Top 10 Best 13 Inch Laptops To Buy in 2017 – 2018

Laptops are daily demands of this era. The reason is they are easy in carry and handy. You can afford it easily and they are available in different size and shapes that gives you best experience of work and other happenings. Computers cannot be carried away anywhere easily, that is why laptops are designed to give you full experience of work without limitations. Different brands introduces technologies and make certain innovations in their products so that they can attract people to buy them. Basically it is a techno race that can be handled easily. We are discussing Top 10 Best 13 Inch Laptops To Buy in 2017 – 2018 in which we will give you detailed reviews so that you will easily select best for you

We invent and justifies technology for our own ease and purposes, laptops are not only use for business deal but it is a box full of entertainment for everyone and is suitable for every age. We bring to you top brand 13 inch laptops on the rush for you as we believe in big screens has big fun. As you scroll down to number one brand you will see the difference between every company’s product and it will provide you full space to have your opinions about every brand.


10. Dell XPS 13 2-in- 1 review

Best 13 Inch Laptops To Buy 2018

This company completes a long journey to provide you the best of all. Dell XPS has best features and effects that will make you buy it for no reason. It has most capable 13 inch Windows laptop with added 360 degree hinge that let you fold back screen to make it a tablet. Thinner lighter and compatible laptop provides you striking design that stretched laptop display from one edge of display to other, that reduces the bezel to a bare minimum. This company make such different hues by creating touch screen laptops that transforms it into tablet so that you can have all the fun. It is an ideal laptop with platonic covering and its slimness makes it adjustable to any compact body.


  1. It has finger print reader.
  2. Thunder bolt enabled USB-C ports.
  3. Dual lens IR web cams.
  4. Edge to edge display.

With the comparison to other laptops this provides you best experience of all. Its overall rating is 8.3 in charge sheet. With price only $1,000 dollars US.


  • It has hybrid hinge and thinner body.
  • It has edge to edge view.
  • Nearly bezel free display.
  • It has maximum use of space.
  • It is reasonable to buy.


  • Standard USB ports get swapped for USB-C ones.
  • Intel Y series is not fast.
  • Power button can be tricky to hit.


9. Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (13 inch,2016)

Best 13 Inch Laptops

Looks like apple is taking a swing with all new grace and invention of MacBook Pro. It is a beautiful powerful machine with thinner and sleek module. It has flattened keyboard and extended touchpad for customer’s ease. All nee modification in MacBook Pro is its headline feature that contains a tiny 1cm tall touchscreen that replaces function key row on the top of the keyboard, thus it also jacks up the price for this highly persuaded machine. Some of the prominent features of this MacBook Pro are:


  1. It has new selection of intel processor.
  2. It has faster flash storage.
  3. It has bright retina screen
  4. They have dropped all legacy ports for Thunderbolt 3 powered USB-C.
  5. A very useful TouchID fingerprint censor.
  6.  Imported and compatible to the mark of iPhone or iPad.

Apple has made many innovations to modify its product by using different techniques to make it look unique of all. These all innovations makes it justify to be an expensive module, starting from least price to mainstream its price is $1499 up to $2,199 US dollars.


  • The inventive touch bar streamline works and save clicks.
  • They has improved every part of thinner slimmer MacBook Pro.
  • It has larger touchpad.
  • The components are fast.
  • It has flatter key board.
  • IPhone’s touch ID is handy on Mac too.


  • You have to pay hefty premium for touch bar.
  • They support limited handful Apple apps.
  • USB-C ports means you are carrying a bag of dongles with you.
  • They lack high ended graphics.
  • Huge RAM options may frustrate photo and videos.
  • It is expensive.

In spite of all challenges they face the overall ranking of this MacBook Pro us 8.5 because of elite designing standardize features, performance and remarkable battery stamina. Best 13 Inch Laptops To Buy in 2018

8. Lenovo Yoga 910

Best 13 Inch Laptops

When it comes to Lenovo Yoga 910 its hard not to appreciate its flexibility. It is a perfect hybrid PC that you can use anywhere just like you want. The compact size and relative light weighted feature matched 13.9 inch touchscreen that goes edge to edge that gives you closer look and brighter screen. It can also be rotated to 360 degree making it a tablet thus it is a perfect ultra portable laptop. It has hinge that holds the screen in any position right away. Following are the features of this laptop that are enough to impress you by all means:


  1. It is available in HD and 4K UHD resolutions.
  2. It has multi touch display.
  3. It has excellent brightness and colors.
  4. It has built in webcam.
  5. You can connect external mouse and keyboard for working.
  6. It has fine touchpad system.
  7. It has 16 GB DDR SDRAM 2,133MHz memory storage.
  8. It has latest Windows 10 Operating system

Due to all exceptional facts and figures it has reasonable price starting from $1,299 to $2,599 US dollars. The over all ranking of this laptop is 7.5 on chart with great quality and sleek design.


  • It has a gorgeous display.
  • It delivers sold performance.
  • It has long battery life.
  • It is a cool looking laptop and all features are easy to use.


