Top 10 Largest And Strongest Armies In 2015

Military is the essential need for the survival of any state and it can be called as nation’s power. It is all because of those brave soldiers that people sleep peacefully at their homes and do not have any defensive fear. Army, not only plays its role in defending the nation during a war, but also helps in securing economy from any external harm. The brave army work day and night for the peace and safety of their homeland. Air, land and sea are the three corners; where high security is required for the defense. So, military power of any state adds strength and confidence to the country and provides dignity and respect to the nation .The development of the country rises when it has a strong defensive power, which can protect its boundaries from all external and internal enemies. The government of such country works well on developmental issues when there is no harm from outside. Here we make a list of Top 10 largest and strongest armies in 2015.


10. Egypt

The Egyptian army comprise of 468,500 brave military soldiers who works for the defense of the state from all kinds of enemies. Egyptian army is considered as the largest army in Africa and Middle East. It wears both an English style uniform and a desert camouflage. It has well trained army who has also given training to many other countries like Arab and Africa. It has been recent and advanced British, American and French equipment. Actually, its armaments came from all over the world.


9. Iran

Largest And Strongest Armies In 2015 -

An Islamic state with a lot of natural resources was established in 1925. Iran has a long army history. It consists of 523,000 above army personnel. It imported most of its armed weapons and equipments from the United States of America till 1979, but after the Islamic Revolution, Its army men got training from the European and American military academies. Today it is among the list of world’s most powerful militaries. In 2014, the government of Iran spends approximately 6.3 billion for its army growth and development.


8. Turkey

Largest And Strongest Armies In 2015 - Turkey

The army of Turkish land is known as Turkish military, with 664,060 military personals in which 52,194 are civilians. In 1992, Turkey won the independence war and remained neutral till the end of World War II. The military armed forces aimed to fight against land based operations, the famous Turkish military operations includes, Charge of the Light Brigade, Battle of the Crater, Great Marianas Turkey Shoot, Highway of Death etc. Today, Turkish army has advanced military equipment’s, new technologies and modern plans for the safeguard and protection of their land and nation.


7. South Korea

South Korea

After the official division of Korea, this great army was established in 1948. It consists of more than 687,000 soldiers. The South Korean armed forces are commonly called as the Republic of Korea Armed forces or ROK Armed Forces. The basic aim of ROK is to provide safety during any emergency and disaster relief situation and to maintain the peace and sovereignty of a country.


6. North Korea

Largest And Strongest Armies In 2015 - North Korea

The army of this country was formed officially in 1930 and today it s consider as one of the world’s largest army .It consists of 1,106,000 army men power. There are many special features of this army including, world’s biggest Special Forces and submarine fleet and the world’s largest reserve military force with over 8 million personnel. The government spends approximately $10 billion which is about one quarter of its financial resources on military.


5. Russia

Largest And Strongest Armies In 2015 - Russia

Russia, not only have the strong army force but it also supplies advanced weapons to other countries. After 1992, Russian army is officially recognized as The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Today this great army comprises of more than 1,040,000 active military members and 2 million reserve military members. This army has almost $72 billion military expenditures per year and it is expected that it will increase in the upcoming years. Russian army is considered as one of the highly advanced and experienced militaries in the world.


4. India

Largest And Strongest Armies In 2015 - India

With the second largest population of the world, India stands on 3rd number on the list of largest armies in the world. It has 1,325,000 army men, who are working for their nation safety. India also reserves a lot of budget on the growth of its military growth and development. It is the biggest importer of advanced military technology and weapons from the developed countries of the world.


3. United State of America

Largest And Strongest Armies In 2015 - United State of America

The United States Armed Force is the second largest army across the world with the strength of more than 1,458,219 soldiers. It is also known as Federal military force of the USA, and has latest weapons. The state government spends approximately $554.2 billion for its army forces and $88.5 billion for Overseas Contingency actions.USA spend about 39 percent of the world’s military expenditures and has one of the powerful army in the world.


2. Pakistan

Largest And Strongest Armies In 2015 - Pakistan

Pakistan Armed Force was established in 1947 and it has been playing an important role in maintain peace and sovereignty since the formation of this land. As this army face a lot of high alerts especially from India. Pakistan army has a close relationship with china with respect to research related to military development. Pakistan also imports its military weapon from china. Being the second largest Muslim state, Pakistan also has a proud of more than 617,000 brave army soldiers. The government spends 48% of total budget on the development of its military army force.


1. China


Chinese army is the world best and strongest army with the strength of more than 2,285,000 soldiers and is famous as People’s liberation army. As there are some territorial conflicts with other neighboring countries so, China have a lot of individuals who only works for the sovereignty and protection of the nation. Chinese government spends 1.4 % of GDP on its military development to make them more strong and capable for defending their homeland.

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