The Twelve Days Of Christmas Markets

It’s no surprise that Christmas festivities have begun and while everyone is on the run for a Black Friday good shopping haul and tackling down shopping lists, others are content with enjoying the air filled cold breeze and setting up decorations and holly around the trees. The idea of a Christmas market although originated from Europeans, it has not stopped there. The trend is fairly popular now in the United States and you don’t have to travel a whole ocean across to enjoy the warmth of people and shopping in open spaces. So if you’re looking for a good time then go ahead and settle for the 12 days of Christmas markets below, you will surely find a market to enjoy nearby your area.


12. Baltimore Christmas Village

Christmas Markets

Located in the state of Maryland this city is widely known for its seaport and good seafood, along with it being the native homeland of the man who wrote “the star spangled banner”, you probably won’t see a lot of white Christmas but what you will get to experience around the inner harbor is people lined up for the Christmas Village they set up every year. The whole space is literally turned into a small village with wooden huts and twinkling lights all lined up with something great for every buyer. You can find great German styled ornaments by the famous Kathe Wohlfahrt amongst other handmade crafts that the 48 stalls have to provide there. The festival is filled with dance and song that change every day until the festivities end and you are sure to have a Santa stomach with all the tasty munchies you can consume at the festival.


11. Cincideutsch Christkindlmarkt

Days Of Christmas Markets

Though you can enjoy having a good time at the mall but for some it just doesn’t give you the feeling of a warm winter welcome. That is why many people rather enjoy the activity of going to a Christmas Market where even if you go down and spend an hour each day, you are bound to find something new. The City of Cincinnati has something exactly like that to wake up your childhood memories of Christmas at the Cincideutch Christkindlmarkt, where besides the fact of combining the essence of a German Christmas market you can roam around the stalls with your loved ones and see kids getting excited over St. Nikolas and his elves. One of the best things to try at this market is the very famous, hot warm and comforting “Gluwein” or hot chocolate made purely with no additives. It is said to be one of the best condiments along with others that are offered at the market.


10. Winter Village, Bryant Park

Christmas Markets 2017

New York is known as the city of dreams, where everyone is in the run for making something big out of themselves but who said those who dream big can’t enjoy them-selves once in a while? So if you’re in the Big Apple the Winter Village at the Bryant Park is the place to celebrate your Christmas and feel the love of people around you even if your family is far from you. A number of Chalets underneath a big Christmas tree decorated with lights and ornaments along with a skating rink that is a must try and the rental for skating is pretty affordable.


9. Denver Christkindl Market

Denver Christkindl Market

Up north in Colorado you know you can settle your winter in any good lodge for the winter holidays and go skiing but why not drop by the city of Denver and go through the Christmas Market where vendors have stacks of items from all over the world including Polish pottery, lovely silk scarves from Kyrgyztan and the old time favorite beer steins made in Germany. Kids can have fun going up and down on the carousel rides while you can find a gift for every person on your Christmas list and enjoy the Weiner schnitzel which is a must have made by the popular Walter Neuhold an evergreen name in Austria for making delicious food and is available at the Christmas market to give your taste buds a mouthwatering ride.


8. Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Christmas Markets

If you ever wondered about the famous Christkind that the Christmas Festival in Nuremberg celebrates well then this is the time to quench your curiosity because the Christmas festival in Philadelphia at the famous LOVE park goes so far as to have its own Christkind just like they do in Nuremberg dressed in white and so beautiful that it demands to be looked at for a second glance. The fashion of bringing the European trends does not stop just there but you can also enjoy mulled wine and a number of artisans selling their artwork along with a famous pickle ornament that should be a must have by for your Christmas tree this year.


7. Arlington Christkindl Market

Christmas Markets

How do you suppose Texans celebrate their white Christmas? Well with a lot of rodeo shows and Texan dancing of course. Which is what you will find when you venture up a trip the Christkindl market in Arlington. A lack of snow doesn’t stop these people from having the best Christmas and that is what you will see. There are activities for children that include building their own toy and dancing elves roaming about the festival along with a zoo for the kids to enjoy their Christmas with the animals.


6. Georgetown Christmas Market

 Christmas Market

The spectacular things about Christmas markets is that you can find loads of entertainment that will last for memories that you can carry around throughout the next year too. The Christmas market in Georgetown picks up the weight and has everyone dressed up in old Victorian costumes that make the charm of a Christmas festival even more delightful. While munching on roasted almonds and chestnuts you can have a tour of the whole festival in an old English style horse drawn carriage and let’s no forget about the wine tasting with a number of local vendors entertaining good old fashioned Colorado wine.


5. The Great Dickens Christmas Fair

Great Dickens Christmas Fair

If you really want to take a trip down time and see how it feels like to be enjoying the winters in London but cant possible actually go then you can at least head on down to San Francisco and enjoy the miraculous change of 120,000 square feet into old London town in memory of the great Charles Dickens. “The Christmas Carol” which was written by the author and is an all time favorite around this time of the month is brought to life as the characters play and romp around the festival for entertaining the spectators.


4. Christkindlmarket Chicago

Christmas Markets

The state of Illinois sure has one of the most windiest winters especially in Chicago but that still doesn’t stop many people from enjoying the holidays and going to the Christkindlmarkt where you can spend an entire day just trying out the different types of sausages that are available there because they serve at least 70 unique kinds of sausages and you can even sample them! Apart from food where you can buy at a number of stalls you will also find fine handmade crafts and be sure to buy that special mug custom designed according to your own taste and preference.


3. Christkindlmarkt Bethlehem

Christmas Markets

Why you say Bethlehem? Well of course to enjoy one of the most conventional styles of Christmas festivities in Philadelphia you have to visit this winter festival and also to get your hands on the famous glass ornaments that you can create yourself for your Christmas tree by blowing on glass. And if that is not cool enough for you then you can go ahead and enjoy having the first meal of the day with none other than Mr. Claus himself.


2. Downtown Holiday Market

If you ever plan on visiting the White House you should probably do so in the months of November and December so you not only enjoy the Presidents house but you can fill your mouth up with delicious cream filled pastries known by the name of “churros” which is available at the famous Downtown Holiday market. 150 tiny huts are setup to sell a variety of goodies, condiments and handmade crafts. Including liquid nitrogen made ice cream and Peruvian style empanada, if that doesn’t cut out for you then you can always hit the vendor for some tasty donuts to make your day and enjoy the seasonal festivities.


1. Union Square Holiday Market

Christmas Markets 2017

To enjoy your number one Christmas market on the 12 th day of Christmas hit the Big Apple once again because it has all the requirements of a great European style Christkindl markt. Not only do the locals visit the place but the one million population that fills up this market every year includes people from far and wide. These people come here for the freshly baked gingerbread and to test out the beer kits that you can make yourself for any loved one this season and if you want to add a touch of New York City then get your hands on the “Little Brooklyn” stall for some awesome handmade shopping heaven. A place to celebrate the winter and its warmth for the merry season, you are bound to have a good time.

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