Top 10 Best Cosmetic Brands In 2016

Cosmetics brands are one of the most famous in terms of flourishing businesses but that is not all what a cosmetic brand should offer. Females look for healthy, non-irritable and natural products which are up to date and according to the latest trends too. Here is a list of top 10 best cosmetic brands in 2016 in the world which are not only good value for money but are excellent in terms of beautifying and taking care of the skin. Products from these cosmetic brands are all what a girls wants.


10. Shiseido

Best Cosmetic Brands In 2016 -

Shiseido is a Japanese brand which is famous for its cosmetics especially its skin care products. It is one of the oldest companies that were made only for cosmetics and it came about officially in the year 1872. The brand not only deals with female skin care and cosmetics for females but is also famous for making good skin care products for men too. It has an excellent range of makeup products too which is why it lands on spot number 10 of our list of world’s best cosmetic brands.


9. Biore

Best Cosmetic Brands In 2016 - Biore

Biore is another Japanese brand which is extremely famous for making world class cosmetics and makeup. The parent company of this cosmetic brand is known as Kao Corporation which is famous for dealing in products which are natural and really good for personal care, particularly skin. The products are excellent for all kinds of skin types as the brand is available in almost all parts of the world and they have altered the ingredients according to every region and the skin type of that region. Biore is expanding very quickly day by day owing to its great quality.


8. Estee Lauder

Best Cosmetic Brands In 2016 - Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is a USA based brand which basically operates from Manhattan New York but, the products are available in many parts of the world. Not only skin care but Estee Lauder is famous for making extraordinary makeup which is even healthy for the skin. It is true that Estee Lauder is a high end cosmetic brand but it satisfies the users thoroughly through its wide and amazing range of cosmetics and other products. The company owns many other smaller cosmetics brands which are also doing great in the world market especially in the year 2015.


7. Dove

Best Cosmetic Brands In 2016 - Dove

This brand is famous for making the mildest and the creamiest skin care products and cosmetics. Dove is a British company which has a wide scale distribution all across the world. Dove cosmetics and skin care products are famous not only in Europe but the products have gained wide scale acclaim in South East Asia particularly India and Pakistan. Dove is basically a brand of the huge company Unilever which deals with not just cosmetics but various other kinds of products including food items. Dove cosmetics are available in more than 80 countries and they are available for both men and women.


6. Lancome

Best Cosmetic Brands In 2016 - Lancome

If we talk about cosmetics and do not talk about French cosmetics and cosmetic brands then we surely are not doing justice. Lancome is a France based beauty brand which has the most exceptional makeup and skin care products. Lancome was originally created as a fragrance brand but now, it deals with almost all kinds of cosmetics making it the number 6th brand on the list of the best brands in terms of cosmetics. It was founded in 1935 and Lancome too is a high end cosmetic brand.


5. Nivea

Best Cosmetic Brands In 2016 - Nivea

Talk about great quality and Germany comes to your mind. Talk about good quality cosmetic brand from Germany, Nivea comes to your mind for sure. Nivea is one of the most amazing cosmetic brands as it offers complete range of high quality products which can be used by the entire family. The brand ambassador of Nivea is none other than our favorite Rihanna which makes the brand even more amazing for the users. The products are mild and excellent for people living in colder parts of the world however, Nivea offers a wide range of products for the Asian skin type too.


4. Neutrogena

Best Cosmetic Brands In 2016 - Neutrogena

This US based brand is the one which is highly recommended for people who have sensitive skin. With a wide range of skin care and personal care cosmetics, Neutrogena falls on number 4 of our list of the world’s best cosmetic brands this year. The brand’s products are distributed in over 70 countries including Europe and Asia. The brand has now become a part of Johnson and Johnsons’ company. Its spokesmodels are really famous in the world like Deepika Padukone, Emma Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Kristen Bell etc. The facewashes made by Neutrogena are particularly famous all across the globe amongst young females.


3. L’Oreal

Best Cosmetic Brands In 2016 - L’Oreal

L’Oreal is another French company which is super famous all across the globe for its grand rang of personal care products which include cosmetics, hair care, skin care etc. The company has its headquarters in France but the products are being widely distributed all across the globe. It is even said to be world’s largest cosmetic company which is extremely famous amongst women for daily use. The brand claims to use up to date technology in its products to make the skin, hair and body glow and look even better than the way it used to look before.


2. Avon

Best Cosmetic Brands In 2016 - Avon

Sophistication, class and quality are the three qualities that this cosmetic brand depicts, making it the second best brand in cosmetics for the year 2015. Avon is based in USA which deal in beauty, household and personal care products. Avon was founded in the year 1886 making it one of the oldest cosmetic companies in the world. Avon cosmetics and personal care products are really famous with new mothers and moms to be.


1. Olay

Best Cosmetic Brands In 2016 - Olay

Olay  is the Best Cosmetic Brand In 2016. Olay is a part of Procter & Gamble’s ventures in the field of cosmetics. This year in 2015, Olay has become the best and the most loved and used cosmetic brand in the world owing to many factors. These include great quality, value for money and amazing line of beauty products. The brand basically originated in South Africa with just one product called Oil of Olay which is still widely used by women all across the globe for its amazing protection and unique fragrance. Olay tops are list of the best cosmetic brands in the year 2015.

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