that cause damage to mucous membrane and cause its irritation. Excessive use of make up can leads damaging eyes. Overuse may also lead to headache phenomenon.


  • Hair Problems

Many of sprays, shampoo, conditioners and other hair product contain different elements that cause damage to your scalp, increase dandruff and cause redness to your skin and leads to hair fall. Thus choose your product correctly and efficiently to avoid such mishaps.


  • Acne

No wonder if we say we are using cosmetics products and we did not suffer with a single acne problem. It is a common side effect of makeup because your skin is too sensitive to bear heavy chemicals and other ingredients that may cause sensitivity of skin and allergic reactions.


  • Skin Allergies

Chemicals such as Parabens are used in most cosmetic products that cause itching and redness to skin. So all the products should be used according to judgement of your skin type. As many of people skin are prone to allergies.


  • Eye Infections

Eye makeups and mascara are used in extensive amount by women who don’t do makeup on daily basis. Harmful chemical can cause irritation to your eye and cause redness and itching sensation. Try avoiding using heavy chemical products on daily basis and washing your eyes properly with tap water after removing makeup.


  • Premature Aging

When skin products are used for longer period if time the chemicals present in it permanently damage layer of your skin that leads to the premature aging. Excessive use of makeup suppress your skin’s original beauty and make you look mature and much older than your age by time.


  • Skin Discoloration

Sunscreens, moisturizers, toners and creams contain harmful contents that can damage the real tone and color of your face make it look dull and bore. Try to be more natural and simple so that it could not cause much damage to your skin.


Precautionary Measures

Following relatable side effects of cosmetics are not meant to scare people to stop or avoiding cosmetic products but such a glance is mentioned just to give precautionary measure and awareness to people that original beauty is much more apprehensive than man made products. Use all products as per need and make it your signature statement but with care and balance according to daily need.


Worldwide Cosmetic Market

If you look worldwide cosmetic industry the sales reaches to $170 billion dollars every year it is distributed uniformly around the world as $40 billion in America, $60 billion in Europe, $60 billion in Australia, $60 billion in Asia and $10 billion in Africa. The market is so fascinating and is on its higher pace.


Primary Cosmetics Segments

Major primary cosmetics segments in which people are spending more money are as follows:

  1. Hair care -20%.
  2. Skin care-27%.
  3. Fragrance-10%.
  4. Make up-20%.
  5. Others -23%.

It is a huge achievement for this industry that is leading faster to the peak and helping people in many ways to personify them. We define to you Best Cosmetic Brands In 2017 Review that holds an important place in your daily life and are more persuasive in building your confidence and personality.


8. Smash Box Cosmetics

Cosmetic Brand

A gigantic beauty brand came into being by Deans and Davis in photo studio of Culver City. Smash box is stated as celebrity’s hideout product as it has most of expensive products that are not easily attainable by normal earner. All the products of this brand are first created, tested and photographed in a photo studio and then launched to the market. Most iconic celebrities converged photo shoots for this brand.

All the products of this brand are so signature and can readily bear hot studio lights and machines. Skin products of this brand makes you look younger personified and keep your skin clear. Latest reviews enlist that this brand release its 3in1 mascara and like other products this is creating fire in the market of cosmetics.

Make up of this brand make your skin glow and glimmers you in a different and sleek way that you will not like any other brand after once using it. It clarifies your facial features and makes you look more attractive than before.


7. Neutrogena Cosmetics

Best Cosmetic Brand 2017

The older the better is a suitable concept for this brand. The headquarters of this company is in Los Angeles, California. This brand was started and introduced by Emanuel Stolaroff in 1930. In the beginning the company was named as Natone that supply the cosmetics and beauty products to Hollywood salons for many years it is stated for glamouring the industry and afterwards in late 1940’s Natone started manufacturing products for UD markets. Today Neutrogena is one of the leading brands that are serving people from many years. It is no 1 choice off actresses and stars.

The products of this brand are highly persuasive to maintain pH of skin and cause less damage. It is popular for selling high quality cosmetics and skin care products. Neutrogena is expert in giving moisture to your skin and make it look healthy. It also gives you fair and glowing complexion. Most of the products of this brand have no match to others.


