Top 3 Richest Cricketers In The World 2017

Cricket is passion for those who believed to be worthy of representing their beloved country where they are born and living. It is a game of luck and hard work with efforts of being the best of all. Cricket is the game which is everyone’s favorite. It is played internationally to prove this game to be asset of charm, representation and gathering. It holds so much importance that one could not get away with it. Players are basic concept of persuasion the way they deal and play. From hundreds and thousands only ten people are chosen who are best at their skills. It is a work of collective efforts. Some are good at batting some are at balling. Their skills are polished and they move to ground to show their talent. It is a winner’s game and countries earn high amount of money every year after organizing such games. As per efforts and fame of the players they are paid according to their performance and persona. Here is the List Of Top 3 Richest Cricketers In The World 2017 and they worth it by their dignity, endurance and popularity.


3. Chris Gayle

 Richest Cricketers In 2017

A player of West Indian makes his name as a remarkable player. He is skillful in batting and making hit shots. Once he gets his shoes tight than it will be difficult to stop him.

A super talented man and a great person lead in everyone hearts by mesmerizing performance. He is one of the strongest players in the world. West Indies got debt of him. He is a renowned player and made many centuries which are un forgettable. He has great stardom beyond his skills. He makes more scores in very little balls. He has hit number of sixes in T20 series.

He has seen toughest situations of his life but his talent brought him up to such a pace that he could make it at once. Lucky man got selected to play cricket and represent his Country league. He was born on 21st September, 1979 .he is 37 years old and he is evergreen batsman of era. He is king of sixes. He is now most expensive cricketer of the world. His net Worth Is round about $21 Million.


2. Virat kohli

Richest Cricketers In  2017

A great Indian cricketer with all the luck, passion and expressions enters the zone as claimed to be truly reliable for his team. He made many sixer;s and did not miss chance of it. Small town boy was born on 5th November,1988 in Delhi .Now he is the charmer of his team and everyone’s heart. Indian team has advantage of Virat’s excellent talent and abilities which help him made so far.

He is a future face of International cricket. His scoring has captivity and he has strong endurance to keep him on the pitch. He has grip on batting and he almost beat every bowler out of the retch. He is one of most important and signified player of Indian Cricket team. His net worth is $24.9 million which is the result of his ravishing performance and brilliance. He has technique in all his moves which make him wiser in playing. His passion leads him to the next level.

1. MS Dhoni

Richest Cricketer In 2017

India has such a talent that is truly admirable. M.s Dhoni is a Captain of Indian team he is truly a shinning star and unbeatable till now. His has mind games and better plans for his team. He kept his team combine to win all. He belonged to a poor family and suffers many hardships to reach at this level that no one can forget his name for years. He was born on 7th july,1981. He is married and has beautiful child. He won lot of major tournaments as big hits. He has power of batting and claimed that pitch is his property and he will hit it as long as he wants. He sets his rules to break all rules and scores.

He is a great iconic personality and gentleman states. His is now one of the most expensive cricket players of all time. He played best and classic for his country and won major World cups. He is proud of a nation. His net worth is $29 million.

He has proved himself to be one of best Captain for his team because he got is strategy ready for every pace. He sacked many ICC titles and his passion of cricket made him so far that world praises him for his work. He is truly intellectual, dignified soul and has never compromised a loss when it comes on his team.

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