Top 3 Poorest Countries In The World 2017

In a world where media follows trends and fashion, and the latest technology we as human beings may be lost to the other side of the coin, the other side of the world where people do not care about what is the brand new iphone or what celebrity is flying in tonight. Despite awareness the world is still mostly unaware of so many countries in this world that are still way under developed and every night they pray for just a safe shelter and food. Although there are so many countries still that come among as the poorest countries but the Top 3 Poorest Countries In The World 2017 are as follows below.


3. Central African Republic

It is no shock that among the countries depicted today mostly will be land locked countries of Africa. Abbreviated as CAR, this country brings in $ 333.20 GDP (per capita) which is the amount of money that country produces through its finished goods (mostly in a year). Although there is a vast amount of diamond export business as it is one of the natural resources but still it only brings in 40-45 % of the country’s revenue, the rest of them are mostly sold through illegal black markets leaving the country with almost nothing.


2. Burundi

Reeling in a GDP of $ 267, the main reason why this country is so underdeveloped is the constant political tirades that the country has to face with leaders and military coupes at each other’s throats, going so far as to burning down villages the people are suffering very much in its economic terms, the main cash crops such as tea and cotton are dropping at a quick rate where as coffee ever since it has been privatized has also contributed to the loss of the country.

The people who are somewhat stable seek every chance they have to get out of the country and the tourists that use to come over the summers and was a part of the country’s earnings have dropped down immensely due to the political unrest in the country , affecting mainly Bujumbura where the country’s revenue up to 70% depended on it.

Another factor that is leading to poverty day by day is the fact that with such little GDP and increasing population it is becoming harder and harder for the country to keep itself at balance. The war that is undergoing has not only placed a dent in tourism but also towards the foreign donations on which the country relied on to about 40% of its budget making it impossible for the country to survive on its own.


1. Malawi

Not only is this country landlocked making it very hard to trade with other countries and then lacking important resources it sole reliance is on agriculture, one third of its population died due to an HIV/AIDs pandemic and the government taking the slightest interest in any of the people, rather its leaders are tyrants where most of the innocents are died at their hands with a GDP of $ 226.50 its investments and exports rely mostly on tobacco farming and even that has made on toll on the country where 60% of the foreign earnings depend on it, the cost to carry it out has resulted in great destruction’s of the forest, as well as because different countries around the world have limited its use of tobacco and the taxes on it are getting higher day by day the value of Malawi’s “green gold” has lost its value and placing more deadly effects on the country’s economy.

Another huge problem that is faced among the citizens is the lack of food and funds for such things according to a recent UNICEF report there are an estimated 46,000 children who are dangerously facing malnutrition and mal nourishment.

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