Top 10 Greatest Violinists In The World 2017

Music lovers can be found all over the world. Some are singers who make everyone mad by their vocals, some writes song and has grip on it but most of them are the one who play instruments, they are vital organs of sound and music. Specialists and trained person has experience to play musical instruments as a passion and as their dream. An era had passed in which violin holds a prominent place in music and every sound is nothing without it to aspire. Violinists are the one who are specialized in playing these instruments. People from far away came to listen the exotic sound of violence.

Violinists are considered as honored persons who has persuasive skills and talent to create such atmosphere that people get into it and they hold their interest for so long.

Now a day’s other more advanced and enhanced instruments are introduced which take music to next level. But still there is a respectful recognition for great violinist of era. Here are Top 10 Greatest Violinists In The World 2017. There sound and music made people crave for them.


10. David Oistrakh

Greatest Violinists

This legendary man lived an era from 1908 to 1974. He belongs from Russia. He was famous for his master piece recordings and work. He set great concerts like Beethoven and Tchaikovsky’s Concerto. He was friend with some of great composers and they made a good team. He was firm and dedicated about his work and that made him memorable after many years. David describes last moment of violin cap in 3 miles so far. No doubt he was a legend.


9. Fritz Kreisler

Greatest Violinists

Pleasure seekers listen his violin notes for hours. He was best in his moves and he knows how to indulge people within the sequence. He was the master of pre recording ages. He lived from 1875 to 1962. Fritz was known for polite, smooth, charming and bombastic tone. His work was meant to be technically perfect.He was contrasted with #5. He has a great team to conduct. He died from tragic accident that makes him blind and deaf .people still recognizes his wonder music and excellence.


8. Mischa Elman

Greatest Violinists

An admirable person and a great violin player. He considered being great sound recorder of his times. He had a wonder technique and tone quality that take everyone to the stance. Full of passion, refined implement, compose personality was his major quality. He lived from 1891 to 1967. His music intensity reached to the heights of fame and popularity. #2 recommended him to the imperial academy of music in Odessa, Ukrine. He started playing from 11 years old when he was boy his ambition took him so far. His height was short about 5feet 3inches and long with wide fingers. He received many awards and people peruse him so far.


7. Giuseppe Tartini

Greatest Violinists

Man of ages lived from 1962 to 1770. The origins of his violin are fun. He learned this art with gracious attitude. Promising his notes and music he leads to the height of glory. He gives primary performance rival of #3. His famous work is Devil’s trill of solo violin. People worshiped his music and he is master of violin. He plays rapid, grueling double stop trills. Nobody is comparable to his talent because he has no match till now.


6. Ole bull

Greatest Violinists

He was Norwegian and lived from 1810 to 1880. He was a fantastic violinist and great musician. During his tour to Europe he has done many concerts with Franz Liszt, Clara and many more.People showed up at noon till 7 and he made them stick to it.Robert is considered to have uncommon clarity, precision and enthusiasm in his music which can be felt easily. He was legend and never died.


5. Jascha Heifetz

Greatest Violinists

He holds soul in his sound and tunes. Lived a life from 1901 to 1987 his bowing fantasy stunned all with legacy. When he is in the hall nobody can stand besides him .He was legend recording of Zigeunerweisen. Violin of Jascha had became a style signature. He bring all expressions of love, hatred, arrogance and sadness in one music. He plays most tough tones which were unforgettable.


4. Hilary Hahn

Greatest Violinists

A lady with all grace become a violinist because of her passion and composes personality. She regularly practiced in Suzuki Classes for years, she took part in classes of music in between 1984 and 1989, and the soul of her music was found when she was ten years old. Her music was supervised by Jascha for five years. Hilary also acquires skills in recital programs and twenty five different violin concerts. She proved that Women are not behind in this field as well.


3. Sarah Chang

Greatest Violinist

She made a history by performing with great personalities she is none other then Sarah Chang. National Symphony Orchestra of Hong Kong has histories of her with full zeal and enthusiasm. She started playing violin when she was just 16. She made her time an era of grace and popularity. She was expert in low and high tone from beginning to end.


2. Arcangelo Corelli

He was born in year of 1653 and got huge fan following and fame in music. He learned playing violin by Corelli. He got the technique to play violin in different postures which made him unique and signified. He never followed anyone and made his notes and piece of work. He was master and graciously motivation for others to come in this field. All European talks about him and he had no match till now.


1. Anne Sophie Mutter

Top 10 Greatest Violinist

She is the greatest violinist because for her glorious work and significant style signature and posture. She was born in region of Germany, she was bold beautiful and has steady and calm personality. Anne began her carrier at festival of Salzburg and also with English Chamber orchestra. She was smart in all her moves and tones, as if she knows the music deeply and feels it from soul. She lived a life full of popularity and she was loved by all.

Some of these people are dead by now but their work and art piece is still live in our hearts and we pursue their remembrance and recognition in very humble and optimistic way. This is a tribute to them to give such an excellence glance that could be forgotten easily.

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