Top 10 Milk Producing Countries In 2017

We all know that some food items are just essential to have in the house, one of those being milk. Milk is one of the building blocks for humans because even when as babies we are weaned on breast milk and then after some years milk is crucial for children while growing up. It is not just that milk is required, for children’s growing up milk is taken purely or it is just about used in any recipe especially when it comes to baking, whether it is custard or cake but a little bit of milk is an essential element. So how does the world try and fulfill this requirement of milk for so many countries? You are likely to find the countries that produce the most milk to have a lot of grazing animals like cows, goats and buffaloes because that is where milk comes from. These countries then go about exporting milk all around the world because of its high demand and its regular use. The Top Ten Milk Producing Countries In 2017 are listed below.


10. Turkey

One of the countries that is famous for milk production is Turkey which produces about 42 % of milk and the main source for the milk production are cows and buffaloes. Within the country some of the cities that are famous for producing milk are Izmir, Aydin, Konya, Bursa and Bordor. When milk is produced anywhere it is not immediately up for sale rather it has to go through a number of processes in order to make it clean and to keep the nutrients intact so that people can benefit the most out of it. According to statistics more than 19 Tonnes of milk has been manufactured from Turkey alone.


9. New Zealand

Found in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean, the country accommodates world’s 3% of population. With such a small percentage the people of this country produce about 95 % of the world’s milk and exports it around the world including countries like Nigeria, UAE, Bangladesh, Egypt, Taiwan, Thailand and many more. Not only is milk one of the main export items but milk products make the market in New Zealand such as whole milk powder (37%), cheese (12%), skim milk powder (10%), and butter (9%). In the past year the country exported about 12.4 $ billion worth of dairy products alone.


8. France

The second distributor of milk in Europe alongside Germany is France. What France is famous for but very little know about is not fashion but milk estimating about 23.2 million tones of milk and with good reason as the country has a large number of grazing animals such as cows about 3.6 million that go to 70,000 different dairy farms located within France, from there they are processed and then ready for market in the shape of milk powder and cheese, so now you know why there are so many cheese shops in France and milk is one of the key drivers of the French economy.


7. Russia

While it may not be famous for it but Russia is also on the list of top distributors of milk mainly because it produces about 29 million tones of it. The country has a very popular demand for milk and Moscow accounts for most of the milk being produced in the country. Although Russia still supports traditional ways of breeding but the country still profits a lot from their milk production. Recently even China has ventured a partnership with Russia to help both the countries for their milk producing revenue.


6. Germany

A balanced diet should also consist of a glass of milk, milk is jam packed with nutrients that aid growth and neurological development. Germans have a head start on this and consume on average about 90 Kilograms of milk products per year that is a whopping 200 pounds and it is inclusive of dairy products such as cheese and butter, that is why when we talk about milk producing countries Germany hits the spot at number 6 with 4.2 million dairy cows and both the East and West Germany contribute to this production. However in recent times with increasing prices laborers in the dairy section are faced with the challenge of low wages and more work and this is affecting the country’s dairy production.


5. Brazil

The Brazilian government is working on promoting the dairy production of the country because one of the main incomes for the country is through dairy production. The country has an estimate of about 205 million cattle and of that 10% are milk producing cattle. The process through which the dairy is brought into the market varies and can be as simple as milking two cows to as extensive as dry lot operations. Over one million people are employed in the dairy section and the government is coming up with innovative ways to upgrade the dairy business for the country.


4. China

At number 4 we have China which is usually big on everything and now dairy products are also included in that list. It has recently paved way to start a dairy farm in partnership with Russia providing with over 100,000 dairy farms the reason for this may also be as China’s export business of dairy products was limited to only a few countries and in order to generate more revenue they initiated the project with Russia.


3. Pakistan

Another country located in the continent of Asia, Pakistan is responsible for the production of 42 million tons of milk, and mostly the main source being buffalo milk but goat milk is also included in this production. The country has a variety of buffalo and for this reason about 61 % of the milk comes from buffaloes and most of it comes from the provinces of Sindh and Punjab, because livestock is a key driving force for the economy the country heavily relies on the milk production business.


2. United States Of America

Out of the fifty states 23 states input to the production of milk and that accounts for almost 250.9 million liters’ of milk daily. It has received the number two spot in the list and produces milk for a number of countries that include Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, China and Mexico. The USA is big on the awareness of milk and its benefits to the people. It is very popular with the advertisements such as “Got Milk” in order to promote the consumption of this health aiding food item.


1. India

The country with the highest milk production for the world is India where cows are sacred this country accumulates for about 9.5 percent of the milk production globally. The most being from Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Punjab. Just in the last year the average amount of milk produced within the country in 2015-16 was 155.5 million tones. The main breed of cows that are really productive in milk are breeds of Kherigarh, Ponwar, Gangatiri and Kenkatha found in the state of Uttar Pradesh these breeds make up about more than 1.8 crore found alone in this state. India is also popular for milk because of the many dairy cooperation’s working in the country one of those being Amul which is based n Gujrat and began its role in 1946, this company not only played a part in the White Revolution in India but it also made India the king of dairy production in the world by employing more than 3 million milk producers and serving different parts of the country and the world.

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