Top 10 Most Expensive Bicycles In 2016

Bicycles are a cheaper and a faster mode of transportation. These are definitely the kid’s first own vehicle which they own by all means. Sometimes however, the manufacturing companies go out of the way to prove their individuality and uniqueness. That is the time, when some very unique things are produced. This list also focuses on the Top 10 most expensive bicycles in 2016. Let us have a look.


10. Amante Donna by Fendi Abici

Most Expensive Bicycles In 2016 -

Price: $9,500

Did you ever think about a bicycle with a GPS navigation option? No? Well, after reading this you would doubt your reasoning for a while. This bicycle is a full on designer bike. It not only contains a GPS, but it also consists of all the leather accessories one could possibly think about. It consists of a leather detachable case which alone costs $975. Moreover, it also contains fur saddlebags and a key and the bike chain cover along. Love leather? Go for it then.


9. Le Flaneur d’Hermes

Most Expensive Bicycles In 2016 - Le Flaneur d’Hermes

Price: $10,750

If you are planning to get a bicycle, then this is the brand which you must plan to buy six years before the required time. This bike is definitely the most awaited bike and due to its popularity, it consists of a six years waiting list. The reason of this popularity is the less price as compared to other bikes with same quality. Although it comes in the list of the most expensive bicycles, but it is definitely cheaper than a branded handbag. The best qualities of this bike include durable, versatile, comfortable, and exceptionally light. The bike has a leather casing all over to give it a classy look. So if you are longing for a classy yet stylish bike, GO FOR IT!


8. Spyker Aeroblade by Koga

Most Expensive Bicycles In 2016 - Spyker Aeroblade by Koga

Price: $15,000

The bike is one of a kind. Koga manufactured only 50 of this model. The bike contains leather and titanium. It consists of disc brakes and also contains a rear internal hub. The limited edition makes it unique and different. So if you are looking for something different than the normal lot, then this brand is definitely the one.


7. Bianchi Urban Bike by Gucci

Most Expensive Bicycles In 2016 - Bianchi Urban Bike by Gucci

Price: $15,400

Yes friends! Gucci is here for our rescue as always. Well, Gucci and Bianchi teamed up together to start a line of cycling. Bianchi is an Italian bike retailer company. The alliance has proved great. They have come up with an urban road bike with a flat bar carbon fiber material. They also give helmet worth 4960 along with the bike to make your journey safe and sound. The bikes and helmets are available in different sizes. The bike also includes gloves worth $340 and water bottle worth $115.


6. One-77 Aston Martin Cycle

Most Expensive Bicycles In 2016 - One-77 Aston Martin Cycle

Price: $37,905

Are you into technology? Well, then you must also have a bicycle with technology. This bicycle is by far the most advanced bicycle till now as far as the technology is concerned. This bike is a collaboration of Aston Martin and Beru F1. Beru F1 system is a maker of auto-racing components. This is a carbon fiber bicycle and contains some very advanced technology accessories. It even consists of LED lights integrated in the bike and an electronic display. It is an experience of a life time.


5. Montante Luxury Gold Collection

Most Expensive Bicycles In 2016 - Montante Luxury Gold Collection

Price: $46,000

Yet again another 24 karat gold covered bike. This is a generous display of gold and crystals. As compared to the embedding of 11000 crystals (Swarovski crystals to be exact), the price of this bike is nominal. This is a true depiction of “you get more than you are paying” and trust me it is true. Even the chain lock, saddle, and frame pump are also wrapped up in sleek python skin. IT IS A GREAT DEAL FRIENDS!


4. Lady’s Silver Mounted Bicycle by Tiffany & Co.

Most Expensive Bicycles In 2016 - Lady’s Silver Mounted Bicycle by Tiffany & Co.

Price: $57,000

Tiffany & Co. is famous among ladies with its unique and classy jewelry items and other great luxury products. But in 1890s, Tiffany & Co. took a sort of challenge and produced a worth mentioning bicycle including Tiffany monogram, skirt guard, and ivory grips. The bike was restored and auctioned in 2008 by Bonhams. The brand definitely proved itself and made it to the list of most expensive bicycles.


3. Butterfly Trek Bicycle by Damien Hirst

Most Expensive Bicycles In 2016 - Butterfly Trek Bicycle by Damien Hirst

Price: $500,000

Are you into small floral patterns? Or small butterfly motifs? If yes, then this bike is a dream come true. Not only does this bike contains butterfly patterns, but it also contains real butterfly wings for decoration on the bicycle frame and the bicycle rims. This thoughtful idea makes this bicycle unique and worth spending money. This design was originally rode by Lance Armstrong in 2009 during his tour to France. The bike was auctioned that year for a cause at $500,000, making it one of the most expensive bikes.


2. Aurumania Crystal Gold Bike

Most Expensive Bicycles In 2016 - Aurumania Crystal Gold Bike

Price: $101,400

Everything one buys must be classy and Gold is the new diamond. Having a bicycle with gold and crystals is yet another class. This bike is gold-plated with 24 karat gold and contains 600 Swarovski crystals. Yes it is a crystal edition, with elegance and style. The bike is also embraced with Brooks Saddle. It might not be made with pure solid gold, but the grace is exactly that of solid gold.


1. 24K Gold Extreme Mountain Bike

Most Expensive Bicycles In 2016 - 24K Gold Extreme Mountain Bike

Price: $1,000,000

If you have this bike or if you are planning to get this bike, you are definitely one of the lucky people. The reason of this good luck is the limited edition which the company launched for its customers. The company manufactured only 13 bicycles to let their customers feel themselves different from the normal lot. Each bike contains 500 gold sapphires and 600 black diamonds. That is not all. The saddle comes is a chocolate brown luxury alligator skin which adds style to the beauty. Along with all this, the bicycle has its perks, as there is a water bottle- gold-covered- attached to the bicycle for you to drink with style. We hope the details are enough to attract you towards this masterpiece!

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