Top 10 Richest Authors In 2017

Drama, serials, stories and movies are loved by all but the main behind this one who writes it. Behind all this an artistic mind is hidden which only remains at backstage and love the appreciation given to their work. They are silent heroes of every heart throbbing stories and movies we have ever liked or loved. Strong mind and peaceful soul can depict a complete look to world. Writers and Authors present all their imagination in front of you and allow you to appreciate their perceptions, thoughts and beliefs. Literature is best nourishment for mind to seek ideas and explore thoughts day by day. Some of the authors set master piece which is recognizable for lifetime. All their work are sold out at high amount and people demands more for it .

Here are top Top 10 Richest Authors In 2017 with unique ideology and unforgettable work.


10. Nora Roberts

Lady with class and excellence has written 296 books. She has net worth of $150 million. She has no University education in spite of that she wrote her first book in age of 31. She is famous for Romance writing and she is one of best writer’s of all times. She is being induced to America’s Hall of fame. She also has notable work like New York to Dallas and Tribute.


9. Stephenie Meyer

Best known author for Twilight Saga that holds breath of everyone. Her thoughts are deep and soul touching. She is at the top having net worth $180 million. A profile and high demanded Author which is favorite to all. According to her the ideas of book come in her dreams and she complete book in three months. She is on best seller list in New York Times.


8. John Grisham

He is all in one combination of author, attorny, politician and activist. He first right against discrimination’s and about human rights. His net worth is $200 million. He is awarded with lifetime achievement award. He also achieves Harper Lee Prize for legal Fiction. He is expert in writing thrillers but also write comedy and sports.


7. Jackie Collins

She has written 32 books so far and more are yet to come. Her first book was published in the age of 26. Her novels copy was sold in more than forty countries. She was born in England. She has net worth $265 million. She writes thrills, suspense and Romantic books. Her work is so justified and potent that readers get addicted to her words.


6. James Patterson

He earns $310 million and he is one of most artistic author. He was born on 22nd March, 1947. His name is written in Guinness books of world record because he wrote one billion e-books. He was adviser in 1996 and then he started his carrier as a writer and he owned it. He writes much comedy, crime, horror and mystery books. He is admired and loved internationally. He won so many awards for his master piece. He has 114 best sellers.


5. Stephen King

The king of authors Stephen King writes best novel like Shawshank Redemption and Rita Hayworth. He is famous for writing horror and science fiction movies. He has net worth of $400 million. He began his carrier writing short stories and columns in magazines. He becomes popular writer of TV serials and movies.


4. Candy Spelling

Most admirable author with true based stories wins everyone’s heart. She has net worth $400 million; she is one of most demanded writer. Her remarkable work is appreciated by everyone. She writes about fictions, horror and famous love stories.


3. Jim Davis

He is the creator of Garfield comics which most famous and incredible piece of art. He is famous for animations and comics. He has won many awards and remains on front page for so many years. He has net worth of $800 million which shows his empowering impact on others.


2. Danielle Steel

She studied from Parson University of art and design, New York. Her first book was published in age of 31 and she wrote about 93 books and more are yet to come. She is America’s leading writer and novelist. She soled 800 million copies of her book which are extraordinary in theme and plotting’s. She has net worth of $450 million


1. J.k Rowling

An extraordinary and marvelous piece that stole every heart and mind Harry Potter is written by J.k Rowling. She is a brilliant writer and her books are sold it as great hits. Her books were rejected many times but when it is published it creates storm of ravishing performance and ideas. Her net worth is $1 billion and she is mot expensive writer of all.  J.k Rowling is the richest author in 2017

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