Top 10 Valentine’s Marriage Proposal Ideas

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there are many of us who want to surprise our partner with the ultimate news that both of you had been longing to hear and break to the world. Yes, that is right we are talking about the marriage proposal. There is nothing better than proposing your partner on Valentine’s Day which is the ultimate day of love and a great time to lay the foundation of a wonderful new beginning. Here are top 10 Valentine’s Marriage proposal ideas to help you through.


10. The Ultimate Dinner

Valentine’s Marriage Proposal Ideas -

Even though it is the most common way of marriage proposals but there is nothing more romantic and traditional than taking out your most prized person out or dinner and surprising her with the marriage proposal. You can do so much with this idea as the dinner could be a highly personalized one or at her favorite restaurant. It could even be at one of your house. It must all depend on the kind of personality your partner has and what she likes. A ring will ultimately do the trick!


9. Valentine’s Treasure Hunt

Valentine’s Treasure Hunt

What could be cuter than having a treasure hunt organized for your Valentine in order for her to get the clues that will ultimately lead her to you surprising her with the most romantic thing in her life that is the marriage proposal? Precisely nothing. You can start setting the clues from now and end exactly on the Valentine’s Day so that the proposal can be given on the Valentine’s Day. This is one of those ideas which is not only romantic but a lot of fun too. Just remember not to make the clues a bit too hard for her to find.


8. The Workplace Marriage Proposal

Valentine’s Marriage Proposal Ideas - The Workplace Marriage Proposal

If your significant other has no issues with PDA and your relationship is common knowledge to the people around her along with the fact that she adores surprises then this is one of the best Valentines marriage proposal ideas for you. Just surprise her on the Valentine’s Day at her office with a ring, flowers or anything that she had been longing to have. You can ask around her workplace colleagues and friends to gather around so that you can make a public announcement of your loved to her. This will make her day.


7. The Chocoholic Marriage Proposal

Valentine’s Marriage Proposal Ideas - The Chocoholic Marriage Proposal

The idea of proposing your partner on the Valentine’s Day is to make her even more special and things get even better if your personalize them for her. If your significant other is a true chocoholic then she is sure to love this idea. Become Willy Wonka for the day and make a personalized homemade box of cholates for her, hide the ring in it and present it to her after your date with her on the Valentine’s Day. This is going to be the sweetest gesture for her.


6. Valentine’s Day Road trip

Valentine’s Marriage Proposal Ideas - Valentine’s Day Road trip

If you and your partner had been longing to make a certain road trip then now is the time. Not only will you two be enjoying the Valentine’s Day on your favorite destination but you can do loads to surprise her and ultimately tell her about your feelings regarding the two of you getting married. You could surprise her on the way by making a stopover at her favorite lunch place or anything that she had been meaning to do and then propose her to get the happiest smile on her face.


5. Take Your Friends Along Marriage Proposal

Valentine’s Marriage Proposal Ideas - with your friends

If you and your partner have a common group of friends that share all your secrets and have been with you two for the longest of times through your good and bad days then this is a wonderful way to propose your partner. Ask your friends to help you with placards that they will hold which say “Will you marry me” and during a very random conversation when you two are at the Valentine’s Day dinner, you can ask your partner to look around and that is when the friends will show the placards, this will surely bring a smile on her face and a “yes” your way.


4. Portrait Marriage Proposal

Valentine’s Marriage Proposal Ideas -  Portrait Marriage Proposal

Get the cutest picture of you two framed in the biggest frame possible and put the ring inside while packing it in the brown paper. Once you give her the Valentine’s Day Present make sure you tell her that the live size picture is not it and ask her to look for something else in the packing too. This will definitely be the dream proposal for her and will make your Valentine’s Day even more special.


3. The Late Night Call

The Late Night Call

No matter how many times this has happened in the movies, when it will happen to your girl she is going to fall in love with you all over again. Late at night, call her saying that you love her and she needs to come to her window, when she does, sit on your knees hold out a placard that says ‘will you marry me’ and propose to her. You could even hire musicians that can help make the scenario even more romantic. Place some candles around the pace where you are standing to create the best effect ever.


2. The Valentine’s Day Card Marriage Proposal

The Valentine’s Day Card Marriage Proposal

Buy 14 Valentine’s Day cards and write a really cute message on each one. Start sending them from February first and on the 14th, ask your partner to look around and when she does make sure you are kneeling down on your knees with a pretty ring in your hand asking for her hand. You can even send a rose with each card on all the first thirteen days and on the 14th, go with a giant bouquet of red roses to woo her away with all the love.


1. At Home Marriage Proposal

At Home Marriage Proposal

There is nothing sweeter than asking your partner to come and spend the entire Valentine’s Day at your place where you will watch a movie, you will cook her favorite food all by yourself and order the favorite dessert of her liking. Once all this is done ask her to dance with you and present her with the ring when she gives you her hand. Do not forget to decorate the home with red roses and scented candles.

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