Top 5 Best GPS Devices Reviews In 2017

GPS stands for global positioning system. A system that defines and navigates “where you are”! Most advance technology system that investigates the position of a person and help to discover different places. If you go back to era of 70’s to 90’s there were Maps which situates the position of place or marks the borders. These Maps help soldiers and other people to find a place and look for it. Yet, it was difficult for them because it can be mistaken because these all were handmade maps in which errors and omissions can be justified. Later on, technicality involves in it and maps started to be formed and marked by machines, computers and printings more logically it was very beneficial for people in so many aspects. Twentieth century leads to so many amazing discoveries one of which is modification of Maps into Navigation System and GPS devices. These were found in mobiles first but later on separate devices came into view. Now a days, automobiles also have this amazing technology with vast number of functions and qualities. These trackers help to find out unknown and various places also it gives a complete road map of site. It also gives a complete address to specific area like Shopping malls, Restaurant’s and home addresses. Here are the Top 5 Best GPS Devices Reviews In 2017


5. AES RGS30 GPS Tracker

Best GPS Devices Reviews

Mini locator with magnetic device helps to find various places and signifies the position. It is very portable easy carry device with sleek design and functions. It is a basic thing which please every traveler around the world. It has smart touch, unique design and perfect shaped body with intended smartness of functions.

It has great touch speed and pointer it also has function of accuracy which leads a person straight towards its place. It also covers very small notations which could be very helpful for a person.

The battery is very powerful and it can remain up to 96 hours continuous working just in a single charge. Great signaling quality make it more vulnerable than others.

It could be your best traveler partner and for other activities. It has special abilities to send messages about locations and important information’s. It has clarity in sentence and its body is of metallic substance which keep it protected and enhance its beauty.

Users has great reviews about its functions and it is very obvious that this device is very feasible to others.


  • Improved technology
  • Prolong battery
  • Portable.


  • Improvements can be define
  • Charging issues,
  • It does not give mini details.


4. GL300 Mini Portable GPS Tracker

Best GPS Devices Reviews

Another advanced quality GPS tracker helps you to find your way and give you information’s that you want. It is used as your personal asset and you can carry it to anywhere you like. Not only has this continued with its best features this device is a longtime supporter to your travel as it has unbeatable battery life of about 3 days with even charging.

It helps to locate even small places, Restaurants, Bars and Shopping malls. Just put this device on and keep on navigating the places you like put your address you want to reach and within the seconds it gives to whole place map with proper settings and it also notify your position and standings.

It also has smart function to locate other person and define his position.


  • Easy detachable
  • Not expensive
  • Good signaling.


  • Not waterproof
  • No picture details
  • Poor Wi fi.


3. Mobile Asset Solution OBD GPS Tracker

This device gives its best to the user due to its define functions and feasibility it’s a live tracker with accurate mark and maps all round the world, just set your position and you are ready to set off . It is very easy to handle and excellent device created in accordance to user preferences and demands.

It has special software with additional functionalities which make it proper platform for tourists as well as for travelers. These devices also helps police to complete their major missions and to track down illegal groups and works.

It also helps to locate crime scene and criminals, through this device it becomes easy for police to detect the crime and try to stop all illegal activities.


  • Dual performance
  • Good battery life
  • Wireless.


  • Expensive
  • Sensor issues
  • Charging problems.


2. Trackimo TRKM002 GPS Tracker

Best GPS Devices

One of best quality tracker which as vast implementation. It has dual function of tracking and locating a person and place. It is available in worldwide with wireless service it has strong back up and high quality Wi-Fi service. It send signals efficiently without missing once. It also has a pack of accessories which can be purposeful for instance. It is recommended to travelers and most used by them.

It has better quality material which give push to device. Easy to handle this marks the navigation system so advanced. It has long lasting battery with power bank and advanced touch system. It gives a map and also a picture description aside to give more proper setup.


  • Wifi service,
  • Efficient looks,
  • touchscreen.


  • Poor signaling,
  • Expensive,
  • No accessories.


1. Garmin nüvi GPS Tracker

Garmin nüvi is one of best quality tracker it is amazing in use and easy to handle. It is designed in a very stylish way that you don’t need to press button all the time. It is very time saving and compatible device. It checks your preferences and work with accordance to it. With dual orientation it is safe to use and very convenient for cars and mobiles. Furthermore, it has mobile app for easiness.

This device is so much popular because of its appealing looks and compatibility It gives the user best deal and is very suitable in price it also save maps for you so that you can open it easily in emergency situations. It also has a private investigator service which can track anyone on place.

It also has camera which alerts you about traffic lights it is very light weighted device and made up of waterproof material.


  • Convenient
  • Compatible
  • Endurance.


  • Difficult functioning
  • No battery backups
  • No accessories provided.



These devices helps people to reach every place they want safely. It has made our life easier and better, now we don’t need any maps and suggestions in this fast life. Compatibility of these devices made life better and advanced. Not only this it has reduced crime rate a lot and made people aware of it. Police use these devices to track criminals and illegal activities.

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  1. It is a really great idea to install a gps tracker to our vehicle in order to protect individuals or family vehicles.

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