Top 10 Ways To Plan Perfect Valentine’s Day For Your Wife

If you are confused how to make this Valentine’s Day the perfect one for your wife we have got just the right ideas for you. Valentine’s Day is a special day for loved ones and almost every husband wants to go out of the way for their lovely wives to make the most out of it. So, here are Top 10 Ways To Plan Perfect Valentine’s Day For Your Wife. There is no chance you and your significant other will not have the time of your lives this 14th Feb.


10. Make Breakfast For Her

Plan Perfect Valentine’s Day For Your Wife -

The best idea to make the most of this Valentine’s Day to make your wife happy is to start from the very first step that is: from the morning. Go out of the way this time and prepare bed tea and a fancy breakfast for her, something that mostly men would not do on a regular basis. Make all the things that she likes to have for breakfast and surprise her with roses and a present of her liking. This is surely going to make her day.


9. The 14 Texts Drill

Plan Perfect Valentine’s Day For Your Wife - The 14 Texts Drill

This is one of the most adorable ways of making your wife happy not just on the Valentine’s Day but 13 days prior to it (maybe, even after that too!). What you need to do is tell her how beautiful she is, what she means to you, what kind of positivity has she brought in your life etc. the catch however is to tell all of this to her in one message each day when she wakes up. You could even leave a note for her every morning before you leave for work and she is asleep. On the Valentine’s Day, make her anticipate something and present her with any surprise she had been longing for.


8. Movie Time

Plan Perfect Valentine’s Day For Your Wife - Movie Time

It is time for you and your wife to watch a movie together this Valentine’s Day but not just any regular movie, a movie made out of all your most adorable pictures ever since you two met, started dating, got married had kids etc. get it nicely edited and thank your wife in the end for making such beautiful memories together. What you need to do is to keep it a complete surprise for her and save it for the after dinner session on the Valentine’s Day.


7. No House Work For Her

Plan Perfect Valentine’s Day For Your Wife -  No House Work For Her

This is another really sweet gesture that all men can do to make their wives really happy on the Valentine’s Day. Make sure that you do not let your wife do any house chores that she does in the routine and you not only do your part of the job but d whatever she does every day. This is going to prove how much you love her and how much she actually means to you. Spoil her by doing this as she surely deserves this.


6. Spa Time

Plan Perfect Valentine’s Day For Your Wife -  Spa Time

This Valentine’s Day, make the most expensive and special booking for your wife at the best spa in town. There is nothing that can make her happier than a day of self-pampering you could get her a package which includes spa and salon treatment both or even get a package in which you both can sit back and relax at a really nice boutique spa. A day off like this from every day routine is every woman’s dream and if the husband is making the effort for it, there could actually be nothing better in the world than that.


5. Skype Call/Facetime

Skype Call

There is no cuter way to express your love for her through modern day technology and that too when you two are sitting a room across. Make a skype call to her or facetime her right when she is in the middle of some work sitting idly in the TV room waiting for something special to happen on the Valentine’s Day. On the call you can express all your love and gratitude for her, thank her for being who she is to you.


4. Take A Trip Down The Memory Lane

Take A Trip Down The Memory Lane

You can make her feel really special and plan the Valentine’s Day in a unique way this time by going to the place where you two met for the first time. It could be your high school if you are high school sweethearts, a place where you dated for the first time, a park where you met or the workplace where you both started seeing things more clearly. Have lunch or dinner there and plan the Valentine’s Day activities around it. It will be really special not just for her but for you too.


3. Send A Video Message

Thankfully we live in the high tech era so make the most use of it to express your love for your wife and to plan the Valentine’s Day in the best way possible. Send her an unexpected video message on skype which explains why you cannot imagine being away from her even for a split second. These messages as unexpected, would have a great impact on your wife and she will be surprised in the most amazing way.


2. Take Her For Shopping

Take Her For Shopping

It is no hidden truth that shopping is all what a girl wants. Plan your Valentine’s Day activities along the same lines too. Take her out for a lunch (at a nominally priced place, if your budget does not support it) and spend the real amount on her for shopping. Let her buy what she had been meaning to buy for a long time as there is nothing better when it comes to making women smile and being really happy. Shopping always does the trick for them.


1. Plan a Trip

Plan a Trip

Surprise her with tickets to a place where she had always wanted to go. It could even be a road trip that you two had wanted to make for some time. Surprising her a day or night before usually does the trick but do not just inform her on the Valentine’s Day as that would take up all the time for packing. Plan in a way that you get to spend time on the location where you are planning to go to.

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