Top 10 Strangest Competitions Ever

Everyone knows about indoor and outdoor sports/games however there are numerous competitions other than these regular games and sports too. Everyone wants to do the best at one thing or another. To prove themselves worthy and fit, people take part in various competitions with the best efforts to win and show the world that they are the best. These competitions are not necessarily games or sports but they can range to almost any field of life. In schools you come across debate, arts and sports competitions whereas in professional careers you find yourself indulged in performance and target oriented competitions with your colleagues. However, there are certain competitions that are extremely strange, weird or creepy for an average person. Below is the list of Top 10 Strangest Competitions Ever organized in various parts of the world that ought to freak you out. Some of these might be hilariously stupid, while others may sound pretty dangerous.


10. Wife Carrying Competition

Top 10 Strangest Competitions Ever

In this competition, each participant has to lift his wife and run a race through the track having some obstacles. The wives hang upside-down with their legs around their husband’s shoulders, holding their waists and the couples need to finish the race in least possible time. This sport was invented by the Finnish and this championship is held once in a year in Sonkajarvi, Finland since the year of 1992. The prize for the winner is beer equal to the weight of the winner’s wife.


9. Air Guitar Competition

 Air Guitar Competition

In Air guitar competition, a competitor having long hairs and big boots have to perform some special dances moves to play rocking and heavy metal electronic guitar without the real guitar. This competition officially took place in Finland in 1996 for the first time. Competitor makes the moves of playing guitar often performing with loud singing and lips synching, but the guitar is played imaginary not real. The winner of last competition was Craig “Hot lixx Hulahan” Billmeie of USA.


8. High Heel Marathon Competition

High Heel Marathon Competition

In this competition women have to wear high heel shoes and run over 100 meters. It is held in Russia and wining prize is shopping vouchers of worth 2000 pounds. Many women injure their ankles in this competition.


7. The World Beard and Moustache Competition

The World Beard and Moustache Competition

The world Beard and Moustache Competition is the competition in which men have to show their lengthy beard and Moustache with nicely styled hair. This competition was started in 1990 at the place of Hofen-Enz, Germany. In this competition huge amount is invested and hosted by many famous Hosts. This competition is organized in Germany each winter and participants from around the world compete with their awesome, freaky, lengthy and uniquely style beards and moustaches.


6. Cheese Rolling Competition

Cheese Rolling Competition

Well, this competition is more stupid than strange. In cheese rolling competition hundreds of people fall down from the Coopers’ Hill rolling like a wheel of cheese, the one who reaches the base of the hill first wins the competition. This competition is held in the spring near Gloucester, England but now it has been transferred to British Columbia. Many competitors get injured while taking part in this extreme and strange competition.


5. Pea Shooting Competition

Strangest Competitions Ever

Hearing the word “Pea Shooting competition” might sound very weird until you come to realize what they are talking about. Yes, the vegetable pea. The participants of this strange competition have to get a pea in their mouth, and throw it out in the air using their mouth pressure. The person who throws the pea furthest wins. In some cases, the participants have to hit a certain target with the pea. Whosoever takes the best aim, wins. The pea shooting competition is held in Witcham, UK. This competition was started in 1971.


4. Extreme Ironing Competition

Extreme Ironing Competition

Extreme Ironing (Also known as EI) is a known industry and is a pretty dangerous sport. As the name suggest, the competition is definitely about ironing the clothes. But “How” is the actual matter. This competition originated in England in 1977 and has since been organized each year. The participants have to move from one point to another on iron boards while pressing the clothes in the path.


3. Ugly Dog Competition

Ugly Dog Competition

You might have heard of the strongest, bravest, cutest, smartest or most beautiful dog competitions. But here’s something that is totally going to freak you out. The ugly dog competition is an annual competition which takes place in California. The strangest thing about the competition is that your dog has to be extremely ugly to participate and win. The uglier the dog, more are its chances of winning. So you don’t have to feel heartbroken if you dog lost the cutest dog competition, as there is still hope for him.


2. Rock-Paper Scissor Competition

Rock-Paper Scissor Competition

This competition is held between two players. Competitors have to make shape from their hand simultaneously. The shapes of rock, scissor and paper have the priority respectively. If you both competitors make the same shape the game is tied.


1. Baby Crawling Competition

Baby Crawling Competition

There were enough strange competitions already but people never seem to get tired of introducing new ideas. Here is the world’s most weird competition; the baby crawling competition. In this competition, babies are the competitors. Aren’t the babies already having a tough life with their feed and pampering that now they need to compete with each other too? According to this competition, babies have to crawl and reach the finish line. Because obviously babies can’t run so they’ll have to manage by crawling. Babies from 6 months to 2 years are allowed to take part in this competition.

This competition is held in Russia each year to see which babies are born to be athletes. There you have it. A list of the top 10 strangest competitions in the world you’ll ever hear about. They are strange, but appealing as well. If you think you are able to take part in any of these strangest competitions, do try it out at least once. It may turn out to be a memorable experience.

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