Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers In 2017

In spite of acting and modeling you will be pleased to know that man are also playing dominate role in singing. The world of music is so dreamy and ravishing that it over takes the world, it is considered as a bridge between soul and mind. Music expresses feelings and desires. They just go hand in hand. Music make you move, groove and cherish you all they way. It brings out you from boredom and set you feel free. Male vocals in field of music have paved way a lot. Their voice, personality and ups and down of notes is breathe taking for all. As time changes taste of singers also changes and even the choice of singers and listeners also changes. Music industry is a grooming one which gives chance to everyone to proof oneself. Singers d songwriters even a whole crew hold much importance in making just a single song. Male singers also know their worth and thus banging the stage much harder than female singers. Here are some of most popular and your favorite singers of all time that you have never tired of listening them. Here is the list of Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers In 2017


10. Macklemore

The great rapper was born on 19th June, 1983. This man has stolen many hearts and cherishes every soul with his over whelming voice and abilities. His greatest hits were Thrift which hit bill board as legend. His first album was released in 2013. This great person not only created opportunity for others but also facilitate youth to come forward with their talent. He opened gateways for youth so that they could focus on education and get cultural identity. Macklemore net worth is $ 18 million.


9. Justin Timberlake

The man of honor who got style, attitude, performance and much to show for his abilities. He does not need any recommendations at all. His full name is. Justin Randall Timberlake. He was born on 31 st January, 1981. Looks like he comes out as a big bang for new years. He is from Tennessee in US. In 1992 he started his music carrier and got success all the way. He still active in industry and ready to hit the stages. His single sexy songs were debuted in 2006 smashed the bill boards and he win many awards for it. Justin Timberlake net worth is $ 230 million.


8. Justin Bieber

Who can say a small boy has very big dreams. A cute boy with his song Baby Baby hits the ladies heart and welcomed him to the industry of glamour and fame. He earns his popularity in very short period of time. H was born on 1 st March, 1994 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is active from 2008 with his first hit. The brilliant boy surpass 10 billion videos views in Vivo which as admirable achievement. Justin Bieber net worth is $200 million.


7. Pitbull

A man with boldness and eager to achieve anything he gets what he wants he is Pitbull. His original name is Armando Christian Perez. He was born on 15 th January, 1981. He is great rapper, director and record producer. He is from Miami. FIFA 2014 was hit by We are one presented by Pitbull. His musical carrier was started from year 2001. The most famous song of his was I know you want me bangs the screens. Pitbull net worth is $50 million.


6. Kanye West

Kane Omari West is known for his smashes on the stage. He is renown star. A great vocalist, song director and multi talented artist. He was born on 8th June, 1977. He is from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He has been active from 1996. He is one of the best rappers in the world selling more than 32 million copies. He is regarded as one of the best selling rapper of all times. He could achieve this because of his hard work and talent. Kanye West net worth is $145 million.


5. Drake

One of the most hottest and handsome male singer is drake. His full name is Aubrey Drake Graham. Born on October 24, 1986. This man is multi tasked great performer and he rock the stage like never before. He is from Canada but not limited to it. He started his music carrier in 2001. His first song was a commercial success in 2010. Young man also has clothing line and channel called beats 1. Drake earns about $150 million which is prize for his success.


4. Bruno Mars

The man with all the charms .knowing of his power to rule the hearts came into this line to proof that he got the best. His original name is Peter gene Hernandez. He was born on 8 th October, 1985. He belongs from Honolulu, Hawai, US. He is very talented musician and song writer. He also has specialty in instrumentalism and a wonder choreographer. Starting his carrier in 2004 was a nevertheless a bad choice at all. He is from 100 most influential people. Bruno Mars net worth is $90 million. And he worth’s for more.


3. Taio Cruz

Jacob Taio Cruz is a well known singer with all the charms and bold attitude when come on stage no way people did not go mad for him. He was born on 23rd April in London, England. He started his carrier in 2006 and got a huge fan following in short period of time. His album earned-fame worldwide. Taio Cruz net worth is $ 10 million.


2. Chris Brown

A man with sweet looks and style started his carrier as a singer and rapper in 2005. He was born on 5 th May, 1989. He is from Tappahannock, Virginia, USA started is carrier in 2005 and he is active since from then. He also worked on different movies and proves himself as a great actor. He won several awards for his great performance and acting skills, he won 14 BET awards and five billboard music awards which is truly a great achievement. Chris Brown net worth is $30 million.


1. Usher

His full name is Usher Raymond. He was born on 14th October, 1978 in Dallas, Texas, USA. Je started his acting carrier in 1991 he has been going so strong because of huge fan base. His album My way was released in 1997 that take him to great heights. He has a huge fan following. He is also a great businessman and owner of NBA team. He holds special place and importance in hall of fame. Usher earns about $180 million.

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