Top 10 Worlds Most Dangerous Countries 2015

A country is a piece of land that not only represents you worldwide but also protects you and your family against slavery. But sometimes this peace of the country is disturbed due to some political issues, religious conflicts, violence, and terrorist’s attacks. Almost every country has weapons like guns and bombs and unofficial availability of these weapons amongst people is also a reason for hurly-burly condition of nation. There are some countries that are not safe to visit because common man lives in danger there and many of them have mislaid their loved ones. Many countries are trying to find out the reasons for crimes and they have to settle the situation not only for their own but also for the world peace. According to a study of UNODC in 2012 half million people were killed that year and most of the killings took place in the countries known as the top 10 worlds most dangerous countries 2015.


10. Venezuela

Most Dangerous Countries 2015 -

Venezuela has many worth seeing places that attract tourists from all over the world especially it is famous for its beaches in summer but during the last few years this place is no center of attraction because of its increasing robberies and kidnappings. The anti-government protest in the country started in 2012 made the situation worse; the peace of the country was ruined and the country was held down from progress.


9. Brazil

Most Dangerous Countries 2015 - Brazil

Brazil is a country well known by most of us due to its sports activities and its noticeable success in football game. Apart from its achievements, the country has a huge criminal network. The slaying rate is increasing so high due to the easy availability of guns to the common people. In this case not only the residents face the problems but also the visitors have to move across the country very carefully.


8. Burundi

Most Dangerous Countries 2015 - Burundi

Poverty and lack of resources promotes corruption and targeted political crimes in this country and war crimes. Armed robberies result in fatalities and serious injuries. Foreigners are usually the victims of target killing and street crimes there. Human rights are not protected there that leads to high number rapes and murders.


7. India

Most Dangerous Countries 2015 - India

Large population and poor economy are some major reasons of crime in India. The annual number of reported crimes in this country is 164, 630. Street crimes are high in India because of the presence of large number of under-world gangs and government is unable to provide proper earning resources to public. Other than these issues, murders, rapes, corruption, religious conflicts, and Kashmir dispute are the reasons for many deaths in this country. The recent case of brutal gang rape of a 23 years old girl has shocked the world and it’s not a safe place especially for a woman to visit.


6. Russia


This country is one of the most powerful and developed countries in the world with the 8th largest world economy but still having high reported criminal cases are 2,952,370. Besides all these great achievement the superpower is still unable to control kidnapping and murder rate. The Great Russian Foundation has added itself in the top 10 countries with high crime rate. The crime rate in the country is also increased by close happening of Ukraine.


5. South Africa

Top 10 Worlds Most Dangerous Countries 2015

The country of population of 52 million people with having 11 languages officially has such a high crime rate that the number of annually reported crimes is 2,683,849. Street crimes, Rapes and increasing murder rate make this country unsafe. Cape Town, one of its cities, is known as world most dangerous city. Males of this country believe that forced sexual behavior with women is according to law so this increases the violence rate in the country. Social injustice, marginalization, unemployment, unstable living arrangements, and poverty are also the reasons that have added up South Africa in this list.


4. United States

Most Dangerous Countries 2015 - United States

United States is in the list because street crimes, murder rate, and other criminal activities are not the only with which the country has to deal with it also have to cope-up with the terrorist’s groups. This country is targeted by many extremist groups because of having war with different countries. Murder rate in US is 5-8 times higher than Asia and Europe. It is obviously very shocking to find this superpower with the total reported crimes at 11,877,218.


3. Afghanistan

Most Dangerous Countries 2015 - Afghanistan

Afghanistan is country that does not only have high crime rate but also has a going war. This country is known as the land of terrorists because many extremist groups and the Al Qaida belong to this land. Other than ordinary crimes in Afghanistan, black marketing, human trafficking, corruption, kidnapping, money laundering and contract killings are also some reasons that make this country extremely dangerous not only to visit but also to live. This country is the world’s largest producer of opium that’s why drug dealing is very common in it. Unemployment among many people is the major reason of corruption here.


2. Somalia

Worlds Most Dangerous Countries 2015

This country is not only one of the poorest countries of the world but also its inhabitants are facing the threats of their lives due to high crime rate and increasing homicidal activities. This country is dangerous to live because of its on-going civil war and due to the collapsed government (between the Somali armed forces and rebellions), this has caused 500,000 people to be killed and number of fatalities as a result of conflict and lawlessness is 3,150. Other obstacles that Somalia faces include absence of fully functioned government and natural disasters like drought, flood etc. Condition of the country can be judged from the fact that no tourist has gone there since the last 14 years.


1. Iraq

Worlds Most Dangerous Countries 2015

Iraq is considered as the most dangerous country 2015 because of internal and external continuous wars in the country. This country provides you low safety while walking during night. The suicidal attacks in Iraq are very common that destructs a lot in the country, trend of unlicensed guns in people is very high and the environmental conditions are harsh too. Due to the explosive attacks across Iraq, an estimated amount of 9,000 people were killed in 2013.

Country’s protectors are battling against Al Qaida and other extremist groups. Other than the attack on doctors and journalists by terrorist groups, abduction for finance and political gain is also very common.


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