Top 10 Cutest Pets We Should Keep

Pets are most innocent trained animals who lived with human to fulfilled their needs. Humans love to train animals which they like.These are harmless creatures and nature lovers. No offense people sleep with pets because they love them. Small children are also fond to keep them. These animals don’t harm anyone but they also get attached to their care taker. Chirping birds and soft meow of cats! Make everyone love them. They don’t let anyone feel alone, the love and attachments of animals could not last long once you set them free they would not come back to you but still they made you feel secure and happy. Here we bring you Top 10 Cutest Pets We Should Keep because they are  sweet, cute and lovable pets that create wonder charm around you and you will love them endlessly. They are often priceless and people buy it at any cost.


10. Hamsters

Cutest Pets

Talking about cute little friend it is everyone’s Favorite Hamsters. They are friendly having cute sound and innocent appearance. These are also called pocket pets because they are so small and easily carried away. Triplicate pet appearance made them wonder pretty and cute looks. Since 1930’s hamsters are being the most lovable and easy carry pet. The most appealing breed includes Syrian hamsters; it is also called golden hamsters. They grow up to 7 inches.

Another breed Roborovski dwarf hamsters are very small up to 2 inches in length. They are more liked my kids because they more friendly to them. Their life span is 2, 3 years and they are suitable for children under 8. Favorite job of hamsters is running on wheel. Their feeding is fresh fruits, vegetables and cheese. They are eco friendly and can easily adjust to any environment.


9. Rabbits

Cutest Pets

They sound like a strange mix of cat and dog like qualities. They are good house pets. More than 60 breeds are there in United States. They are variety in sizes, colors and ear lengths. They are available in different ranges and even sizes from 2 to 13 pounds. Life span is about 5 to 10 years and they need care and affection. They are best for children 8 and older. There feed can be fresh pellets, vegetable sand fresh water.They need lots of exercise and safe outdoor for hopping. They can also be trained to exercise with collar and leash. Most cute friendly and safe pet it is. Attention is their first priority.


8. Parrots

Cutest Pets

Colorful, lively, safe and playful pet are Parrots. Their color brings joy on everyone’s face and leads to happiness and loving them. There are more than 350 different types of parrots and every single parrot has different charm and attraction. They are small about 3 inches to 8 centimeters and are available in different vibrant colors that delight you. Quite large breed could be found up to 40 inches to 10 centimeters.

Plenty of space to fly and attention is required because they are sensitive and need more care against environment. More affectionate towards their owner and they are intelligent birds. They have uncanny ability to mimic humans if they are well trained this made them special and attract others.

They can also imitate a sound of dog, cat and a particular ringtone of your phone. With great life span of 80 years they live long and they ate protective and suitable for any age but most probably better for teenage and adults. Their diet could be seed mixes, fresh water, vegetables and fruits.


7. Fish

Cutest Pets

Setting aquarium in home and other places is style statement persona. It is very peaceful and humble pet that could cherish you in their own beautiful way. We need an easy to manage breed of fishes to keep because they are so much delicate. Betta fish is easy to be kept. There are many colors and amazing shaped fishes which astonished you purposely .Betta fishes are quite small only few inches in length. Life span of fishes is up to 3 years and is best for any age. They only feed on special fishes food. They need adequate proportion of oxygen and clean water to live and reproduce.


6. Turtles

Cutest Pets

These are cute little munchkins and attractive animal for children. Easy to handle, this slow crawler is favorite of all and do no harm to anyone, they cannot even outrun you so you don’t need to worry about it. They are ready to set up camp in your house and pleasing audience. Box turtles are best choice to keep because of their colored patterns on shell and good looks. Turtles are very picky eaters. They live up to 40 years and best for any age. Turtles feed on insects, earthworms, fruits, vegetables and pellets depending on breed. They don’t need lot of exercise but a hall room with rocks and sand with water where they can rehydrate themselves.


5. Chinchilla

Cutest Pets

This cute pet is famous for its velvety fur. Its fur is used to make coats at different ranges and colors .It can sprout about 80 hairs from just one follicle. Chinchilla is a rodent and is South American native. This little guy is so charming having saucer eyes and bowl like ears. You could not let yourself hold for loving it. It might rather resemble kangaroo that has front legs small and short and back legs bushy and long. Life span of chinchilla is up to 20 years . These are fragile animals so suitable for children up to age of ten. Commercial pellets and fresh water is suitable diet for it. Chinchilla can thrive variety of environment and temperature conditions.


4. Birds

Cutest Pets

Smallest creature with loud voices is so amazing and beautiful. Birds can be as social as other animals, they are extremely easy to breed and not hard to rise. Birds can also be taught how to talk. They are eco friendly and wonderful creatures. They are available in bright vibrant colors and different skins. Their life span is up to 20 years and easy handling for any age. They can be noisy and messy but also look utterly cherish able. Their diet consists of commercial pellets, vegetables, fruit. These sweet nature loving creatures are affectionate and friendly.


3. Cats

Top 10 Cutest Pets

They clean themselves and have better hygiene. You can train them to walk outside. Cats don’t have cleanup issues they are furry, sweet and fatty. These are safe and friendly sit on lap and get relaxed. Commercial foods are proper diet for them and fresh milk is their weakness. Their life span is about 30 years and more they also get older. Cats are fast, responsive and friendly with human. Their mesmerizing eye catches the person. The only animal which is cute and attractive in every breed.


2. Sugar Glider

Top 10 Cutest Pets

Most exceptional and cute rodent is Sugar Glider. It is most innocent animal and one of the cutest pet. Fast, speedy and active is prominent quality of this animal. It does not cause any harm to anyone. Special care is need for it and large room should be provided to them. Fruits, vegetables and commercial pellets are their proper diet . They are suitable for children above 10 years. Their life span is about up to 10 years. They can be trained properly but they don’t create much disturbance. Their glimmering big eyes are their specialty.


1. Puppies

Top 10 Cutest Pets

Most loyal pet of human is puppy; they can be trained well in all aspects. They are protective, cuddly and cute animal. There more than 300 breed of dogs found in world. Most of them are extra ordinary and their feed and training depends upon the breed. Commercial dog food is powerful for them, rice and bones are their favorite. They live up to 20 years and more. They are best human friend and once trained well they never harm you but protect you and your family. They like outdoor games and want full attention from their keepers.

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