Top 10 Safest Cities To Live In 2016

To reside, travel or work the priority of any individual is safety and there is no doubt that safety comes first. If any place is extremely beautiful and is not safe then no one would like to go there. This world is very big with enormous countries and splendid cities but beautiful place with no safety is useless. It is not only personal security that matters but also other factors that are considered. Here we provide you a list of Top 10 Safest Cities To Live In 2016, this list is based on safe cities index 2015 by Economist Intelligence Unit report. Each city was analyzed on health safety (health system, life expectancy and facilities), digital safety (handling of cyber crime and identity theft), personal safety (crime rate, level of police engagement) and infrastructure safety (quality of roads, management of natural disasters). Qualitative and quantitative data was used for assessing safety.


10. New York, USA

Top 10 Safest Cities In 2016 -

It is the only city of the United States of America to be in this list of safest cities. New York was ranked at number second for health safety and third for digital safety. This city was very dangerous in the past but the violent crime in this city has been reducing since 1990 and is regarded as the safest big city of America. It has exclusive health care system and advance technologies that aids in digital safety.


9. Melbourne, Australia

Top 10 Safest Cities In 2016 - Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the Australia’s 2nd most populous city and is ranked second for infrastructural safety and eighth for personal safety. It rates highly in entertainment, education, research, sports, tourism and heath care and is therefore consistently listed by EIU as the most livable city in the world. It ranks high in livability, safety and cost of living with one of the highest life expectancies in the world at 86 years. It is an awesome place to live, work and travel, whether it’s dining, relaxing, shopping, this city seems to have all in a vibrant, safe and artistic heritage environment.


8. Toronto, Canada

Top 10 Safest Cities In 2016 - Toronto, Canada

This most populous city of Canada is known as one of the best places to live in the world. Toronto is a great place to reside in terms of security, democracy, food safety, business environment, livability, and cost of residing. It has scored high in the categories of personal and infrastructure safety. The crime in this city has been relatively low for a prolonged period of time. It is a leading international centre for arts, culture, finance and business and also holds the title of safest city of the North America. Toronto is also consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities of the world.


7. Zurich, Switzerland

Top 10 Safest Cities In 2016 - Zurich, Switzerland

This global centre of finance and banking was ranked first for both health safety and infrastructural safety. Zurich has marvelous universal health system with high ratio of hospital beds and life expectancy, and has also exclusively designed transport systems. It is the largest city of Switzerland and also a high income city, therefore the wealth of the city makes it easier to spend money in urban safety. This city is excelling in designing vigorous healthcare protocols and facilities that are able to handle emergency situations. It is one of few places on earth place where individuals feel safe and secure.


6. Sydney, Australia

Top 10 Safest Cities In 2016 - Sydney, Australia

Sydney is not only an incredible city to live and reside but also a safe one. This city was ranked third for infrastructure security and tenth for personal security, it lags behind in health safety and digital safety. In 2014, it was listed as the seventh most livable city of the world and the fifth friendliest city of the world. The neighborhood oriented culture of this largest city of Australia makes residents feeling safe as if the residents find any problem they tell their neighbors. It has spent a lot of money for improving pedestrian crossings and footpaths to embolden walking and aiding to keep life safe.


5. Amsterdam, Holland

Top 10 Safest Cities In 2016 - Amsterdam, Holland

This most populous and capital city of the Kingdom of Netherlands was ranked at number fourth for infrastructure safety and at number nine out of fifty cities for personal security. Amsterdam is a renowned tourist destination that is widely known for its diverse and vibrant nightlife.

This fifth safest city is not in top 10 for digital and heath security but is good for individual security, it offers a safe residential environment with low crime rate and has a relaxed vibe that makes individuals comfortable. Amsterdam has outstanding infrastructure, with its extensive cycling culture, it has reduced car accidents and pollution from traffic jam. It has beautifully managed to rejuvenate its historical centre for cars, trams and crowds of visitors.


4. Stockholm, Sweden

Top 10 Safest Cities In 2016 - Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a political, cultural, media and economic centre of Sweden. It is the safest city of the Europe and scores high in safety factors like personal safety, cyber security, identify theft, life expectancy, quality of roads, management of natural disasters etc. This city was listed 7th for digital safety and 10th for health safety and the only European city that was listed in top 5 for personal security. Safety can be linked with economic development and wealth to some extent. Swedes are early adopters of new things like technology and are trendsetters.

Technology plays an important role in urban safety, as with the help of technology many new means have designed to handle crimes, restrict the spread of disease and monitor infrastructure and this city offers all. This safest city is one of the world’s best cities to live and has universal healthcare system.


3. Osaka, Japan

Osaka, Japan

Osaka is ranked second for personal safety and fifth for digital safety. This is the Japan’s second largest metropolitan area and among the world’s largest with more than 19 million inhabitants. It is widely renowned for its clamorous nightlife, modern architecture and hearty street food. Here you can truly feel the peace of mind. Osaka is widely known for its business, in this city individuals work and communicate late into the night. Even at late night, businessmen travel on train and the main terminals are as populated as at day time, therefore even a girl can safely travel alone at night on subways. The level of crime is very low in this city and safety is very high.


2. Singapore

Top 10 Safest Cities In 2016 - Singapore

Singapore is an island country and leading global city state in Southeast Asia. It is also often termed as the Garden City, the Lion City and the Red Dot. It is known as one of the high income cities of the world and it offers a realistic example of the evolving safety landscape. According to Forbes, it is the most influential city of the Asia and 4th influential city of the world. Singapore is termed as the best city regarding personal safety, it has low level of crime and illegal activity.

It also scores high in digital safety that is concerned with handling of cyber crimes and how frequently the cyber security is violated. The citizens of this city use digital technologies without any fear of identity theft and privacy violations. This city offers good health services in terms of quality but does not offer sufficient hospital beds and doctors for the individuals, its health expenditures are comparatively low for developed countries.

Life expectancy is 85 years for females and 80 years for males in Singapore. It is an extremely clean and safe city with strict laws and in this state city you can travel alone anywhere. In this city there is death punishment for murder cases and drug consumption.


1. Tokyo, Japan

Top 10 Safest Cities In 2016 - Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is listed as the most Safest City To Live In 2016 and it is excellent in terms of infrastructural safety, personal security, health safety and digital safety. This city is not only the capital but also the largest city of Japan and its area is the world’s most populous metropolitan area. This city is also known for its nightlife, shopping, helpfulness of locals and cleanliness of streets. It has also won the title of world’s most livable city in 2015 by the magazine named Monocle.

This city got the title of safest city by the Economist’s Intelligence Unit and a number of factors were considered while making the safe cities index. The factors included personal safety that includes risk of crimes, digital security that includes the handling of cyber attacks, infrastructure security that includes roads, sanitation and administration of natural accidents.

Another important factor is health security and the index looked at the quality of healthcare, the facilities that are offered in the hospital. As we all know health is wealth, quantity of life is not in our control but if there are better health facilities then the quality of life can be easily improved. Living in a healthy and safe environment put a good impact on the inhabitants.

This city scored highly in all categories, it has also low crime rate and the quality of life has been improved by restricting diesel cars in order to minimize pollution. Tokyo struggled hard to construct a sophisticated, accident-resistant city, and has planned new safety challenges by designing earthquake- proof buildings and much more.

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