Top 10 Richest Teenage Celebrities In 2017

To be rich is new trend of getting popular .people know your worth when you have something in your hands and pockets.Celebrities knock money down become millionaire they get their popularity of being top rated people of all times. Not only experienced but now younger generation step forward to show some action. Some of teenage celebrities earn more than their pocket money. Here are Top 10 Richest Teenage Actors In 2017 who earn fame, money and fans through remarkable performance and work.


10. Miley Cyrus

Teen celebrity who got fame through Hannah Montana a famous and beloved series of Disney channel. Born on 23 rd Dec, 1992 in Nashville, United States.She has a net worth $120 million. She is great actor and move in in her carrier as a singer and she also show her talent and spread colors in different movies. She is daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus. She made her first debut in The Last Song. She released lots of albums and remains popular on media notes due to unique fashion and style.


9. Justin Bieber

Born in London, Ontario on 1 March, 1994. A singer who gives his first debut in Baby song which hits the rock charts. His net worth is $110 million. Little boy’s talent was found on YouTube and he hit the stage and stole many hearts. He signed the contract with Usher and started his musical carrier.


8. Taylor Lautner

A bright star who give his first film Twilight Saga. He made over $24 million with great hit and release. He was born on 11 Feb, 1992 in Michigan, United States and yet started his carrier and he worth it. Later on he has done more films and marked his name as a good actor.


7. Nick Jonas

Most overrated actor and singer. He started his carrier as a singer and take part in series of Jonas Brothers in Disney channel which was road to fame and popularity. His net worth is $ 18 million. So far he starts doing Hollywood movies and makes his name in acting. He was solo singer and then joined the group of boys. His song stole many hearts. He is also a song writer.


6. Jaden Smith

Small town has big plans for future. He is incredible and bright star of Hollywood. He first appears in sitcom and then come in film line. He has made $ 8 million so far and there is much more to go. He also states his appearance in blockbuster movie Pursuit of Happiness.He was born on 8th July, 1998 in Malibu, California.


5. Selena Gomez

She was born on 22nd July, 1992 in Texas. The star appears as actor and singer. She done serial of Disney and debut in Movie. She has net worth $5.5 million. She give back to back hit albums and she also works with UN on several projects and also goodwill ambassador of UNICEF.


4. Elle Fanning

The enchanted and pretty girl was born on 9th April 1998; A beautiful is great actress and has net worth $2 million. When she was 4 years old she gives her first Hollywood debut ‘I am Sam’. She holds multiple awards and there is much more for her to achieve so far. She has done excellent project of Maleficent and got much fame. At that time her net worth is nearer to $8 million.


3. Lorde

She was born in New Zealand in 1996. She has net worth of $12 million. A great actor and singer she is multi talented. Her vocals are famous all over. She gives her debut entitled as The Love Club. She becomes huge influence for teenagers. She also gains international attention for her work and passion.


2. Angus T. Jones

A great author was born in Austin on 8th Oct, 1993. He is famous for many TV shows and comedy series. He has net worth of $18 million. Although he has other talents of acting as he plays role of Jake who is child in series of Two and Half Men.


1. Abigail Breslin

She has net worth of $30 million. A brilliant and out standing actress who break screen records due to her appearance in all blockbuster series and Hollywood movies. She is nation wide sensation and won many Academy awards. She stood on first in one of richest teens.

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