Top 10 Strongest Air Forces In The World 2016

Here we will discuss some facts and figures of air strength of some nations which makes them scary as hell and nightmares for their opponents. Before starting this article I want to clarify that this ranking is based on present strength and power of respective air forces. The number of aircrafts and personnel shown in this ranking are only the aircrafts of air forces but not of navy or other branches of military. Strength of any nation can’t be decided not only by the number of aircrafts or personnel or other air forces factors but there are many other deciding factors like other disciplines of army may also contribute to determine the strength of the nations as whole. So let’s start our countdown of Top 10 Strongest Air Forces In The World 2016.


10. JAPAN 

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The air force of Japan also known as the aviation branch of Japan self defense force i.e. JASDF is one of the sharpest and strongest tool that Japan made for their defense oriented policy. The aviation branch of Japan self defense force was planted in 1954, after World War 2, in the form of imperial Japanese army air service and imperial Japanese navy air service. JASDF is known for its ultramodern radar systems and combat air patrols. JASDF contains more than 45000 personnel, 769 total numbers of aircrafts, 380 total number of fighter aircrafts, 4 aerial refueling aircrafts, 17 AEW&C, 26 search and rescue aircrafts, 265 trainer aircrafts, 52 transport aircrafts and 52 helicopters as well. Due to all these facts and figures Japan is 10th most dangerous air force in the world.



Japanese air force

The royal Australian air force was established on March 31, 1921. The RAAF is comparatively small in size but is tremendously deadly. The following facts will prove it i.e. RAAF contains 17,375 personnel, 275 total aircrafts, 19 patrol aircrafts, 95 fighter aircrafts, 15 main air bases, 36 transport aircrafts, 6 AEW&C aircrafts, 106 training aircrafts and 4 drones as well. Due to these powerful fighter air strength RAAF has majorly participated in some of the most deadliest wars and conflicts of late 19th and early 20th century.





One of the most striking and most dangerous air force with the trail of top quality pilots . Luftwaffe was established in 1935. During World War 2, the skies of Europe were overshadowed by Luftwaffe German air force and due to their advancement and deadliest strikes foreign counterparts got defeated. Most of pilots of Luftwaffe get trained either in United States of America or in Canada. The training centers are located at Holloman air force base in New Mexico and Canadian force air command base at Goose. Luftwaffe contains 30311 personnel, 428 total aircrafts, 234 fighter aircrafts, 4 drones, 84 transport aircrafts, 110 training aircrafts, 10 patrol aircrafts and 45 helicopters as well.



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Indian air force is one of the best equipped air force all over the world. The Indian air force was founded on 8 October 1932. It is 7th largest and strongest air force in the world because of 12700 personnel, 1499 total aircrafts, 567 fighter aircrafts, 227 ground attack aircrafts, 228 transport aircrafts, 14 special mission aircrafts, 60 total air bases, 186 training aircrafts, 99+ drones, 373 helicopters and 26 attack helicopters.



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It is considered as world’s 1st professional air force because of its technical developments, defensive strategies and rule in skies. It was founded in 1909 as the air force of France. It is appreciated because of the invention of mirage series of jet fighters which is one of the most successful aircraft in history of military aviation. The French air force contains 47538 personnel, 658 total aircrafts, 215 fighter aircrafts, 6 AWACS, 14 aerial refueling aircrafts, 104 transport aircrafts, 6 drones, 158 trainer aircrafts and 88 helicopters as well.



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Also known as people’s liberation army air force . It is officially founded in 11 November 1949. With long list of 330000 personnel, 2800+ total aircrafts, 360 transport aircrafts, 1308 fighter aircrafts, 192 striker aircrafts, 120 bomber aircrafts, 644 trainer aircrafts, 41 special mission aircrafts, 137 helicopters and 150+ total air bases Chinese air force is the largest and strongest air force in Asia.




