Top 10 Cleanest Cities In The World 2016

The earth is full of many beautiful places. There are many countries comprising of many such extraordinary cities which are stunning beautiful because of their fabulous cleanliness systems and remarkable check and balance to keep their regions clean. Cleanliness plays an essential role to express the cultural value and social standards of any state and it is also important to attract the tourists towards them. More the cleanliness will express more beauty and due to which more tourists would attract towards that particular region. It is very difficult to manage cleanliness from indoor to outdoor, but some cities managed it quite intelligently and greatly. Here we provide you the list of Top 10 Cleanest Cities In The World 2016 where everyone might or will want to go after reading this article.


10. Freiburg (Germany)

Top 10 Cleanest Cities 2016 -

Freiburg is located in south west of Germany. It comprises of population of 220,000. Freiburg means the town of free citizens or an independent town. This city is surrounded by Black Forest Mountains and hills. This city is also known as the eco city. This city is also in the list of most cleanest cities as well as in the list of most greenest cities in the world surrounded by hills and mountains. It is famous and well known for its cleanliness and well managed cleanliness techniques which rise the standard of the life there.


9. Oslo (Norway)

Top 10 Cleanest Cities 2016 - Oslo (Norway)

Oslo is the most populous city of Norway comprising of about 2.5 million residents. Managing cleanliness with such number of population is quite difficult task but Oslo manages it quite brilliantly and efficiently. It is known for its consistent struggle in reducing the pollution. It is also known as one of the most expensive cities of the world because it is banking and industrial sector of Norway. Its govt. is very conscious regarding to issues related to waste management and garbage disposal. That’s why it is the cleanest and finest place located in north Europe.


8. Wellington (New Zealand)

Top 10 Cleanest Cities 2016 - Wellington (New Zealand)

It is the capital city and also 2nd most populous city in the New Zealand with the population of 398,300 people. It is also the political center of New Zealand because housing Parliaments, head offices of all govt. ministries and departments and various foreign diplomatic departments are located in it. It is located at south west area of North Island. It is also known as the coolest little capital in the world. It also attracts a huge number of tourist’s attraction towards its self every year because of its cleanliness and well organized management of maintaining cleanliness. It is estimated that almost 3.6 million visitors visits wellington per annum.


7. Helsinki (Finland)

Top 10 Cleanest Cities 2016 - Helsinki (Finland)

Helsinki is the capital of Finland. It is the largest city of Finland. It is located in south portion of Finland. It is most populous city of Finland because of its 626,305 residents and 1.2 million of urban population and 1.4 million of metropolitan population. Managing cleanliness and check and balance over cleanliness with such huge number of population is quite difficult task for the govt. of Finland but it manages it quite brilliantly and perfectly due to which Helsinki is today 7th cleanest city in the world.


6. Copenhagen (Denmark)

Top 10 Cleanest Cities 2016 - Copenhagen (Denmark)

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. It is most populated city of Denmark because of its 591,481 residents and 1,263,698 urban population. It is located on Zealand islands. It consists of 3 beaches which are supplemented by a system of harbor baths. It contains number of beautiful scenes and number of palaces and castles. It is considered as one of the nature friendly cities in the world because of its cleanliness and commitment to high environmental standards. That’s the reason Copenhagen is one of the hygienic cities in the world.


5. Kobe (Japan)

Cleanest Cities in  2016 - Kobe (Japan)

Kobe is 6th largest city of Japan because of its size and population of 1.5 million. It is also the busiest container port in the Kansai region. Managing cleanliness is challenging task for the govt. of this region but they did quite well and maintains environmental hygiene and cleanliness due to which this city is one of the top cleanest cities in the world.


4. Minneapolis (USA)

Cleanest Cities in  2016 - Minneapolis (USA)

In the state of Minnesota of U.S. Minneapolis is the largest city and 14th largest metropolitan area in America. It contains large number of population i.e. 3.8 million of residents. In Midwest it is 2nd largest economic center. It comprises great tourist attraction because of its beauty and cleanliness. It is because of its well organized cleanliness techniques that it is ranked 4th out of the 10 cleanest cities in the world.


3. Honolulu (Hawaii)

Cleanest Cities in  2016 - Honolulu (Hawaii)

It is the state capital and most populous city in Hawaii comprising of 390,738 residents. It is economically very stable city because of the tourism boom in this region who are inspired by its cleanliness and beauty. According to survey 7.6 million visitors visits Honolulu per annum. It is a city which is full of well defined living standards and environmental hygienic region where you can live a life like in heaven.


2. Adelaide (Australia)

Cleanest Cities in  2016 - Adelaide (Australia)

It is capital of South Australia and is 5th most populous city of Australia with the population of more than 1.3 million people. About 75% people of South Australia lives in Adelaide. This represents the popularity and demand of this city in its region just because of its high living standards due to its cleanliness. It is located in between the lofty mountain and Gulf St Vincent. It’s marvelous location increase the charm and beauty of this region.


1. Calgary (Canada)

Top-10-Cleanest-Cities-In-The-World- -Calgary (Canada)

It is located in between the Rocky Mountains and Savanna. It also contains two beautiful rivers that run through it i.e. Bow and Elbow rivers. It is populous city consist of 1,096,833 residents. This huge number of population makes Calgary the largest city in Alberta and 5th largest CMA (census metropolitan area) in Canada. It is ranked number 1 cleanest city in the world because of its remarkable beauty and perfect living standard in nature friendly environment.

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