Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies In 2017

Some people are profoundly meant for helping society and stand for the welfare of mankind . These people work in most powerful agencies and companies to give better,save and secure life to everyone they concern. It needs gratitude,bravery and strong self of emotions to give away their whole life serving their mother place. It is not just one people agenda to serve humanity and keep them safe from eagle eyes but this can be accomplished by unity and solidarity to have that furors to inner self to protect people of own country and work for their betterment. Breaking codes, gathering information’s and keep society away from threats and illegal grants. Here are Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies In 2017 which are found to be most formidable of all.


10. GRU

Russia’s largest intelligence agency founded in 1918 since 1942.truly embracing and strengthen agency which profound many military person who are sharp , intellectual and repart . This intelligence served their people with loyalty and grace and maintain its position and goals to serve more. GRU is an English version of Russian’s acronyms . It is best known for soviet and political significance. It works with diligence and accuracy.



Intelligence Agencies

The Israeli agency formed in 1949. It is known for covert operation, counter terrorism and intelligence counter. Yet they tasked to many clock and dagger activities with overseas and confined with some of the best surveillance though . It has it’s own moto from bible , “From wise guidance you can win a war” but it got changed later on . The perfect picture of the dynamic wave got through this agency as it paved many routes though.


8. MI16

British Intelligence company was dissolved in 1946,grounded by British company in 1994 it is a defensive intelligence company which contains secrets of own country so that at time of war ,the weakness of other countries can be counted on tips. Way through it was subsumed to Ministry of Defense (MOD) . It’s agency’s privilege serve their people. It combats overseas threats and tries to resolve it. It also works on code breakers which is very helpful in deciding the future of war and conditions.


7. C.I.A

 Intelligence Agencies In 2017

It is a civilian intelligence agency of British federation accustomed by its pursue and management and hold of great importance to its people . It is formed in September 1947, with the task of brilliance and marked performance till now. It analyze national security information with secretive and formative way coded with loads of information hidden in channels which are difficult to break . It has no law enforcement and only works for the overseas intelligence information gathering an corresponding. Moreover, it is the only intelligence authorized by law to covert actions.



This agency has massive authorities to summarize its actions and performance founded in July 1983 . It is foremost one of best agency in world not regretting its part to world it is most safe and secretive agency not easy to tackle with . It counts for the Anti Defection and for the better surveillance. It is divided in organizations like local research,labs,foreign affairs as well as local affair bureaus. It also played major role in public and political security so,one could not leash the statement’s easily.



Intelligence Agencies In 2017

An Australian federation intellectual agency demands its priorities, perspectives and jurisdictions related to work and progress. It is founded in 1952,securing the rights of people charge their demand in world. It secures public and professional entities . These organizations are stake holders counting the future of the country. It protects and promotes Australian’s interests to their best . Yet, still to progress more for prosperity of country.



Founded in 60 years ago this agency was founded in 1956, marks with excellence highly appreciated this agency works on the demands of people and their choice . This agency is directly subordinated to its headquarters ,it has heavy wiretapping and machinery surveillance. It deals with illegal drugs , unauthorized weapons and other illegal business deals. Dealing with domestic counterparts is the major fact and figure of observance.


3. RAW

Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies

One of the best known agency for over the centuries RAW made its name with diligence and highly secretive performance that will blow the mind because of its accuracy and conductive performance . It was founded in 1968 , RAW agents are found all over the world breaking codes and gathering secret information very keenly and with high definition and collaboration. With its Moto , “The law protects when it is protected”. And they also claim for it.



Headed by the government of France it roots out the threats of the country. It mostly performs paramilitary and counterintelligence operations outside the state. It permanent maintains the constant environment of the state . Founded in 1982, it becomes stronger and brighter that it confined the name at top. It safeguards operations of abroad this agency is not made for public preference but as per need of higher demands of community as whole.


1. ISI

Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies

One of the best intelligence agency through which not a single information is hacked or leaked for years . It is founded in 1948 and from then it leads to the peak of glory and made its foundation strong with bold and brave performance . It almost knock out every terrorist and illegal activities. It sets the external affairs and deal with it marking the standards of its own. It also monitor anti projects in collaboration with Chinese and play fair with all affairs.

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