Top 10 Popular Ways To Lose Belly Fat

Perfect figure is a dream of every woman. Girls want to eat tons of food but at the end desires to remain slim and smart throughout her life. To ensure her skinny look she try every recipies, exercise, yoga and much more .Not only this, women admire the figures glamorous front cover of magazines. Beauty is an amazing asset of lady with which she can embrace herself and win the world. Smart looks are the priority of every lady. Many of them try to get rid from bitter reality like bloating tummy, heavy thighs, uneven curves, double chin and much more. It happens because of improper diet, unhealthy food, junk food, coke and other carbonated drinks which make them look uncomfortable, shameful and hesitant to face others and express their selves easily.

So wait is over ladies, cross your bows and take a seat because we brought to you some really easy steps which will revolutionize you in a very astonishing way that you have ever dream of. You can also become a perfect lady of your life which will help you define yourself and keep you up. Some of the old, simple and natural home remedies will allow you to get perfect desire tone of your body within month, weak or even 5 days .You don’t need to waste money over harmful products like fat burning belts, heavy exercising machines, creams and diet plans. By following these some easy tips you can lose your weight quickly without any harm or damage to your health because expensive products like these can cause serious damage to skin, tissues and your health with many side effects . Here we Enlisted Top 10 Popular Ways To Lose Belly Fat  So read the article carefully and apply changes in your life.


10: Use Of Cinnamon In Diet

Lose Belly Fat quickly

Cinnamon is said to be the king of all spice. It is used to add flavor, odor and mouthwatering looks to food . Cinnamon works effectively to Human body in many ways some of them are as follows:

  • It helps in reducing weight.
  • It controls diabetes.
  • It helps to reduce and maintain cholesterol level of the body.
  • It is used as anti-arthritis.
  • It increase metabolic function of body and helps is to work efficiently.

Wide variety of cinnamon is available in world and is being used in food with other spices. Cinnamon helps to reduce your weight very quickly and easily without any efforts. It has no side effects and is beneficial to health.

1. Cinnamon With Water

Cinnamon is very effective when use with water it has following preparations:


  •  1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon add in boiled water.
  • Allow it to cool for 5 minutes.
  • Drink this water in morning before breakfast and after dinner. You will see remarkable results within days.

2. Cinnamon With Honey

Cinnamon when used with honey produces very effective results within 5 days. It helps you to reduce 10 pounds within month. Honey contains several enzymes that helps to control your hunger pangs an allows you to reduce your appetite. This mixture is beneficial for health as well .It burns your fats instantly and allows you to have bloating free tummy. It can be prepared as:


  • 1 tablespoon of cinnamon added to boiled water
  • Allow it to cool for 5 minutes.
  • Add a spoon of honey in it.
  • After it gets slightly cold so that honey enzymes could work in appropriate way.
  • Drink half cup of this tea in morning before breakfast and other half at night. You can take this tea between the meals and you will see the results within days. These recipes have no side effects to your health .But people suffering from cancer or Crohn’s disease avoid taking this tea or use of cinnamon.


9: Lose Belly Fat With Lemon

Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Lemon is vitamins enriched fruit. Its citrus is a oxidizing agent and its sour taste make it different from all other fruits. It is widely use in all daily routine diets and its drink is a basic source of refreshment in summer. Lemon has many useful effects which are uncountable. Thus, it becomes a source of reducing weight by its purifying ability.


  • Take 5 or 6 lemons cut it into 2 pieces and squeeze all juice from it.
  • Boil 1 liter of water in pan.
  • Put the lime peel in boiling water and make it boil for 20 minutes.
  • Pour the lime peel water in a glass or bottle. Drink this water 2 glass per day without any restrictions and you will get your desire effects.

1. Lemon And Ginger Tea

This tea is founded to produce best results as experimented. Ginger is great source of burning fats and is useful prevent from many diseases. Mixture of these two ingredients will give you perfect figure within a month and remove uneven curves and other weight disasters you are facing .


  • Take 2 lime peels and put it in boiling water.
  • Add some ginger in it and allow it boiling for 20 minutes.
  • Add some quantity of honey as an optional
  • Pour this in a cup and your tea is ready

Drink this tea before breakfast and it will produce beneficial results.


8: Lose Belly Fat With Turmeric

Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Most amazed spice is turmeric which is used in daily diet making curries etc. Turmeric’s is also used as a mask for skin because it helps to remove toxicity from skin and body. It is an anti- oxidant and remove bacteria’s from body by keeping body static and functional. Addition of turmeric in diet adds up taste and glance to it .

1. Tumeric And Ginger Tea

Remarkable contrast of these two make it work more effectually on the body and increase metabolism of body.


