Top 10 Most Inspirational Women Of Pakistan

No country can even dream to progress without its women. In Pakistan, the significance of women increases even manifold, as women make more than half of the population’ percentage. Despite of many hindrances and prejudices against them, it is extremely heartening to see the recognition of many Pakistani women’ work on the global front. Not only have they brought laurels for themselves, but are also becoming torch bearers for millions of young girls across the country as well. Today, we have formulated the list of Top 10 Most Inspirational Women Of Pakistan, who rules in their own respective fields and are making their country mates proud with their glorious achievements.


10. Iqra Saleem Khan

Iqra Saleem Khan is one of the brilliant minds of the country. She graduated with flying colours and topped the prestigious University of London in its LLB examination. She scored the highest aggregate marks in the year 2016 by beating students across the world. She through her outstanding and unmatchable academic record, has given a clear message to the world, that Pakistani young women are no less than anyone in the world, and they are ready for all kinds of challenges. Moreover, Iqra has received her education from Pakistan, which also reflects the level of education in the country.


9. Shamim Akhtar

Shamim Akhtar is the symbol of courage and nobility. She through her life is teaching the young girls to never give up. She is surely a woman to look up to. She has shown to the world, that women can earn an honorable living for themselves and their family on their own, by relying on their own skills. She is the first female driver of the country and by choosing this career in an orthodox Pakistani society, she proves that nothing can hold women back if they themselves don’t lose their faith in themselves. She started her career as a car driver and then moves on towards being a truck driver. Today, she transports goods from one city to another through driving the truck and is recognized as one of the strongest women in the country.

8. Shazia Parveen

Shazia Parveen is another proud daughter of the country. She is Pakistan’s first firefighter and has been working day and night to serve her country fellows. Her selection of profession is a testimony to the fact that girls can do anything if they been given ample opportunities. She got selected among hundreds of candidates and holds a complete mastery on skills like swimming, jumping and rescuing people with the aid of mere ropes. For the past six years, she has saved many lives and pledges to save even more in future as well. Young women like Shazia becomes responsible for changing the stereotypes and perceptions of the society at large and Pakistan as a country needs many more daughters like her to be on the path of progress and enlightenment.


7. Fiza Farhan

Fiza Farhan is an epitome of talent. She is one of the brightest minds in the country who through her work got the attention of the people around the world as well. So much so, that one of the famous and distinguished magazines of the United States of America Forbes has included her in its list of Under thirty social entrepreneurs. She is the co founder of a micro finance institution known as the Buksh Foundation. Basically, this institution works for the betterment of the country by providing clean energy projects like solar-powered lights, etc. in its distant and remote areas. Moreover, this foundation helps in the training of young women to make their own careers as energy entrepreneurs and also provides youth with loans as well, hence, it is contributing its role in empowering the youth of the country as much as it can.


6. Syed Ghulam Fatima

Syed Ghulam Fatima is another pride of the country. She is playing a huge role in protecting human rights across the country. She is a human rights activist, who has done great and courageous efforts in safeguarding the labourers from inhumane treatment. She runs an organization, along with her husband, which is famously known as the Bonded Labour Liberation Front. She tries her level best in ending bonded labor in general and in brick kilns particularly. In a country like Pakistan, where it is extremely difficult to go against powerful feudal lords she has set an amazing example by standing tall against all the odds despite being a woman. Though she faced many hindrances, threats, attacks and problems over the years, still she has never given up and keep herself on the right track. As of now, she has helped as many as eighty thousand laborers in getting their freedom from their cruel masters and also holds the distinction of training thousands of women to earn for themselves. Her noble acts have earned her Clinton Global Citizen Award.


5. Dr. Nergis Mavalvala

She is one of the best physicists in the country. She is a PHD in her field and is famously known for her outstanding work in the first observation of gravitational waves. Currently, she lives in United States Of America, where she is serving as an associate head and also as a professor in the department of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She is famous for her works related to gravitational fields, laser cooling of macroscoping objects and quantum physics. She has received many distinctions in her career over the years and has been recognized as one of the best in her fields globally. Pakistan is proud of such women, as they help in bringing the soft image of Pakistan on the international forum.


4. Samina Baig

Samina Baig is Pakistan’s famous mountaineer, who was born on 19, September 1990. Her career is illustrated with outstanding achievements. She started mountaineering from the age of fifteen and since then there was no looking back for her. She holds the special record of being the first woman in the country to ever climb the World’s highest mountain Mount Everest. Not only that, she made this record at the tender age of twenty one, which also made her the youngest Muslim women ever to have this achievement. Apart from this, she climbed the Seven Summits, Peak Chashkin Sar and Koh-i-Brobar. With her sheer determination and unmatched hard work she has completely altered the concept that women are weaker than their male counterparts. She has shown clearly through her achievement that anything in this world is possible and hard works always pays off.


3. Muniba Mazari

She was born on the 3rd march 1987 and is one of the Pakistan’s most popular faces. She is known for her motivational speeches, beautiful paintings and outstanding writings among the masses. Apart from these, she is a brand ambassador of famous beauty brand “The Body Shop” in Pakistan, has been declared as the Pond’s Miracle woman and has also done modelling for the Tony&Guy. She is a symbol of strength and motivation and has been inspiring millions of people across the country. In spite of having a deadly accident at the tender age of twenty one which cost her immense injuries, she has not lost hope to live, instead she came out of that accident as a stronger person. That accident made her living on the wheel chair for her entire life, as she became paraplegic for life, still she never allowed her medical condition to overcome her passion and in life. We salute Muniba Mazari for her sheer conviction and strength.

2. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy was born on 12 November 1978 and is one of the most popular people of Pakistan. Almost everyone in the country knows her name as she has brought two Oscars for the country in a row for her documentaries. By a profession, she is an activist, filmmaker and a journalist. She holds many prestigious distinctions under her kitty. She has been awarded with many awards including six Emmy awards, SAARC award and One World Media Award, etc. Moreover, she is also a proud recipient of the Hilal-e-Imtiaz, which is one of the most prestigious civil awards of the country. In 2015, she made the computer animated feature film for kids, 3 Bahadur which earned him praises from all corners of the country and also became one of the highest grossing films of the country of all time. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is the true pride of the country and we wish her all the best for all her features endeavours and hope that she keeps on bringing more laurels for the country in the future as well.


1. Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai was born on the 12 July 1997 and has often been regarded as one of the most influential kids of her generation. She is the youngest person ever to win the prestigious noble prize. She hails from Swat and is being respected across the world for her bravery and courage against the tyrant rule of Talibans. Since the age of eleven years, she is trying her best to help girls in receiving their basic right of education. She became popular when she started blogging under the very nose of Talibans, by showing their cruel face to the world. She started advocating about girls’ education using both print and electronic medium. On 9th October 2012, she was attacked by the Talibans, but terrorists could not hold back this young girl from her mission. Malala has been appreciated globally for her bravery and commitment towards girls education and has been rewarded with many prestigious awards like Sakharov Prize, Simone de Beauvoir Prize and National Youth Peace Prize, etc. Apart from that she has also been rewarded with the Honorary Canadian citizenship.

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