Top 10 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest In 2018

Investing low and gaining high through trading is talking high now a days. Cryptocurrency around the world is on fire but it is the only fire which ensures your profit. Cryptocurrency investment asset is attracting investors worldwide and it makes them seek invest on cryptocurrency. If you are one of the investor, you have got to be very precise in the selection of the currency to invest on. As years passes by, we see variations in the crypto currency plot. Since it is 2018, we are here to keep you from choosing the wrong coin. Down here is the updated scrolling poll of Top 10 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest In 2018.



z cash cryptovurrency reviews 2018

ZCASH cryptocurrency was introduced in 2016. Besides this currency is new in market, it made itself fit in top ten. The users are worldwide and like other popular currencies, it affords private transactors, which means the user is free to prove payment for auditing. Transactors are shielded by a t-add called ZK-SNARKS. One of the interesting feature is its basis on decentralized block chain. More than that, “founders reward” is ranking ZCASH high and in future it is about to cross the best of currencies.


9: Monero

monero coin

An older but more famous currency is monero which follows the same open source decentralized cryptocurrency. To make sure not to be traced, monero uses a special kind of cryptography. Other features which can make monero your choice are: you are the asset of your transactions. Only you can make see the money you are investing. Monero promises fungibility, which means the goods you purchase are interchangeable. So you can count on monero for your profit in 2018.




Another coin in the transparent world of cryptocurrency is IOTA. IOTA was introduced in year 2015 with promising, providing safe and secure communication. Confirmation times are boosted using DAG (directed acyclic graph) technology. A specific feature which distinguishes it from other currencies is that it does not follow block chains system, instead, it uses an innovative concept “tangle”.


7: Bitcoin

Bitcoin stepped in first in the world of cryptocurrencies. The peer-to- peer network took it far high after its introduction. Researches have shown that there are about more than 5.8 million users of bitcoin. This single tier promising currency attracted the investors crowd and kept thriving for a long period. Although it dropped to top 7 from top ten, it still has its cryptographic goods in its place.


6: Litecoin

Litecoin was introduced after bitcoin and is still considered among the popular currencies. Its features mimic bitcoin. It is also a peer-to- peer crypto currencies which also involves no other intermediate bank or central authority. It was released under MIT/X11 license. Litecoin’s high capacity to network and cheaper transaction fees are the reasons bitcoins are going down.


5: Ethereum

Another introduction of 2013 to cryptocurrency trading was ethereum. An open source block chain based, business coin. The tokens called “ether” is assigned to other accounts to indemnify investor nodes. Ethereum is now replaced by ethereum classic which is gaining fame among the currency coins.


4: Dash

Darcoin/Xcoin is a peer-to- peer cryptocurrency. Instant send and private self-governing and self-funding add value to dash network. It utilizes two tier networks (miners and master nodes). A perfectly designed cryptographic technology promises hundred percent security of your investment plans involving no third person.


3: Ardor

An innovation to the cryptocurrency network is ardor which ensures a very interesting service. Ardor promise the use of block chains via a child chain. A child chain is a light chain which could be restricted to a precise border. Now the investors are not supposed to be worried about their privacy. This served a chief contraption to ardor and helped it rank in top 3 crypto asset by performance among the top ten currencies.


2: NEM

Nem has achieved an astonishing victory in getting to a popular one with in no time. It was introduced in 2015, written solely in java, approved of new feature block chain technology like POI (proof of information) algorithms and multi-signature accounts. The client-server model runs free-wheeling of community client. It operates without executing a copy of Nem block chain.


1: Ripple

A high yield admittance of year 2012 in the lane of cryptocurrency is Ripple. Ripple protocol is a wide open source internet protocol. It brace tokens representing flat currency. It is abominated on database and uses concord processes that allow for payments, exchanges and alimony. Its design features a gateway that enables users to put money into and take it out of the lagoon.

Bitstamp, Gatehup and Ripplefox are among the popular gateways of Ripple currency.

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