Top 10 Humans With Real Superpowers

If we move back in the dark ages and further behind the dark ages we will come to know that there were many superstitious concepts and beliefs about the super natural powers by which different humans of that time were blessed. These humans were considered as the god of the people of that times because of their distinguish characteristics from others. But as the time passes and science develops and modifies these concepts were extinguished from the world. But now in the modern era we have few such noble people who are still blessed with such remarkable and extraordinary characteristics which are seem to be miracles. Today we will countdown that type of human beings in our list of Top 10 Humans With Real Superpowers.



wim hof

Wim hof, the iceman, can withstand extreme cold and holds 20 different world records for longest ice bath. His previous record was also broken by himself by staying immersed in ice for 112 minutes in 2011. Dressed in shorts Hof completed a full marathon of 42.195 kilometers above the polar circle, in temperature close to -20 degree Celsius in 5 hours and 25 minutes.



mas oyama

Mas oyama, the god hand, was born in Korea and later moved to Japan where he studied karate. He used to have live public demonstrations as he would fight and kill a bull bare handed. All and all Oyama fought and killed 52 bulls, 3 of which were killed instantly with one below and 49 had their horn chopped off with karate blows. He gained the nick name of god hand and was considered the living manifestation of the Japanese warrior’s maxim “one strike, certain death.”



thai ngoc

Thai Ngoc, the insomniac, is known because of his claim of being awake for more than 43 years according to the Vietnamese news organization. He is known as insomniac as insomnia is the condition of loss of sleep. At the age of 31 he came down with the severe fever and has not slept since then. His condition does not effects his physical or mental health and according to doctors he is completely healthy besides a slight damaged liver.



michel lotito

Michel lotito is a French entertainer whose walls of stomach as well as intestine is double the thickness of normal human being. It is a rare condition that most of the doctors agree. His digestive hormones are that much powerful which allows him to digest the most inedible items one could not imagine. He has eaten , glass, rubber,bicycles, television sets . his name is also in the book of Guinness world record for eating a plane which took him almost 2 years by simply cutting the items of the plane and consuming them with water and oil.




Ma Xiangang is also known as the electric man. Since an accident 15 years ago, he has been immune to electric shocks and instead he is invigorated by them. He can touch live wires and feel no pain. He can fix electrical circuits bare handed. He can hold a +ve charged wire in one hand –ve in other hand and a bulb will light up. According to tests scientists found that he has 7 to 8 times higher resistance than a normal person.



kim peek

Kim peek was born on November 11, 1951 and died on December 19, 2009. He was gifted with an extraordinary memory that he could memorize things from age of 16-20 months. He would memorize a book after a single reading and remember almost everything. He had read, memorized huge amounts of information in various subjects. He could read quite quickly. He could scan the left page of the book with his left eye than the right page of the book with right eye respectively. Kim peek died in 2009 but by this time he had perfectly memorized 12,000 books, his story was the inspiration for Barry marrow’s Oscar winning movie RainMan.



Liew Thow Lin

LIN Liew is also called by the name of magnetic man. Have u ever imagine a living magnet who may present in between you guys but you didn’t notice. Liew is that unique living magnet who can stick metal objects to his body. He has ability to stick metal objects weighing upto a total of 36 kilograms stick to his skin. He has also pulled a car using his magnetic ability.




Flansburg is also called as human calculator. He stunned the audience and the judges and all the viewers in live tv show in which he asked the numerical values from the audience and sum up all of them in front of the camera instantly. He was entered into Guinness book of world records for his speed of mental calculation. He can add, multiply, divide or minus and find square and cube root in his head. His speed and accuracy of solving the numerical problems is almost instantly with calculator accuracy.




Isao Machii also known by the name of modern samurai who holds several Guinness world records for Japanese sword play including “fastest tennis ball cut” which stands at just over 700km/hr. More impressive than that is a stunt performed where an airsoft pallet which was around 5mm of diameter was fired towards him and he sliced it into two by his sword.




Natasha is also known by the name of X-Ray vision girl. Since the age of 10, Natasha has been making accurate medical reading in Russia. She has ability to see organs and organ systems inside human body and is capable of discovering medical ailments the person may be suffering from. In the age of 10, she developed the supernatural ability to detect the organs using only her eyes. Since she successfully developed her skill of detecting cancer, tumors and different defective areas of the body by her naked eyes.

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