Top 10 Most Famous Fashion Designers In 2017

What you wear, what is inn in the market, who set new trends with in all, person who is behind this all are famous artists who merge their thoughts to bring best for you. Designers in all over the world hold special place in market. They make you look good, fresh indulging them close to your persona.

Designing new clothes is a fight of thought and ideas for you pursue and made. Battleship do not end once, it is a work of revolution and grooming. They design dreams that are be fulfilled. They got authentic information about style, texture, material of clothing’s and also modernism in specific era. Every designer got platform to present what he different and unique combination he got. And the best one gets famous for it.

People like, admire, wear brand and make it their style statement. They play major role in glimmering the world and dignifying it. No wonder they are personality maker and bring confidence in personality empowering their thoughts and re liabilities. The clothes and ides of every designer are sold as expensive as one could not afford, but others can still dream about it.

Here are Top 10 Most Famous Fashion Designers In 2017 which are popular due to their hard work and incredible work.

10. Calvin Klein

An American fashion designer who made his name famous for his work and passion. This brand was founded in 1968; he initiated his carrier by opening store of men and women coats. But the struggle did not end here, he work hard and thus, toy he is a re-known person and his clothes becomes status symbol. He expanded much of his business to make it at such pace. The style and grace of his ideas made him wonderful designer. His net worth is $700 million.


9. Donatella Versace

Famous Fashion Designers

She got style, ideas and fame. She herself remains bold with endless beauty and glamour. She is vice president and chief designer of her group. She is the first designer who presented her ideas on ramp in terms of catwalk. She choose wise selection of ladies like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Demi Moore has her models and shoe stopper to set perfect classy bash of trendy clothes. Her net worth is $200 million. She also belongs has strong family background.


8. Valentino Garavani

Most Famous Fashion Designers

He does not need any words for his recognition. He is master of industry and clothes. He is an Italian designer and profoundly living legend. He made clothes for legend celebrities like Margaret, Queen Poala, Jacqueline are main customers of him. His fine work and skills makes everyone curious and they admire his work. He is efficient and his glamour’s clothes create bang on the ramp. His net worth is $1.5 billion.


7. Coco Chanel

Famous Fashion Designers

She is most talent girl from France and proves herself that what she got in business. She is famous figure of fashion industry. She is the only who’s name is among top 10 in Time Magazine. Her net worth is $19 billion. She worth for her work and remarkable performance that take brand’s name to the peak.


6. Ralph Lauren

Famous Fashion Designers

His brand was release in 1972 which take him to peak of fame and popularity. He is man of artistic mind and gives fresh look to people. He is the man who first introduce sleeve less shirts, this idea create a hallmark progress and fame. He is known in leading brands of world. His art and shirts are distinct from others as they contain logo of Polo on it, which inspires people to buy it. His net worth is $ 5.5 billion.

5. Tom Ford

Famous Fashion Designers

She suffers many hardships to reach at such pace. The lady is famous for overhauling Gucci. Tom ford is a founder of this brand. It dominates accessories and men’s wear in market. Who is unknown of this brand now a day. Most moving and trendy brand ever is Gucci which made people crave for it till now. Her net worth is $70 million. No wonder she is a billionaire because of her exotic accessories and clothes. The specialty for her is nothing is less classy than other even if it is handbags or glasses.


4. Kate spade

Famous Fashion Designer

She is famous for her ramp walks which creates dazzling environment all over. She is co founder of brand Kate spade in New York. She holds a graduate degree in journalism and enters to fashion industry by means of passion and creativity. Her net worth is $200 million. She is known for classic hand bags with different designs and uniqueness.


3. Betsey Johnson

 Famous Fashion Designer

She gets feminine and whimsical designs for everyone. She holds excellent knowledge of crafts, clothing’s and design’s She enrolled her name in Fashion Walk of fame in 2002. She holds specialty in handbags, scarves, hats and accessories. She is at the top industry and world see when her models hit the ramp. Her net worth is $50 million.


2. Marc Jacobs

Famous Fashion Designer

They belong to Jewish family and earn their name by style and gratitude. He has special Interest in this field as he was in college still studying he sold his first creative work at glance. Within no time this man earns fame among all, he is in the list of top 100 influential people. He is head designer of Louis Vuitton, Diffusion line and Marc by Marc Jacobs. His net worth is $100 million.


1. Giorgio Armani

Most Famous Fashion Designer In 2017 is Giorgio Armani

Talking about Armani? Is a dream of every person and celebrity? It is a style signature to personify the status of person. He created a whole sigma around world which is difficult to put off. He revolutionized the fashion, its sense and trends. Back in 1975 this brand was founded by Giorgio. He is the first designer ever who rejected and banned the models who has Body Mass Index fewer than 18. He truly is a legend and his work is so classic that creates a connection of charms. His net worth is $ 6.6 billion.He is state as mentor for other designers and models.

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