Top 10 Gift Ideas, Romance, Dinner and Proposal Ideas for Valentine’s Day

There is so much which is out of the box and not at all mainstream that you can do with your partner this Valentine’s Day to make it special for both of you. Here is a list of top 10 gift ideas, romance, dinner and proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day that will surely take your partner’s breath away, and that is ultimately what we all want for the Valentine’s day which is just around the corner.


10. Some “Us” Time

Valentine’s Day Massage

There is no better way to spend Valentine’s Day with your partner at some salon or massage parlor getting yourself pampered. Get the bookings done and relax with your one true love on this special day. Not only will you feel loved and relaxed but it will be a great way to spend the Valentine’s Day with full fervor. You could even go to some resort and spend the day there but this can only be done if you have a bigger budget.


9. Romantic Bath

Romantic Bath at valentines day

In everyday routines, couples hardy ever get the time to do things like taking a romantic bath together or anything of the sort. However, this Valentine’s Day you can plan an entire day centered on a romantic bath at home with soothing and romantic music laying in the background, scented candles and flowers. You can even surprise your partner in the bath with a little present that he/she had meaning to get a grab on.


8. Surprise At The Workplace

Surprise At The Workplace at valentines day

On the Valentine’s Day, if your partner is at work then there is no better time to surprise them. Make them happy by bringing their favorite take out cuisine and escaping work for some time. You could spend time at their favorite park, at a coffee shop, shop a little maybe and other things can also be done in the little time out that you both will get. Make it as spontaneous as possible for him/her to see the best results!


7. Morning Surprise

Morning Surprise at valentines day

Once your partner has fallen asleep at night, it will be time for you to get to work but very discretely. Decorate the room with red, heart shaped balloons, candles and flowers. You can even leave a note on his/her bedside table. Wake up early and prepare breakfast for them. Once they open their eyes, they are going to be thrilled by what they see and of course the effort that you have put in to make breakfast for them.


6. Dedication On The Radio

Dedication On The Radio at valentines day

When your partner is not around for example he/she is at work, at a friends or even in another room; tell them to tune into the radio immediately and dedicate a song to them that holds some special meaning to the both of you this is a very sweet gesture and excellent to do on Valentine’s Day. It is highly unconventional too and your partner is going to fall in love with you even more because this will make him/her feel special in your eyes,


5. Send An Old Fashioned Love Letter

Send An Old Fashioned Love Letter

What makes this Valentine’s Day idea really special as compared to others is that there is hardly anyone who relies on old fashioned love letters now and in olden times, love letters were what it was to expression your passion for someone. This Valentine’s Day surprise your loved one with a love letter that has been hand written and sent through regular mail. It is a sweet way of winning their hearts over and making them smile this 14th of Feb.


4. Proposal At The Beach

Proposal At The Beach

If you are thinking of proposing to the girl of your dreams on the Valentine’s Day then taking her out to the beach is an excellent idea. However you need to do it unconventionally. Plan an entire night at the beach where you too make sandcastles, eat some dinner, drink and let your heart out. You can propose her after a kiss and you both can spend the entire night at the beach together. This is highly romantic and very good for proposal ideas on Valentine’s Day.


3. Bake Valentine’s Themed Things

Bake Valentine’s Themed Things

Surprise your partner when he/she gets home with a cake or cookies or even cupcakes that are Valentine’s theme. You can choose their favorite chocolate or the icing can be done just the way they want, present he cake/cookies/cupcakes in a sweet way with candles, a love note and a kiss as a cherry on top. This can be followed by a nice movie session and the two of you can cuddle eating the yummy treats that you just baked.


2. Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

Leave sticky notes for your partner to find all day long on the Valentine’s Day but make sure that he/she finds them in the most used yet unexpected places like in the closet, somewhere near the shower, on the bedside table, the kitchen counter etc. you can write silly jokes that are only common to both of you, make them anticipate the night when you two can make love or anything romantic that your partner would like. Simply, you can tell them how special they are to you and how you cannot imagine being without the thought of them.


1. Go Musical

Go Musical or your valentine

This Valentine’s Day, you can and become the musician/singer that you had been to become in the shower for decades! Prepare your partner’s favorite song even if you do not have a brilliant voice. If you are really bad at it then you can gift your lover with a mashup especially made for the two of you which has only the songs that you both love to listen to and ask them to listen to the CD while on their way to work as you need to hand the CD to them right before they leave for work. This will be a great way of laying the foundation of a great Valentine’s Day that is ahead of both of you.

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