Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime In 2016

People in various regions around the world have different perceptions about the definition of rape. Some believe it is a forced intercourse with a female against her consent while others believe that even the slightest physical activity with a girl against her will is rape. Most of the rape crimes remain unreported as the families have to consider safeguarding their respect from the brutal social impacts. Out of the reported rape crimes around the world here is an analysis of top 10 countries with the highest rape crime in 2016.


10. Granada

Highest Rape Crime In 2016 -

Located towards the south of Grenadines (South of Caribbean Sea), the Island is known for two things: the exports of mace and nutmeg and rape crimes. Popular by the name of Island of Spice, Grenada experiences about 30.6/10,000 ratio between rate crimes reported. In every 10,000 citizens, 30.6 get raped according to the reports however the actual number might be very high as most rape crimes aren’t reported. The citizens blame the lenient punishment of only 15 years for the rape crimes.


9. Nicaragua

Home to a huge population with multi-ethnic citizens such as Africans, Europeans, Asians and indigenous people happens to be one of the largest countries in Central American isthmus. Overall the country is considered as one of the safest ones in Central and Latin America with a homicide rate as low as 8.7 out of 100,000 citizens. Yet the situation is not that good for the female inhabitants. The reported rape cases conclude a high ratio of 31.6 cases in every 100,000 inhabitants.


8. New Zealand

Highest Rape Crime In 2016 - New Zealand

New Zealand has surprisingly fallen prey to a drastic increase in rape crimes this year. The population took it as a surprising shock when rape became the most common crime and murder ranked second. The number of rape cases reported in New Zealand took a major peak when a total of 1500 cases came in within a time period of only one month. The reasons were revealed after a thorough police investigation that a group named “Roast Busters” was responsible for inducing young girls into drug consumption and then raping them.


7. Canada

After a statistical analysis of all the violent crime reports in Canada, it was seen that rapes and sexual assaults were inclining at a fast rate. Each year the country files in 460,000 rape and sexual assault cases. The reports also show that only 33/1000 sexual assault and rape cases are reported by the victims and out of these 33 only an average of 29 cases are actually filed in as crimes. 11% of the women in Canada experience physical injuries due to torture and sexual assaults yet only 6% of the total are officially reported.


6. India

Highest Rape Crime In 2016 - India

India has always been in the list of countries with highest rape crimes. India’s National Crime Record Bureau has stated that there has been an increase of 7.5% in sexual assaults, rapes and crimes against women in India since 2010. The number of reported rapes in India went from 24,923 to 33,707 in the last year. Most of the rape victims are aged between 18-30 years. After a close analysis it has been concluded that after every 20 minutes, a woman is raped in India. That’s a total of 93 rapes in a single day. Most of the rapes in India remain unreported.


5. Sweden

The rape crime situation in Sweden is worsening each day and it is getting out of hands. NGO’s and other relevant organizations are putting in their best efforts to convince the government into taking serious steps towards controlling this inhumane issue. Women in Sweden are not at all safe to roam out as 1 out of every 4 women fall victim to rape crimes and sexual assaults. Europe as a whole has massively developed yet some countries like Sweden are still indulged in matters like these.


4. United Kingdom

Highest Rape Crime In 2016 - United Kingdom

For most of us, UK apparently seems to be a highly developed nation. Yet, what we are not familiar with is the rape crime situation in the region. They have not categorized various acts of rapes neither is it considered as a gender neutral offense. According to the reports, a total of 85,000 rape cases are filed in Wales and England, out of which 12,000 victims are males and 73,000 victims are females. This makes an alarming average of 230 rape cases each day.


3. USA

America has developed an image of one of the most well developed countries while the sexual assault and rape statistics say the opposite. Worldwide Sexual Assault Statistics claims that in America 1 out of every 3 women encounters rape or sexual assault in their lifetime. An average statistical analysis states that 19.3% women fall prey to rapes and 49.3% of the women go through other sorts of sexual violence. As for men, 2% fall victim to rapes and 23.4% have been reported to encounter sexual violence. Shockingly, someone is raped in USA after every 107 seconds.


2. Botswana

Highest Rape Crime In 2016 - Botswana

Botswana is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa. It is one of the most sparsely populated countries around the globe having a population of over 2 million. The country is facing worst crime rates which include both petty and violent crimes. Sexual assaults and rape crimes happen to be the most prominent ones with a ratio of 92.9 victims out of each 100,000.


1. South Africa


The highest rate of rate crimes is observed in South Africa were approximately 500,000 rapes are reported each year. The rape and sexual assault situation has become critically alarming in South Africa as more than 40% of the women get raped at least once in their lifetime. Yet only 1 out of every 9 rapes is reported to the authorities and the rest are left unaccounted for.

These countries have emerged as the highest rape crime nations in the world during this year and the situation is yet worsening day by day. If the governments and authorities don’t take effective steps against them, these countries will soon have to face serious circumstances.

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