Top 10 Best Nail Polish Brands In 2016

Although it has been said that real beauty of a woman is in simplicity but this saying has been utterly proven wrong as today’s emerging trend regarding beauty has been changed dramatically. Today’s beauty is never completed without the trendy costumes and branded makeup. In this 21st Century, stunning jewelry and distinctive makeup completes the beauty of a woman no matter what. Even minute things like putting eyelashes, eyeliner and nail-polish is now getting greater center of interest now a days in the domain of fashion world. Nail-polish is now considered to be very vital and significant in terms of defining delicacy and depicting enchantress of any woman. Polishing the Nails is now considered an art and becoming very famous in fashion industry. Below are Top 10 Best Nail Polish Brands In 2016 that will provide you with the best of nail colors :


10. Revlon


Revlon is one of the finest cosmetics brand. It offers 72 on-trend colors to look for. Nail enamels of Revlon are quite famous and renowned. At fairly reasonable prices Revlon is providing it’s customers very efficient quality products. Combination of classic and funky nail enamels from Revlon are highly appreciated among it’s customers. Moreover facilitating its customers with different categories of shades is enhancing Revlon’s marketing network.


9. Nars


Nars is enlisted at number nine in our ranking. Nars is originally French cosmetics and skin care company formed by a make-up artist in 1994. Nars equips various beauty products which includes lipsticks, lip-gloss, brushes, eyelashes and most eminent nail polishes. Nars is providing entire UV protected and color resistant nail polished which is an offbeat feature up till now.


8. Essie


Essie is fabled specifically for Nail care services like nail arts,nail colors and nail polishes. Smooth finish to nail art and charming shades of nail polishes pushes Essie to number eight spot. Various nail art designs and nail polishes for distinct occasions is another key feature of Essie.Updating of of new colors every season is another reason why Essie has got such fame.


7. RGB


Another luxurious cosmetics brand that provides it’s services in nail polish and nail art domain. RGB has a motto of providing modern cosmetics line. Its nail polishes are health-friendly and free of any carcinogenic material. Its glossy chip resistant nail paints with no harmful chemicals. Collection of numerous classic and contemporary nail art designs got RGB huge stardom in this fashion world.


6. OPI


OPI is known for dealing in professional care products. OPI is known for selling its products in comparatively cheaper price. Moreover its products comprise of unique formula which causes OPI to sell extensively in market. Their beautiful and attractive colors with high quality attract the customers.


5. China Glaze


Number 5th in our ranking of top 10 nail polish brands is China Glaze as it is providing full range of Nail Lacquer which is being liked enormously. China Glaze is also rendering its customers with huge collection of nail colors or various shades and textures. All China Glaze colors are free of added Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP. Chine Glaze is also tremendously known for its nail strengtheners and growth formula. China Glaze is counted as one of the most selling brand around the globe.


4. Bobbi Brown


Bobbi Brown brand named after the owner. It is mainly known for products like skin foundation, eye mascara.lip colors and nail polishes. Charming and captivating shades of Bobbi Brown nail polishes gives your hands a great attractive and perfect look. All the products of Bobbi Brown are reliable and last long. There’s no compromise in the quality of Bobbi Brown’s nail colors though they are quite cost effective comparatively.


3. CND


CND is one of the most prestigious brand and is continuing its work in nail care department. CND offers nail color coatings, nail enhancement coatings and nail essentials that provides complete care for the nails. Nail art is another feature of CND. Endearing and adorable color collection of CND puts it on number three in own ranking.


2. Sally Hansen


Sally Hansen is one stop shop for the nail care. Everything regarding nails is available under single roof. Products including nail colors, nail arts, nail care, gel nail color and much more are listed under Sally Hansen.Sally Hansen cares about your nails as it offers nail protection formula that ensures that your nail structure doesn’t ruin. Complete customer care satisfaction and big marketing network allows Sally Hansen to stand at number 2 spot here.


1. L’Oreal Paris


L’Oreal Paris is world’s leading cosmetics and make-up brand. It has been providing it services in this domain for very long period of time. Products of every kind including hair shampoo, eye lasher,mascara,eye liner rand similarly it’s nail polishes are not less than anything. Deployment of high quality and luxurious products and worldwide marketing network put L’Oreal Paris to number one spot. This is one of the largest make up products chain all around the world

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