Top 10 Most Expensive Women Handbags In 2017

Hand bags are best trail for ladies to pickup. They need them to carry all their stuff which is important for them in daily use at different places. For this purpose hand bags are trending more now a day with exotic looks, style and fashion. Things that cannot be hold for so long are put into bags and sum up easily.Brands are not playing last in the race of modernism. They made extra ordinary and classic design which makes you fond of getting it. A hand bag defines a persona and signifies a class. The more this fashion is getting in, more it becomes valuable for people to buy it.After dress and shoes matching bags also play an important role to complete a person. Originators of bags define such a quality bag that attracts everyone and they keep on buying fresh designs and original leather piece without bothering a price tag. We bring you some of the Top 10 Most Expensive Women Handbags In 2017 which are unique and perfect for idealism.


10. Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile Hand bag

Expensive Women Handbags

Made up of crocodile’s skin this bag gives you complete looks and fashion. It is designed in such a way that it can provide much space to settle your stuff in it quickly and easily. Marc Jacobs is known for best designed hand bags and accessories which made this bag of more worth and admirable. It is considered to be flaming item in market which completes your looks. It has many designs like simple bags and new chained bags with different colors and designs; it has smooth finishing and very graceful firm outside. It carries a perfect material to use for so long. The current price of this master piece is $38,000. It worth’s more than this because it has decent looks and style to carry easily. They maintain their status and attitude to buy it.


9. Gadino bag by Hilde Palladino

beautiful expensive bags

Trending its style and pace this brand gives its perfection to others. It is designed by Norwegian designer and gives elegant looks and style. It is also made up of gloomy skin of crocodile. Diamonds on the bags make it more priceless and special. It gives full narration and charm to the person. It has different inscriptions which add more glance to it. This is foremost first choice of famous celebrities so that it can be linked up with their stardom. Its worth is about $38,470. These figures are less to define this luxurious bag.


8. LV Tribute Patchwork Bag

 Expensive Women

Taking this idea to the next level this brand has all the accordance to fulfill buyers demand. They made such a remarkable asset that adds up fashion to the personality. It is easy carry for every occasion as it is so elegant and decent in style. This brand is famous for clutches and pouches which are contemporary to use. They define symbol of status to the people. These bags are made in limited edition which makes them more valuable to buy. They have special texture, tone and color to use in making these bags and such kind of technique makes it worth $42,000 for everyone.


7. Leiber Precious Rose bag

 Expensive Women Handbags 2017

This brand is so promising for providing you the best without making much effort. Now you can have all the luck in your hand because they are really amazing in their creations. This brand introduces different and unique design and astonished its buyers to have it. The bags are made a shape of roses which creates a symbol of love and affections personality. This bag is composed of 1169 sapphires which make it priceless. The edges of bag are so furnished with platinum. It is attached with chain so it can be handled easily. Although it does not provide much of the space yet it is suitable for almost all parties and occasions. The most interesting countable part is that there is only one piece of this bag which introduced for so long. Its price is $92,000. This bag is perfect to state a fashion to one’s own.


6. Hermes Birkin Bag

Expensive Women Handbags 2017

This Brand is so much famous for quality leather work and long lasting performance. This company belongs to Paris, the city of love. It is also known for best perfumes and other accessories. These bags are composed of white gold and diamonds which makes them precious on a count. This bag is worth of $120,000 which is not affordable for normal people. They just wish for it as it marks the status symbol of great celebrities.. The bag is so defined and pretty that need much more praises for an instance. Available in different color and shape provide more chances to improve your choice of handling bags.


5. Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton Bags

Creating a diversity of bags this brand shows immense creativity for buyers. It is a water proof hand bag with merging colors. It has prominence edges upright features very stud and stylish. It is prepared from pure leather and extreme creativity. These bags rarely exist that make it more unique and un affordable. This bag is made up urban junk which is recycled and purified and makes it able for use. These are available in different mashup of colors .long lasting in use and you can keep almost all things in it. It worth’s of about $150,000 which makes it extra ordinary and claimed to be handle with care.

4. Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag

The cost of this bag is $250,000 this is very expensive high quality bag which give tribute to the fashion and persona to dignified personalities. These bags are so elegant in looks and demand high appreciation. It is made up of skin of alligator worked with gold and sapphires. This bag adds glitters to your dress. The grace of this bag is so significant that you can’t take your eyes of to it. This brand launch a single piece every year but different in style and design.


3. Chanel Diamond Forever

 Expensive Women Handbags

This brand does not need any recognition to instance because its works lead high to the sky. Creating an enchanted bag gloom’s everyone with perfection and craves the intentions to buy it. This bag is made up of crocodile skin and further addition is of white gold and shimmering of diamonds which creates whole mood. Its shoulder strap is also made of white gold which make it so lavish star $261,000. These bags have only 13 pieces from which 5 pieces are in United States.


2. Hermes Birkin Bags by Ginza Tanaka

Hermes Birkin Bags by Ginza Tanaka

A million dollar bag has the capacity to hold every one’s breathe; indeed it is most expensive and high quality bag that marks the designation of style and beauty. It states the symbol of status which defines the buyer’s name. This bag is made up of platinum, white gold and further enhanced by diamonds. It is covered by shimmery material which is made of 8k gold. The strap of stunning bag can be used as necklace because it is made up of diamonds. This bag costs about $1.9 million so which celebrity would loose the chance to have it.


1. Mouawad’s 1001 Nights Diamond Purse

most expensive bag 2017

Mouawad’s 1001 Nights Diamond Purse is the most expensive women handbag 2017

Talking about this purse it is pretty obvious that it cannot be claimed easily. The ravishing bag is made up of costly stones and fashioned with 105 yellow diamonds, 56 pink diamonds and 4,356 colorless beautiful diamonds. It takes 8800 hours of hard work to create a single piece of bag yet it states its name in Guinness Book of World Record for most valuable, shimmered and costly bag. After so much hard work and technique this unique art is presented to market to blossoms its spark to everyone and made them vulnerable to buy it. Above all this bag wins the race and costs $3.8 million. It makes you feel like a diva.

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