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It is one of the oldest air force of the world it is founded during World War 1, on April 1, 1918. It is known for its strategic bombing. It contains 37200 regular personnel, 33980 reserve personnel, 120 fighter aircrafts, 102 striker aircrafts, 524 trainer aircrafts, 41 transport aircrafts, 10 drones, 21 AEWC, 21 surveillance aircrafts, 55 total air bases and 134 helicopters as well. Due to these deadly air machines UK is at number four of the list.




Israel is one of the most brutal and war loving nation who like to kill innocent men, women and children for their benefits. Israeli air force is 3rd most powerful air force in the world because of 34000 active and 55000 reserve personnel, 736+ total aircrafts, 395 fighter aircrafts, 25 striker aircrafts, 8 aerial firefighting aircraft, 18+ drones, 54 transport aircraft,16 aerial refueling aircrafts, 66 trainer aircrafts, 14 main air bases and 138 helicopters.



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Russian air force is 2nd most powerful air force in the world. It is founded in 1991-92 and in very short period of time it became the 2nd most deadly air force in the world. It contains 160000+ personnel, 263 training aircrafts, 513 striker aircrafts, 106 special mission aircrafts, 265 transport aircrafts, 181 bomber aircrafts, 806 fighter aircrafts and 885 helicopters as well. Due to all the heavy air machineries Russia is the 2nd most powerful air force in the world.



Best air force 2016

So, are you ready for number 1. Yeah obviously it is USA which is at above all in all aspects of heavy and most deadly air machines. USAF was founded in September 11, 1947. It is far ahead in term of technology and quantity of its air machinery. It contains 5484 total aircrafts, 332854 active personnel, 185522 civilian personnel, 71400 reserve personnel, 106700 air guard personnel, 1872 fighter aircrafts, 162 bomber aircrafts, 28 transport aircrafts, 715 cargo aircrafts, 56 airborne command and control aircrafts, 21 electronic warfare aircrafts, 86 passenger aircrafts, 48 reconnaissance aircrafts, 35 search and rescue aircrafts, 1167 trainer aircrafts, 540+ drones, 47 surveillance aircrafts, 200 total air bases (all over the world), 476 tanker aircrafts and 218 helicopters. This huge quantity of quality machines makes USA most powerful and most dangerous air force by which no one will want to mess.

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  1. Salman great work but why don’t you write something about blames on Muslim relate to terrorist attack ??

  2. Change the lies you wrote on Israel’s brutality and how Israel loves to kill innocents, and change it ASAP, or you’ll hear from an attorney.
    Israel is an oasis of values and human rights in the midst of a chaotic middle and brutal region.

    1. Benny this is a third Party content we cant change that, and this is about freedom of speech- any one can express his/her point of views about the world. We cant change any ones views with the help of attorney. The writer who said that also ranked Israel in this list too. I Will ask the third party to change these lines. Will update you later. One more thing Israel killing Palestinian, due to this the world is observing that they are using their power wrongly .

      1. Incorrect. Palestinian is doing the killing. Israel is protecting its own people ( including Arabs) in defence from Palestinian terrorists. You Sir have you facts wrong. Time you learned the truth.

  3. “Israel is one of the most brutal and war loving nation who like to kill innocent men, women and children for their benefits.”
    hahah what i love about arabs is there point of view hahha so stupid to think they can terror every country in the world and no one will respond.
    i will change this line to this:
    “Israel is one of the most brutal and war loving nation who like to kill terrorist men, and women for their benefits.”

    1. Who is a terrorist ? A man killing a man or a nation destroying a nation ? Every one is acting like a terrorist we want peace every where and nobody gets peace with war . Be positive.

      1. Ready guy now in the middle east looks like Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Western Countries doing the fighting and bombing. Israel not involved at all. Protecting boarders from Palestinian terrorists.

  4. 133 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 2,089 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000.

    1,217 Israelis and at least 9,271 Palestinians have been killed since September 29, 2000.
    1,671 Israelis and 86,974 Palestinians have been injured since September 29, 2000.

