Top 10 Biggest Inventions Of All The Time

If me move back towards at least 200 years, life was not that much easy as today. No means of communication were there except letters . But with time periods scientists and extraordinary personalities worked day and night and invent such things which looks like miracles. Mostly things were invented with day and night work but few biggest inventions was done by mistakes.  Today we will countdown the Top 10 Biggest Inventions Of All The Time which change the world. All these inventions are very helpful and some of these are actually looks like miracle.


10. Paper

Biggest Inventions Of All The Time -

The paper was first discovered by china in 2nd century. It is derived by pressing up the fibers of cellulose which we may get from wood. The paper contributes in wide range of its applications for example for cleaning purposes i.e. toilet papers etc, for representing value i.e. currency notes etc, for storing information i.e. note books etc, for packing purposes i.e. paper bags etc and for decoration purposes i.e wallpapers etc


9. Wheels

Biggest Inventions Of All The Time - Wheels

The invention of wheel not only makes our life easy by improving our transportation goods to much reliable and much faster level but also provide pathway for discovery of many other great inventions like our industry relay on the principles and functions of the wheel in different forms, our modern technology also depends on the principle of wheel i.e. electric motors, combustion engines, jet engines and many others technologies works on the principle of wheel.


8. Steam Engine

Biggest Inventions Of All The Time - Steam Engine

Before the invention of steam engine most of the products were manufactured by hand. Steam engine was invented in 1792 and it brought a revolution in industry of that time. Most of the power generating plants in the world till use steam turbines to generate power i.e. electricity.


7. Printing Press

Biggest Inventions Of All The Time - Printing Press

Printing press was invented in 1440 by Gutenberg. It facilitated the knowledge in standardized form. It provides us more cheap way of knowledge in form of books on a vast scale. Printing press are still in use and updated like 3D printers and much more. Jet printers are available every where all because of this invention.


6. Refrigeration

Biggest Inventions Of All The Time - Refrigeration

The concept of refrigeration was developed in mid 18th century when ice was used to prevent food from spoiling and for prevention of developing bacteria. It not only changes the transport and storage method of food industries but also transformed the way we eat and live. Today in market huge amount of refrigerator,fridges etc are available in huge variety and quality.


5. Plumbing

Biggest Inventions Of All The Time - Plumbing

The landscape of major cities would be drastically different without plumbing. Plumbing have made our life so much easy and convenient . Evolving from holes in grounds to chamber pots to out houses and eventually to flush toilets plumbing have now change our living standards and helped millions of people across the globe.


4. Medicines

Biggest Inventions Of All The Time - Medicines

Many medicines and vaccinations have extended and changed our life significantly. Penicillin was discovered by accident by Alexander Fleming which was first group of drugs that fight illnesses like syphilis. Today there are million of medicines available in the market . Many life saving medicines are still in progress. Life is very healthy and less painful due to these medicines.


3. Communication

Biggest Inventions Of All The Time - Communication

Several inventions changed global communication forever. Samuel Morse invent the electric telegraph in 1836. Alexander graham bell’s telephone was the first to be awarded a source of transmit voices in 1876. Marconi developed radio in late 19th century. Moving pictures were first came across john Mobley’s television in 1925 and further the invention of world wide web in late 80’s. All these inventions made the world little bit smaller.


2. Compass


Before the compass sailors depended on the landmarks or even stars to navigate their ships but once the Chinese began using load stones and magnetism to find their bearings between 9th and 11th centuries. It quickly spread to Arab world and to Europe. This made circumnavigation of the globe easier and safer.


1. Electricity

Biggest Inventions Of All The Time - Electricity

The biggest and greatest invention of 20th century is electricity. It not only changed our sleep patterns drastically but our work habits as well. From Franklin to Faraday many innovators made important contributions in this great invention which brought light and power to masses. However, electricity is now became a necessity and standard to everyday life. Hope you enjoyed our article appreciate us by sharing this post with your friends.

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