  • The right hand shift key is poorly placed.
  • Webcam is at bottom of screen.
  • No direct video output or SD slot.
  • All ports are in one side having single connection in one dock.

This laptop is handy and compact with easy grip and can be use for any entertainment and business purposes.


7. HP Spectre×360

Best 13 Inch Laptops

This is said to be tiny titan 2in1 product with latest graphics and windows system. The first class execution makes it wonder laptop. It has such excellence design that has HP had to drop from design to shrink into 2.8 pounds and is convertible to its class. It has 4K display and sharp features that makes it more innovative in use. The system is quite easy to use and is compatible for all type of use. The classic and sleek design makes it reliable to use. Following are the features that makes this laptop persuasive:


  1. Its interface text is easier to read.
  2. It has great photo sharpness.
  3. It has excellent battery life.
  4. It has 2.7 GHz intel core i7-500U.
  5. It has wonder keyboard without layout gaffes and connections.
  6. The 4K video looks good and streams smoothly on this screen.
  7. It has card slot and HDMI connector.
  8. It has wireless Bluetooth connections.
  9. It has USB 3.1 Type A slot with a charging device single slot.

The features defined are defined to price starting from $1,799 US dollars. The overall rating if this good looking yet smart laptop is 8.5 which gives equal competition to other laptops.


  • Its weight is less than 3 pounds.
  • It has great keyboard and trackpad.
  • It has sharp 4K display and above average sound system.
  • Its performance fits in line with classic looks.


  • Its battery takes a hit with 4K display.
  • Its system runs a little hot.


6. Razer Blade Stealth

Best 13 Inch Laptops  2018

A fully equipped and a great looking laptop less then you think is right here. An ultra shift Razer presented a major shift to PC and accessory maker. It is a pure Ultrabook with lack of gaming graphics but includes company signature Backlit Keyboard and it has under the fingers light show which is unmatched to others. It is sleek looking laptop with exceptional design, compatible and can be taken to anywhere. Following are the features which make you crave to buy it:


  1. It is premium Ultrabook.
  2. It has 16 GB RAM and 256GB SSD
  3. It has double SSD as the base model.
  4. It has 4K display.
  5. Good battery life.
  6. Its body finishes with Aluminium.
  7. The neon green intertwined snakes logo makes it a gamer centric pedigree.
  8. It has large touchpad.
  9. A small power button.
  10. It has centered above key row.

Including all these fantastic features this laptop has 8.5 ratings on chart with most reasonable price of $1,249. You can get all in one laptop without much cost.


  • It includes core i7 processor.
  • It has high touchscreen resolution even to its lowest end resolution.
  • It has more ports.
  • It has front Chroma Backlit keyboard.


  • If you buy a bigger one then it will be heavier.
  • It has thick bezel around screen.
  • Dates and configuration options are limited.

Yet it offers better specifications with less money and includes those features that are lack in others. A high touch screen and full size USB ports makes it slick designed and portable laptop. Best 13 Inch Laptops To Buy in 2018


5. Dell Inspiron 7000 2in1 (2016)

Best 13 Inch Laptops 2018

Dell company is always been admired because of its inspiring technologies and modifications. This laptop is its next generation call, simply buy it and never look back. This laptop is called king of budget. It is truly exceptional by all means. It is a plastic laptop by addition of thin metal up top that makes it weightless. It got all the looks and sensitivity to attract laptop users, it is keenly flourished by all means and sleek in design that makes it handy. The added feature in this laptop is you can have an addition external battery to extend its battery life. Following are the basic features of this laptop which makes it further amazing in use:


  1. It comes with a standard with a crisp of 1,920×1,080 pixels IPS touchscreen display which is completely competent.
  2. It has corei5 chip.
  3. It has 8GB and 256GB memory modules.
  4. It has specified backlit keyboard and touchpad.
  5. It has camera that gives you perfect secure visions.
  6. It has smart censors to recognizes face as passwords and finger printing options.
  7. It has built in infrared camera.

It is smart, compact and use able just as you like. Because of all these tough features they are rated as 8.5 in charts. The mainstream quality if this laptop is that it is cheaper of all. You can have it for just $750 dollars with excellent features and designing. Dell Inspiron 7000 offers you unheard value of money.


  • It is slim, trimmings and comes with all meta chassis.
  • It has backflip touchscreen.
  • It has speedy solid state drive accurate with touchpad.
  • A face recognizing camera.
  • It is very cheap like an icing on the cake.


  • Its glossy touchscreen can creates distracting reflections.
  • It has poorly placed power button.
  • Uninspired design.
  • Heavier than competing laptops.
  • Battery is slightly below average.

In spite of all these things it is friendly to use.


4. Lenovo Flex 11 Chromebook

Best 13 Inch Laptops T

It is charmingly cheap chubby and rugged like note book. It has rubber bumper wrapped around its edges and as the Lenovo claimed it can withstand a 2.4 foot drop. Yes, you heard that right. It comes with whole new feature and specialty which is simply unique and amazing to believe. It has water resistant keyboard which let this withstand highly roughed weather and circumstances. It is reinforced in seal pack to avoid any electrical damage in case of accidents. More exciting features of this laptop are as follows:


  1. It can with stand tough circumstances.
  2. It has high resolution screen.
  3. It has intel processor.
  4. It can handle basic Chrome OS tasks well.
  5. It is smooth in operating.
  6. It has 2.10 GHz Quad core processor.
  7. It provides memory of 4GB RAM and 32GB eMMC storage.
  8. Screen brightness is bit dim.
  9. It contains HDMI, USB,SD card reader and Headphone jack and ports.
  10. It can also access apps from google paly store.