    0 Israelis are being held prisoner by Palestinians, while 6,700 Palestinians are currently imprisoned by Israel.
    0 Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians and at least 28,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel since 1967.
    and then u said that u’r killing terrorists and u’r fighting for peace. huh, “oasis of value and human rights”, could u please justify that ??

    1. Who cares; US lost 0 houses since 1930 and wiped out thousands of people and houses. … start with them

      & BTW there is no Palestine – those are arabs from egypt and Syria…fact palestine never existed as a state its just a romance province (when they conquered judea)

      1. Whatever They are Palestine or not they are Human beings, Their women were raped everyday. If these two lines hurts your country then imaging the effects of those bombs that killed thousand of people. love each other allow every one to live a happy life.

    1. I am not from Israel neither from Palestine but the world was against that war but Israel was just showing power . Mostly girls were raped in the mosque by Israel army members and place mike infront of their faces so that every one will hear the voice of those girls. Feeling ashamed about that .

      1. Ready guy now in the middle east looks like Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Western Countries doing the fighting and bombing. Israel not involved at all. Protecting boarders from Palestinian terrorists.

        1. Palestinians are not terrorists The terrorists are Israelis because they want to capture the land of Palestine and they want to make them their slaves .. but Palestinians wants to live an independent life

      2. Israel soldiers have not raped any women in mosques. Made up erroneous self-serving propaganda. Please fact check and stop the dubious comments.

    2. Israel always tries to destablize the political and economical stability of Arabs.Israel creates anarchy in Palestine.Israel is one of the brutal nation of the world.There is no doubt about it. 😠

        1. Hamza bhai but Arabs are not much mean and self centered.Their religion is islam which is the source of vital inspiration for them.Islam teaches us the lesson of peace.It provides us spiritual satisfaction.then how can you say that they are corrupt? Islam do not promote corruption bro.It lays concrete foundations for a cultured and civilized society.

          1. Majority of terrorists in world are Islam extremist. Mostly kill other Muslims. Religion of peace? Religion of world dominance, intolerance, and hate.

          2. More Muslims and Arabs have died by the hand of other Muslims and Arabs then anyone else. What gives? Religion of peace? Facts do not support this claim.

  5. Salmon Saeed
    Very clever attempt to lie with facts. in six days war, if I remember correctly, Israel lost about 600 dead while all three Arab countries together lost several thousands…. So what does it mean, in your logic? When a stupid attacks Abe who is much stronger, he has to expect to be punched back accordingly.

  6. This article is about the strength of individual countries Air Force, unnecessary wording mentioned against the particular country should be avoided and it should not entertained by the current poster without knowing contents used by the third party, this is not the freedom of speech, this is only hurting the country.

  7. Dear Salman Saeed

    Which part of your name, are you connected the most ?
    Salman that can turn to “Salam” ? or
    Saeed (sa3id) that may help people, as allah isa3dak ? or
    Saeed as Shahid ?

  8. wrong data Indian Airforce have 1950 total Aircraft, 600 helicopter and 127200 personals not 12000 Lol… Admin….. wrong information 😀

  9. This information is horribly wrong.

    Of course, the United States Air Force tops the list.
    Second position is taken by Russian Air Force.
    Third position is actually taken by Chinese air force.
    And fourth position is taken by the Indian Air Force.

    Get real, the Indian Air Force is stronger than Royal Air Force, Israeli Air Force and French Air Force.
    Royal Air Force has about 227 aircrafts only, while Indian Air Force has over 2000. Plus, IAF pilots beat RAF pilots in flying exercises.

    Indian Air Force is undergoing rapid modernization. RAF won’t able to match the Indian Air Force anytime soon.

    Indian Air Force is the fourth largest in terms of aircraft and number of personnel and fourth strongest, too.

    1. Quantity never matters in army . The thing matters is quality and 60 percent of those aircraft’s are useless and others are not up to the mark. We are dealing with the strongest armies based on quality not on quantity… Our title is strongest armies not the largest armies . A you know one wise man is stronger than 100 fools. Thanks

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