Top 12 MLM Companies In The World 2018

Market now a day, hustles due to increasing demands, carrier opportunities and due to their global performance . Every new company higher their tags in stock exchange market and their rates are been highlights for cardinals. The savage of buying and selling market shares make profits to an efforts. You either got lucky to hold it or loose reputations all at certain.

In spite of all these circumstances these markets still rules the world launching their best brands which become the standards of society. These companies have high profound ranks and market profiles all these have endured tough year throughout and at last get their rankings in the market. Their cumulative sales in market reaches trillion dollars every year and some them goes to lowest their ranks.

We bring to you Top 12 MLM Companies In The World 2018 that will make you scroll to the last . Their high demands and public mark ups make them wonder to reach at such pace.


12. Walmart

Top 12 MLM Companies

It is an American multi national retailing corporation that has chains of hypermarkets, discount departmental stores and also has grocery stores. The company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962. Headquarters of this company has vast expeditions which in corporates with Bentonville, Arkansas. They also made name in United States, Canada and Japan. According to Fortune Global a yearly turnover of this company is $480 billion approximately. It has largest private employers with 2.3 million in ratio. The highest successful ratio came from United States and Canada . This company scores 11 times high rates since 1995 and has proved to be the best of all in all terms in the world.


11. China National Petroleum

Best MLM Companies

CNPC owned by Chinese state has operations across Middle East and Russia . It is usual PetroChina with a global oil giant in offshore and on shore areas. It is largest integrated energy company of Chinese that has headquarters in Beijing. It is an government owned parent company which was created on 5th November,1999 that has marked to be assets for Chinese. It produces large amount of oil and gas that is used by its population in excess and is also exported to native countries. The biggest turnover of this company id $299 billion as per year. This company is known for its authentications and achievements.


10. Toyota

best MLM Companies

A company that needs no recognition and it has completed a journey since it has been entered in market. Tied with Volkswagen in terms and polices of revenue it has created a huge mess in market with excellent stock and production more likely to say revolution. A yearly turnover revenue of this company is $237 billion. It is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer which has headquarters in Aichi, Japan. It contains 338,875 employees worldwide. It is also stated as ninth largest company in the revenue. It produces more then 10 million vehicles per year which it has done since 2012. Today they are getting excellence in sales of hybrid electric vehicles all over the world.


9. Royal Dutch Shell

best MLM Companies

A Dutch company which gains all the popularity marks and maintains standards to be the best of all. It is a British-Dutch multinational oil and gas company that has headquarters in Netherlands and it is incorporated with United Kingdom . This is sixth largest oil and gas company in the world measured by 2016 revenue. They set new trends of exploration, production, refining and marketing power generations and trading. The got a long run in stock exchange market with rating of mark up the yearly revenue is $272 billion. This value has got much more to count for. Shell has operations in over 70 countries that produces around 3.7 million barrels of oil equivalent per day with 44,000 service stations worldwide.


8. Volkswagen

best MLM Companies

Heard the name before? Of course this company has finest turnover all over the world with great reliability and exceptions. The revenue of this company is $237 billion. It is a German car company who has enjoyed torrid year after installing software in 11m diesel cars that allows them to cheat emission tests. These are not as bad as first thought. This company was founded in 28 May,1937 by German labour front and the headquarters of this company is in Wolfsburg. The largest sale of this automaker was in 2016 which enlists its huge achievement. They compose luxury models that are finite in their structure and colors. They made it independent people car project that is affordable in every revision.


7. Berkshire Hathaway

best MLM Companies

It is an American Multinational conglomerate holding company which has headquarters in Omaha, United States. It has large holdings in major US airline carriers and it is currently largest shareholder in Unites states. The average growth value is 19.0 % since 1965. This company is known for its control and leadership by Warren Buffet, he holds the company at its best rates and share holders. It holds 367,700 employees from public and private sectors and its revenue is $233.60 billion dollars. According to Forbes list it is 4 th largest public company i the world . Berkshire is currently 7 th largest company in S&P 500index by market capitalization and has famous for having expensive share price in history.

6. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

best MLM Companies

It is a Chinese multinational banking company. It has most valuable assets and has capitalization as February 2017. The headquarters are reported in Beijing that has assets worth US$ 3.616 trillion. Forbes listed it as one of the best bank among 1000 banks. Total revenue of this bank is $668.733 billion dollars. They changed the whole spectrum if trades and marketing having best share holders and advanced policies that attracts everyone to share their holdings with it. They provide considerable market policies, consumer banking, preserve private equity, mortgage loans and credit cards. Since 2015 they contains 466,346 employees who serves you with logics and 24 Hours on service duty.


5. Microsoft Corporation

best MLM Companies

This company has strong pillars in terms of technology and advancements. Its headquarters are in Redmond, Washington. It sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers at vast amount in all over the world. It was founded by Bill gates and Allen. There advancements has stories that ends to Xbox and much more. The revenue of company is US $85.32 billion dollars per year with 144,000 employees that served it with intelligence that has no chance of negligence. This company revise their strategies and cope up with all needs of modern terms. This company enters operating system business in 1980 with its own version called Xenix later on , MS DOS and other digital advancements has been made to build this company more strong and foremost popular of all.


4. General Electric

best MLM Companies

This company is incorporated in New York and has headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. This company connects with digital appliances that operate following segments like aviation, global research, health care, lightening, oil, gas and power. This company has founders like Thomas Edison, Charles A Coffin, Edwin J. Houston. This company provides US $123.7 billion dollars and counts for more. This accounts for 333,000 employees who are loyal to their work and cooperative. By gross revenue this company is said to be thirteen largest firm in Forbes list. This company has great achievements since it made through this so far.


3. Accenture

best MLM Companies

Accenture is a global management consulting and professional services company that provides you strategies, consulting, digital and operational services. Its headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland. There clients are serving in more than 200 cities in 120 countries. This company allows vogue of information for the people who came for concerns and better future planning’s and investments. Its results are based on featuring clients such as Marriot, Unilever and much more companies. They compose and focus on branding and marketing and it has standardized system of branding with extensive use of graphic. The has professional and technologists with 411,000 employees who works effectively and efficiently. It has total $39.4 billion dollars revenue.


2. IBM

best MLM Companies

It has headquarters in Armonk, New York, United States. With operations over 170 countries. The company originated in 1911 as Computing Tabulating Recording Company and later it was renamed as International Business Machines in 1924. It is founded by Charles Ranlett Flint . It has revenue of US $ 79.919 billion dollars. The number of employees this company own are 380,000 who has best qualifications and working abilities. It has large diverse portfolio of products and services. Cloud computing, cognitive computing has vast infrastructure of mobile, IT and security. This company excel in all digital products and computer designing. IBM is renown as best in advancement and techniques which is popular as worldwide.


1. Apple

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This company has gain interest in all terms and conditions that need no further investments. Apple is a brand itself which has headquarters in Cupertino, California. It sells consumer electronics, software and online services. Its products includes iPhone, iPad, iPod and smartwatches. It was founded by Steve Jobs on April 1, 1976. This company completes its 41 years in excellence till now. The total revenue is US $215.639 billion. Here 116,000 employees work to build and maintain the status of this company. It is second largest mobile phone manufacturer company after Samsung. People just love its products and when they launch their product it once shoved stock exchange markets and always counts for number one.

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