Top 10 Richest Rappers In The World 2017

Music is a growing industry that leads to innovations and through technicality of instruments it goes to the next level of glamour and rock. Although music is a leading trend now a day without it there is no entertainment in life. In spite of rock, jazz, pop, soft melodious music Rapping is another form which hits the beat. It is an art of speaking fast in words and adds music in it by rhyming words. No doubt this talent is reaching the top. Most hits seen on the screen are rappers, they are kind of cool personalities and with their rough looks they attract people. With in no time they make their place in music Industry and shine like a rising stars.

People admire them, copy them and are their huge fans which make them popular and rich as well. These cool dudes when hit the stage they made their fans crazy for them. Every single music now consists of rapping hints that attracts people more. Everyone is getting more found of it as per demand. We bring to you some of the Top 10 Richest Rappers In The World 2017 who are popular and best as well. People love them and their talents bring them to such pace.


10. Snoop Dogg

Richest Rapper

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. Has taken a stage name Snoop Dog and no wonder he scores much of popularity in his work. His is one of current rapper who has been in industry for over more than 20 years and his music still gets admiration because of his accent and uniqueness. He records more than 30 million tracks and has done life performances which are uncountable. Net worth of Snoop Dog is $135 million. He is one of the richest rappers in the world and he worth it. For being so experienced in this field he regards as the king of rappers.


9. Lil Wayne

 Lil Wayne net worth 2017

Who is not known of his name? This man hits the stage to fire and breaks all records of fame and popularity. His real name is Dwayne Michael Carter; he reached to peak world of hip hop due to his passion and luck. He remained in jail and still wrote lyrics for his album when he was stranded in island. Now he is at top which is dream of everyone. His net worth is $136 million. Who says that once he was a normal fellow like us?. His passion and possession brings him to such pace that people are fond of his lyrics and voice. People surely get crazy when he bangs on stage. He released many tracks till now and has done remarkable live performances for his fans.


8. Ice cube

Ice cube net worth 2017

Unique name comes to unique people like O’Shea Jackson. A dual frame living legend. He is a rapper as well as actor. He also play main role in film production in industry. During carrier he sold more than 40 million albums and started his luck in acting and got renowned by everyone. He started his carrier in city of Compton. He is considered as richer than a bank and his net worth is $140 million. His work and efforts got much of appreciation and there is much more for him to go for.


7. Eminem

 Eminem net worth 2017

The man with all the charms. Master of hip hop he is a legacy to his own. He record 50 million tracks and 40 millions track online. When he performs million of viewers are there going crazy for him. Back from 1996 he started his carrier by showing his talent he believe in himself and now here he is standing as the top richest rappers. He is also regarded as most influential rappers of all. Eminem start a slum 8 miles away to the city and now his net worth is $160 million. He is living legend and lives in heart of his fans.


6. Birdman

 Birdman net worth 2017

Recognized by tattoos on his body he is a cool dude with dashing looks. His name real name is Bryan Williams and stage name is Bird man. A longest serving artist in rapping carrier he is true soul of music industry. His records plot backs to 80s and he is still ruling it. He got his own records and got many achievement awards. Apart from music field he also is a well known business man. His net worth is $170 million. He is one of the top earners today and his success has never ending spots.


5. 50 Cents

50 Cents net worth 2017

He is a gangster, celebrity a rapper an artist. No words can describe his personality and passion for music. One of the richest rappers of all time. You will love him or hate him at same time. His real name is Curtis Jackson and he is one of those rappers who totally enjoy full fame for long lifetime. He has many investments and various companies and his net worth is $ 270 million. His one of most superlative investments is with Vitamin Water from which he earned $100 million. He has recorded many albums which are popular whole wilde. His mind and performed skills lead him to such great scale


4. Master P

Master P net worth 2017

Started of his carrier in 1991 with solo album Percy Robert Miller reaches to height of fame and popularity. Since then everyone witnessed his legacy extended throughout empire. With the fortune and other numerous investments he had net worth is $350 million. He was indulging in playing basket ball and other games. He has done many live performances and never failed his fans. He truly worth what he is enjoying now and he also achieved it because of struggle and love for music.


3. Jay Z

Jay Z net worth 2017

One of the biggest rapper and all rounder of music industry Jay Z nailed it all at once. His real name is Shawn Carter he sell over 75 million albums since 1996. He is also a powerful business man and favorite of all his voice and lyrics has no match to others. He owns a record label and Roc Nation. He has done numerous investments in business and other dealings. With his strong motives he holds his place in top ten best rappers. His net worth is $550 million the amount which everyone is desired of.


2. P.Diddy

P.Diddy net worth in 2017

When it comes to style attitude and fashion P. Diddy is not forgotten. Most of people remember him as Puff Daddy his real name is Sean Combs. One of the wealthiest guys in field of hip hop he is master of all. He recent builds an empire which has no match to others. Apart from music he has a well established business and a lot of money which he earned came from there. He also has ranging restaurants which made him more personified. But when it comes to music he put his full rage and passion in it. He fulfills all his commitments that have made him celebrate his persona and riches. His net worth is nearer to $700 million.



DR.DRE net worth in 2017

One of the most prolific musician and rapper is Dr. Dre he is legend of all times and seasons. He began his carrier in 1984 and he is still inn in industry. He is also CEO of Aftermath Entertainment which was launched in 1996. The label was regarded as one of the top rankings and it was great hit on the billboard. His net worth is $750 million and still counting for more. He will remain on the top and he surely earned it.

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