Top 10 Best Banks In America 2016

Money plays a vital role in the life of an individual as well as a country as whole. No matter how much you despise the materialistic approach, money is a harsh reality of life and a partner that might not succeed you in life but sure is a stepping stone. When it comes to rich people they are very particular about keeping their hard greens safe in the banks. Banks which provide good services such as privacy, easy access, complete information without any minute text and clauses are considered to be better than the rest. A bank needs to make sure that money, gold and other valuables are safe. People often choose banks which provide good interest over fixed deposits and have suitable saving accounts. Keeping the choice of people in US in mind, here is a list of Top 10 Best Banks In America 2016.


10. Commerce Bancshares, Inc

Best Banks In America 2016 -

Commerce Bancshares Inc was founded in 1865 and has been providing financial services since. It provides personal banking, small business banking, commercial banking and wealth management. It provides wise education loans to students too.


9. TD Bank

Best Banks In America 2016 - TD Bank

TD Bank provides personal banking, business banking, online and mobile banking and investment and insurance assistance. Their headquarters are in New Jersey, United States. It serves at almost 1301 locations.


8. PNC Bank

Best Banks In America 2016 - PNC Bank

PNC financial services have been helping the clients to maximize their advantages. They have more than 2,700 branches and operate in multiple states in America. It is the third largest bank in providing ATM services. It keeps the identity of its clients secrets and keeps the secrecy a top priority. Their retirement plans are also attractive.


7. State Street

Best Banks In America 2016 - State Street

State Street Corporation helps its client to make intelligent and well aware decisions in business and investment. They have their roots embedded inside the financial world and provide valuable knowledge. Their headquarters are in Boston. Their revenue in 2013 was 8.793 billion US Dollars. State Street is a well known name in Investment Management.


6. First Republic Bank

Best Banks In America 2016 - First Republic Bank

First Republic Bank serves 127 locations. It has low interest rates and there is no fee for checking and monthly savings accounts. Its services are pretty up to the mark and provide all basic needs of financial services to its customers. Their total assets are 32.576 billion US dollars. Their working areas include Consumer banking, corporate banking, Global Wealth Management and Mortgages. First Republic Bank has waived ATM access fee worldwide making it an attractive option for business travels.


5. Bank United

Best Banks In America 2016 - Bank United

Bank United offers some of the most exceptional one year CS rates and savings rate. This bank is based in Miami, Florida. They are a savings and loan association. Bank United started in 1984 and specializes in nonresident mortgages for foreigners who want to buy property in Florida. Bank United does not service throughout United States but is expanding and extended services to New York in 2011.


4. Bank of America

Best Banks In America 2016 - Bank of America

Bank of America relates its history to Bank of Italy which was founded in 1904 for immigrants. They were not provided services in other American banks. Later it was merged with Bank of America to form the now existing financial and banking service. It caters the needs of its clients worldwide. It has total revenue of 85.11 billion US dollars for the year 2014. Bank of America focuses much more on domestic banking which is the core of the bank. The revenue thus generated has been used over the years to buy businesses throughout United States. It provides consumer banking which is also its largest division. It also provides corporate banking and investment management.


3. Wells Fargo

Best Banks In America 2016 - Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is known to be the best banks among the four of the top most banks and financial services not just in the United States but around the globe. The financial services were founded in 1852 by Henry Wells and William Fargo. The headquarters of the bank are in San Francisco, California. It has revenue of 84.3 billion US dollars. Recent venture of Well Fargo includes the testing of voice recognition and eye scanning security techniques. For this it has joined hands with number of other banks. Mobile biometrics are the latest hot trend among banking and financial services. Well Fargo has the greatest number of branches.


2. Citigroup

Best Banks In America 2016 - Citigroup

Founded in 1812, Citigroup Banking and Financial Services are top notch services in United States. They have revenue of 76.88 billion US dollars and a net income of 7.31 billion US Dollars in the year 2014. Citigroup is also a great choice for investors because of its increasing graph of earnings. Citigroup works in two businesses: Citicorp and CitiHoldings. CitiCorp has further two segments Global consumer banking and Institutional Clients group. Citigroup headquarters are in Manhattan. Their office is also talk of the town with its diagonal roof. Citigroup is on the road to prosperity with its ingenuity, responsible finance and leadership. This banking and financial service extends its services to consumers, governments and corporations.


1. JPMorgan Chase & Co

JPMorgan Chase & Co is the largest and top most banks in United States

JPMorgan Chase & Co is the largest and top most banks in United States. This exceptional international banking service started in 2000. Within a small time it came on the top of the list of TOP TEN BEST BANKS IN AMERICA. The bank has its headquarters in New York City. The bank has its branches well spread throughout the globe. It covers almost 50 countries and has clients over 100 countries. The financial services of this bank provide smart and intellectual solutions to private firms, small businesses, governments, nonprofit organizations and individuals.

JPMorgan Chase & Co has a motto to provide a safe and sound financial solution to its clients. The bank has total revenue of 94.2 billion and a net income of 21.76 billion US dollars. JP Morgan has become a renowned name after combining various banking services under single umbrella.

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