6. Estee Lauder

Best Cosmetic Brand

One of best selling and most expensive cosmetic brand that brings storm to the market of leading industrial brands. This is most favorite brand of men as well as women of every society. This brand does not specify any class of people or celebrity but it is for commoners also who can afford this. This brand is famous for specific products like shampoo, perfumes, lipsticks, foundations and creams etc.

This brand holds the standard of its products for many years till now. Most of men using products like gel, dye and other beauty products of this brand are highly appreciated. The charm and effectiveness of this brand is spreading very rapidly and it gain interest of many people by these days. Estee Lauder is competing with major popular branded cosmetics companies and gives you the best products to enhance your personality.


5. Urban Decay

Best Cosmetic Brands In 2017 Review

This brand was established in 1996 since then it is struggling to provide you extreme high quality and reliable beauty cosmetic products. All the products of this brand are so secure in use enhancing your beauty and elegance. It is an American based brand that gains noticeable popularity in very short period of time.

Urban decay caught a sustainable offer in industry and business sector. Most popular and fascinating products of this brand are Glide on eye shadow and naked accumulation which embodies palettes.

This is brand that all you need to make you look more youthful and decent. Urban decay is becoming style statement of many celebrities and its products are also highly appreciated in saloons and in market. Product of this brand achieves most of the space in charts of bashing cosmetics products.


4. Oriflame Cosmetics

oriflame cosmetics

A Swedish company that was established in 1967 marks a heavy rated performance on planet. It contains world’s best skin care items that purifies your skin and make it look better and enhanced. This brand is being tough competitor for all other brands in market. It holds biggest share in business sector because the products of this brand are distributed among 60 nations. Like wise this brand has different serving programs too that helping many people saving their lives and help to rebuild confidence of people.

This perceptions and great variety of product make it most feasible and popular among people and it is earning respect at great glance. The results of its products are so promising and prominent within days that are why it is surely recommendable in all aspects. The annual sales of this brand are approximately 1.5 billion euros.


3. Maybelline Cosmetics

maybelline cosmetics 2017

The brand that does not need any recognition it is a bashing hit in its own sense. Like wise it does not come up with the single range that has not been instant hit so far. All the bright and shiny colors look like gems. A recently launched eye tattoos create a smashing hit it series. This brand has created a huge craze of fans.

This is one of that brands which is serving us from centuries. The main head quarters are in New York. This brand has high business demands and rankings that have no match to others. It is quiet difficult to beat up every single product of this brand.

Maybelline has a huge variety of cosmetics, make ups and accessories that make everyone fond of it. It has world wide branches and headquarters that have turn over about $10,000 million dollars per year. They are marked as best cosmetics seller brand. They empower women to make a statement and inspire them to be confident. They offer scientifically advanced formula, textures and trendsetting shades that are affordable and make you look stunning and beautiful.


2. Avon Cosmetics

This company has been in business from over 125 years. A great international manufacturer and direct selling company in cosmetics industry. This company is so vast and powerful that it has 6 million representatives all over the world. Full name of this brand is Avon products, Inc.

The annual sale of this brand is $10.0 billion worldwide. A multi level marketing products that have high appreciations and using under considerations. This company take style, beauty and fashion to next level. They have recently announced to open a branch in Paris and France which is its remarkable efforts.

This brand is a style statement of many celebrities. Its products are long lasting has minimum side effects, pure and fully authentic in use.


1. Clinique Cosmetics

worlds best cosmetic 2017

Best Cosmetic Brands In 2017 is Clinique. It is brand of high level regularities many of its products are sold in high end departmental stores and are much expensive to buy. No company could have better manage skincare products, cosmetics and toiletries. This company was founded in 1968.

Clinique had the honors to have first allergy tested company and its products are sold hand in hands. Another great achievement is that they provide secondary line for men range also in 1976. This one of the few best selling cosmetics brands in 2017.

Lipsticks of this brand ads true flavored taste and scent that attracts buyer. Products are long lasting and water proof some of best features for which fans got crazy for every new launch and it gets hit with a big profit.


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