  • Boil 1 liter of water in pan.
  •  Add 1 tablespoon turmeric powder in it.
  •  Add some piece of ginger allow it to boil for sometime.
  • Pour the drink in cup and is ready to drink.
  • Use this tea on daily basis before breakfast and you can reduce 5 kg within a month.


7: Lose Belly Fat With Baking Soda

Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Baking soda is known for its basic remedies as it is a natural cleanser. Many people use baking soda to:

  • Whiten Teeth.
  • As a deodorant.
  • As a cleanser.

It is cheapest household thing which is used on daily basis.

1. Baking Soda With Water

Baking soda used with water cause lower your heartburn’s and reduces your fat belly. This procedure is a long term but effective and should be taken with care.


  • 1 Tablespoon of baking soda.
  •  A glass of water.
  • Put a 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water
  • Stir it well and is ready to use.
  • Drink this water one time a day after breakfast and you will reduce your belly fats within months or two.


6: Use Of Cumin

Lose Belly Fat qUICKLY

Cumin has ability to aid digestion it is the best immunity ingredient use all over the world. It also adds flavor to food on daily basis . With its extraordinary abilities cumin can cure diabetes,piles,ulcers and even insomnia. It is one of the oldest spice use for centuries.

1. Cumin With Yogurt

It is very sweet and effective dish which you will enjoy to take.


  • Take a bowl of yogurt .
  • 1 tablespoon of cumin.
  • Mix cumin with yogurt and take one bowl on daily basis.
  • With this recipe you will loose 3 pounds within month.

If you want a prosper life without any illness than you have to balance your life by doing yoga, healthy eatables, daily walk and exercises. By following above recipes and with proper plan you can ease your life and get perfect figure. Because small things matters a lot in your life to assure you beneficial results .


5: Increase Water Intake

Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Reducing calories is the key to lose fat, and increasing your water intake make this easy to achieve Water plays very important role to reduce weight because it transport nutrients and remove waste products. Low water level make u tired and more hungry,both can increase your weight. If you drink water before meal it will make your stomach fill and help you to eat less,therefore helps to reduce body weight quickly.


4: Reduce Your Stress

Lose Belly Fat Quickly

There are certain stress hormones like cortisol which release during tension which in turn can cause over eating because these hormones increase insulin release then your sugar level decreases and ultimately you crave fatty food. Cortisol release during chronic stress make weight loss very difficult for many reasons .high hormone level attack muscle mass and slowing down metabolism and we know that muscle burns calories. Moreover extra cortisol release cause storage of fat specifically in the abdomen region. So we must reduce our stress if we want to reduce our weight There are certain techniques to reduce our stress level like deep breaths. Take deep breath at least for 5-10 min thrice a day,it will make you feel fresh and reduce your stress level. Secondly you must do exercise. A routine exercise will reduce your depression and help in better sleep. Which is a major factor in reducing weight gain.


3: Avoid Junk Food

Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Trans fat are unsaturated animal fat and plant oil which mainly present in snack food, margins and fried food. It is used to make food fresh for longer duration. Trans fat is very toxic to our health because it increase our LDL and lowers HDL which can cause stroke and heart problems. It also affects our metabolism and increase our weight,so we must reduce this fat from our diet if we want to lose our weight and also to be healthy. We must do certain changes in our diet plane like increase your fiber intake in your diet,add enzyme rich juices like carrot juice,drink water throughout the day and also eat organic food and fruits. You must ask your brain to hate junk foods. All these changes will reduce trans fat from your diet and ultimately your weight reduces.


2: Exercise Daily

Lose Belly Fat Daily

Exercises specifically aerobic exercises is very effective method to improve health and burn calories Aerobic exercises is one of the most effective form of exercise which trims your body as well as reduces visceral and belly fat. There are many type of exercises like,, I:resistance training… Resistance training includes weight lifting and strengthening exercises These are very beneficial to reduce belly fat II: interval training… It include, Sprints Squats Side stretches Perform all these exercises 3 times a day will bring you drastic changes in your weight.


1: Reduce Calorie Consumption

Popular Ways To Lose Belly Fat

Unless you restrict yourself from calorie intake,you cannot lose belly fat. Keep your daily calories into balance. We have to do certain changes in our diet to reduce calorie intake for example,,

1. Add low fat diary products in your diet. Protein rich food like yogurt,milk make you feel full and reduce the release of a hormone named calcitriol which store fat.

2. Stay away from nuts. Nuts are good for health but they are high in avoid nuts if you want to reduce your weight.

3.  Don’t eat while watching TV. According to the research you will eat 288 calories more while watching TV as compared to when eat on table.

4.  Avoid oil,  Always cook food in very little oil so, you can save your calories. When you reduce your calorie consumption by all these methods you will definitely reduce your weight quickly.

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