Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2016

Everyone around the globe is looking forward to the New Year and has a different way of showing their excitement for the year 2016. Some people tend to make resolutions for the New Year and with the New Year 2016 just around the corner, we are sharing some really famous New Year resolutions which are healthy, fun and some even economical. Here is the list of top 10 Best New Year resolutions 2016 to make your upcoming year a really special one.

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2016 -



10. Bid Farewell to Smoking

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2016 - Bid Farewell to Smoking

One of the most frowned upon problems in the society is smoking and many places are even working hard to make the world a better place by making it smoke free for the future generation. So, if you are a smoker then you really need to say good bye to this unhealthy habit by making this your New Year resolution.Benefits of this particular resolution are uncountable and you will definitely not regret taking this decision despite the fact that it is one of the hardest ones to take.


9. Clutter free is stress free

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2016 - Clutter free is stress free

Yes, it is true that clutter that you have been hoarding at home or at your workplace for so many years can actually prove to be stressful for you. Make it your New Year resolution to make the space that is given to you either at work or at home, completely free of clutter. You can even start working on removing the clutter if you have time before the New Year begins so you can start anew with the New Year 2016 minus all the unnecessary clutter stores up around you. Always remember, less is more.


8. Learn a language

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2016 - Learn a language

There is nothing as exciting and interesting as learning a new language as it comes with an entire package of interacting with new people and even getting a chance to speak the language of some place in that foreign land. In order to achieve this amazing pleasure, you need to make this your New Year resolution that you will learn one language in the coming year so that next year you can actually go and visit the place like a local!


7. Ready, Set, Play

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2016 - Ready, Set, Play

Life actually becomes a lot more fun and healthy when you start playing some sport or game. If you used to play something and quitted it due to some reasons then make it your New Year resolution to start playing that sport/game again. If you have not had a chance to learn many sports, master any one or even just start playing one then promise yourself that you will be good to your mind and body by playing a good and healthy sport in the year 2016.


6. Indulge in Social Work

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2016 - Indulge in Social Work

The greatest satisfaction that one can achieve is through providing those who are in need, things that they long for. Start some charity or be a part of some welfare organization the helps others. You could even do it on a personal level and ask friends to take part in what you are doing as social work and charity are what eventually bring out the true happiness in you. For the year 2016 start giving out more and expecting less in return.


5. Visit a Childhood Favorite Place

Visit a Childhood Favorite Place

One of the most nostalgic and fun resolutions to make for the upcoming year is that you can visit some childhood favorite place that is the closest to you and your heart. It could be your old house, school. Some park or even an ice cream parlor that you used to go to. This will bring out the happiest memories of your golden childhood periods and give you a chance to relive them for a short time. Take an old friend with you who shares those memories with you or you could even try and plan out a meet up with a friend that you have not seen since your childhood.


4. Pay the debt off

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2016 -  Pay the debt off

You do not need to be a Lannister or a Game of Thrones fan to pay your debts off. Try and make this a serious resolution for your New Year that you will return each and every penny that you have taken from your friends, family or anyone. It is best to release yourself from that added stress and start anew for the upcoming year. You will definitely feel relieved once the debt is off so try to pave a way for getting rid of the debt by working overtime or maybe going for an odd job. That will be an experience after a long time too.


3. Study Again

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2016 -  Study Again

The most productive New Year Resolution is that you promise to get yourself enrolled in some degree program and if not that, the at least some kind of a diploma or a course. It can be anything you like a chef course, arts class, dance class or a professional degree where you can actually relive what your studies and left a couple of years ago. This will broaden your horizon and open new opportunities for you. Learn new things as learning has no bounds and the kind of learning you can get a campus or learning center in incomparable to any other.


2. Become a Family Guy

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2016 - Become a Family Guy10 Best New Year Resolutions 2016

We all have become extremely busy with our lives, work and home. Make it your New Year resolution that you will meet up more with your parents and siblings. Hold gatherings for relatives and make an effort to catch up with them and their lives. This can be done by throwing family dinners/ lunches and even planning some camping or fishing trip. Travelling with family can be really fun so try to make that apart of the year 2016 plans too.


1. Be True to Yourself

Top 10 Best New Year Resolutions 2016 Be True to Yourself

The most important New Year resolution for the year 2016 should be that you are true to yourself. You can do this by doing a lot of things for example: eating healthy, being kind to strangers, pampering yourself once in a while, being honest with others and yourself, quitting a bad habit etc. this will basically help you in achieving all the rest of your New Year resolutions so do not forget this one.

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