Top 10 Non Muslim Terrorist Organisations

Many famous news-papers and news-channels have tried to accuse Muslims for different terrorists’ attacks. After the incident of 9/11, it became more difficult for Muslims to explain their innocence in front of the world. In the era of George W.Bush, it was strongly believed that Christians are inherently peaceful whereas Islam is inherently violent religion. But this phenomenon is not true at all. Now days US is doing more fights against radical Christian’s groups, White-male terrorists and military group than against Islamic Extremists. Many attacks have been carried out in USA neither by Muslims nor by dark-skinned people. Behind many known massacres including the murder of Dr. George Tiller and the Centennial Olympic park bombing, Non-Muslim terrorist movements were involved. US leave the White-male extremist after declaring him lone-wolf, though the history has proven that many these extremists have been the part of well-organized terrorist networks. This list of top 10 Non Muslim terrorist organizations will help you to know the contribution of Non-Muslims extremist groups in world peace or in spreading terror all around the world.


10. Bodu Bala Sena

Non Muslim Terrorist Organisations  -

This is another Buddhist organization which claims that militants are not enough to protect Buddhism. This group supports the military operations against minorities to prevent Buddhism. BBS was actually founded by Kirama Wimalajothi and Galagodha Athethe on July 2012. This group started many anti-Muslim riots and looted many Muslim’s houses and shop. This organization also started a campaign against government for providing license to Muslim’s shop-keeper for providing Halal meat to Muslims. Different Muslims, Buddhists and even politicians from all around the world criticize its cruel acts.


9. Epanastatikos Agonas

Non Muslim Terrorist Organisations  - Epanastatikos Agonas

Epanastatikos Agonas is a revolutionary struggle that has been active since 2003. It is a group consists of Greek rebellions that attacked the American embassy in Athens and Greek buildings. They aim anarchist community and anti-globalization by their violent activities in Greek banking and business institutes and Greek security forces. The European Union (EU) declared the group as a terrorist organization in 2017 and Greek forces arrested their 7 members in 2010 that significantly impact the country’s peace.


8. Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA)

Non Muslim Terrorist Organisations  - Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA)

This group was founded in 1959 in Spain and since then it was trying to promote traditional Basque culture and working for the freedom of Greater Basque Country. This Separate Militants Organization has been declared as an extremist group by France, Spanish and British. These Basque nationalists has been held responsible for many kidnappings, thousands of injuries and 829 killings. The Franco’s Regime tried to crush Eta members through killings, arrests and torture.


7. Real Irish Republican Army

Non Muslim Terrorist Organisations  - Real Irish Republican Army

Irish Republican Army also known as real IRA and new IRA is a terrorist group founded in 1997 in Ire-land that claims to bring United Ireland. This group is the largest group in Northern Ire-Land and most active “dissident republication” that is operating against British Forces. The group has started a campaign against British Forces and Police Service of Ire-Land since when it’s started. This terrorist organization is responsible for number of attacks in Northern ire-Land and Europe and also for the important Omagh Bombing in which 29 people were killed.


6. New People’s Army (NPA)

Non Muslim Terrorist Organisations  - New People’s Army (NPA)

According to United States CIA, this obviously is a Non-Muslim Philippine communist party having 6,000 to 10,000 strong members of armed forces. In 1960’s, there was a rebirth of party in nationalism and patriotism. NPA has been involved in many illegal acts like killings, kidnappings, drug dealing, and direct attack on police, military and even on politicians. They explain that behind these brutal killing; they were trying to be the helpers of poor people of Philippines.


5. Aum Shinrikyo

Aum Shinrikyo

Aum Shinrikyo, currently known as Aleph, is a Japanese organization made on mixed conspiracy theories including Nostradamus’s prophecies, yoga, Christianity and many different believes by Shoko Asahara in 1984. Asahara claimed that he could transfer his spiritual powers and deeds to his followers. This extremist group gained the attention when they carried an attack on Tokyo Subway in 1995 and another attack on previous year. Many countries including Kazakhstan, Canada and United States has declared this group as a terrorist organization.


4. Kahane Chai

Kahane Chai

Meir Kahane, following his Jewish nationalist ideology founded this political society in 1970 in Israel. This society aimed to spread extreme Jewish dominance and was responsible for circulating racist believes. This Society also harmed the country with bombing and destroying girl’s schools. Their ideology was anti-Islamist, Zionism, anti-Arab and Kahanism too. The society explained its open support for a person who killed 29 Palestinians in 1994 due to which the group was banned by Israeli government.


3. Sendero Luminoso

Non Muslim Terrorist Organisations  -  Sendero Luminoso

Sendero Luminoso meaning Shining Path is a Maoist guerilla community party of Peru. It was launched in 1980 with the idea of replacing capitalist democracy with the new democracy. They believed that by world revolution, they could set up a pure communism. The Shining Path was declared as a terrorist group by many countries including, Peru government, Canada and European Union on the list. This party brutally killed many elected officials, farmers and traders. It was reported that almost 31 thousand people killed or disappeared during the conflict between Shining path and Peru government.


2. Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam

Non Muslim Terrorist Organisations  -Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam

Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) also known as Tamil Tigers is Non-Muslim organization that aimed to seek independence in some areas of Sri Lanka. This foundation was founded in 1976 by Vellupillai Prabhakaran; only national militant organization started a campaign to separate East and South parts of the country as an independent state only for Tamil people. According to report by Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) in 2008, this is one of the most deadliest and dangerous Non-Muslim Force. This group was also responsible for the Civil War in Sri-Lanka and was banned by many countries including India and Sri-Lanka itself.


1. Lord’s Resistant Army

Non Muslim Terrorist Organisations  - Lord’s Resistant Army

The Lord’s Resistant Army or Lord’s Resistant Movement is a new religious cult founded in 1987, in South Sudan and Northern Uganda which spread fast; entered in The Democratic Republic of Congo in 2005 and then in Central Africa Republic in 2007. This group is accused of human rights violation contains murder, child sex, kidnappings and recruitment of child for making them soldiers of their organization. The group is responsible for 3,000 abduction, 2,300 murders and human trafficking of 400,000 people.

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