With all these innovations, this laptop is perfect for use. It has 7.5 ratio on charge sheet with excellent specifications and smooth in performance and durability. Its price is $269.99 dollars which is also not so much costly.


  • It is an affordable Chromebook.
  • It has durable build.
  • Its 360 degree hinges allow it to prop up.
  • It can be fold, flapped or can be used as a tablet.
  • It has an IPS display.
  • It has strong battery life.


  •  It is a bit heavy.
  • Touchscreen and space bar has some difficulty in recognizing taps.
  • Shallow keyboard is bit uncomfortable.

Although its design is not as inspiring ass other laptops but its durability has no match to others and it can easy manage under different consequences.


3. Acer Swift 3

Best 13 Inch Laptops 2017

Acer is providing us best of all from years. This creation of Acer is innovative and better then all others. It is slim, all metal build and it has a glass front screen that makes a great first impression. It has a stylish construction with all feasibility and sharp design that catches an eye. It is internally built around by a plastic frame with a protective rubber strip around it. It has some similarities like MacBook with fine basics task and browsing the web. Following features make it wonder to use :


  1. It has a brushed metal lid.
  2. It is made of matching aluminium chassis and chambered edges.
  3. It is 18 mm thick and super thin.
  4.  It is lighter in weight.
  5. It has seventh generation Intel Core i3 and i7 processor.
  6. It has finger print reader with Windows.
  7. It has optional backlit keyboard.
  8. It has HDMI, USB and SD card slot.
  9. It has 256GB SSD storage.

The overall rating of this laptop is 7.6 on charts with great performance and features. It is with in the budget roughly starts from $500 up to $1,000 US dollars. It will be your better choice with not necessarily deal breaker.


  • It is stylish and affordable.
  • It has lots of ports and connections


  • Its shallow keyboard is not food for typing.
  • Its display is dim.
  • Its speakers are weak.
  • Its battery life is short.

Although if you want to have good deal of the day it will be best choice.


2. Asus VivoBook S15

est 13 Inch Laptops 201

This laptop shaved off some of the frame around the screen. It is remarkably light in size and easy to carry. It is a big screen in a slim body with much reasonable price. It has wonderful color contrast for entertainment and office work as well. This laptop is finished with matte which helps is reflections this product is neither exceptional nor disappointing for the buyers. Following features of this laptop are as follows:


  1. It is based on dual core 2.7GHz intel corei7-7500U processor.
  2. It has reasonable RAM with 12GB storage.
  3. It has a Window 10 Signature edition.
  4. There are two USB ports with SD card Slot.
  5. The right side has HDMI port with Thunderbolt 3 on Type C.

It has shallow keyboard with sleek design and coverings. Touchpad is notifiable in the mid front. There is a lot of flex in keyboard deck which give it less sturdy feel. It scores 7.5 due to great battery life and performances overall. It comes with a reasonable price $789 dollars which is righteous amount for it.


  • It has ultra portable body.
  • It has reasonable price.
  • It contains spacious backlit keyboard.
  • The responsive precision touchpad with built in finger print reader make it worth to use.
  • It has nice sounding stereo.
  • It is available in discrete graphics and dual storage drivers.


  • Battery life is brief as compare to others.

It is lightweight with lower cost and a big screen laptop with define design and working. Best 13 Inch Laptops To Buy in 2017 – 2018


1. Apple MacBook Air

best 13 Inch Laptops 2017

It is Apple’s most demandable and affordable Macbook. It is proved to be the sole of Apple with powerful intel processor and more advanced functions. They added latest generations addition to make their base more strong in market. This MacBook Pro Air has high-res display and high-end configurations. It is one of most universally useful laptop. It has slim design and sleek model with arena of metal gaze and fine matte furnishing. Following are the features of this marvellous piece of Apple:


  1. It has excellent keyboard and touchpad.
  2. It has a great battery life.
  3. This version has 18 hours playback battery.
  4. It has 4GB memory.
  5. This contains 1536MB Intel HD Iris Graphics 6000.
  6. This has Apple OS operating system.
  7. It also has 128GB storage.

This laptop is considered as masterpiece of Apple and it is one of the finest products of Apple with chart ratings 8.2 due to efficient performance and specifications. It is available in reasonable price in $870 dollars which is definable for this laptop.


  • It has improved battery life.
  • It has low classic and thin metal exterior.


  • The display has quite low resolutions.

Still it is a better choice for daily living activities. it is easy, catchy and much reasonable to use. It is available in defined colors and is very unique in design and light weight. Apple always tries to satisfy their customers with advancements and techniques which make work effortless for them and they can also entertain their self with these products.

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