Ten Worlds Most Mysterious Underwater Anomalies

World is a beautiful combination of matter and nucleus which hold everything to its center. The place where we live is not only what we visualize it, but deep inside it holds captivity, depth, intuitions and much more to discover. This world has many hidden secrets which need to be explored by us. We see a lot of majestic things not only on the place where we live but also deep down sea. Many under water discoveries has been down which are breathe taking and are beyond thinking of normal human mind that how this can even possible. Mind blowing anomalies can be found due to static, atmospheric and change of nature regarding the evolution.

History buried their signs deep down and passionate people dig them out because of curiosity and to save the nature. Sometimes things are indefinable and we cannot judge the nature changes and behavior’s which astonished and stunned people in different ways beyond imagination. All these things and sudden miracles made us strongly believe that there is some string powerful force that is reason behind this nature, no wonder we cannot even imagine that. Here are the Ten Worlds Most Mysterious Underwater Anomalies which are mysterious in their own ways.


10. Mound in the Sea of Galilee

Mysterious Underwater Anomalies

Massive circular stone found in deep down water of Galilee. Scientist was surprised to discover such a massive structure of circular stone. It was 30 feet (9m) deep in sea, this structure contains basalt rocks which were arranged in such a way that it gives a cone shape and it was twice a size that a huge rock holds. In 2003, Archaeologists states that it has some historical findings that linked a legacy of communal burial sites. The steadiness and structure of this stone does not depict its age. Thus, this thing is still a mystery to be solved, as not a prominent statement about this stone has been scribbled so far.


9. Structure in Lake MacDonald, Ontario

Mysterious Underwater Anomalies

The most beautiful and famous lake has some hidden mysteries that are undefined yet. Divers taking part in unique submarine project in 2005 has discovered an unusual structure inside the lake. The curious stone is structured at the depth of 40 feet (12m) below surface, it is a massive 1000lb (453kg) stone that is fully resistible and based like a 7 baseball sized stones. According to geologist it is a natural formation due to evolutionary changes in environments and era but later Archaeologists state it was man made because of existence of man made shims. These statements would not be enough to clarify the existence of such a massive structure.


8. Baltic Sea Anomaly

Mysterious Underwater Anomalies

This mysterious underwater anomaly became a center of attraction and ceases all the attention of people towards it. Whether it is a UFO or anti submarine defense tool, simply glacier or disc shaped structure that has been dragged in the sea, this mystery is unsolved since then. Many high seated people confirmed that it was not UFO but a simple giant rock that holds the entire place in sea. It is 169 feet (60m) deep in sea. Its construction boxes state to have 26 foot (8m) high pillars. These contain pillars which make it allow being in ocean for long period of time. All states are still quiet on this issue and try proving themselves that it is a total nature hack.


7. Lake Baikal Mystery

Lake Baikal Mystery

A beautiful lake has exceptional charm and holds an attractive force in which people seeks pleasure all round. Misty cold water running lake has dew deal with nature. Situated in Southern Siberia it is unique in many regards. This lake is deepest and oldest of all contain sweet fresh water. The sediments deposit on the bottom of lake is more than 4 miles (7km). Special kind of creatures and fishes living in this lake cannot be found elsewhere. Most of the time it is ice covered till June. In 2009 sudden undefined circular ridges has been noted by Astronauts that divides the lake with its ridges. The instance is that such type of hydro thermal activity has not been noticed in deep sea since then. The appearance of circular ridges is not explainable and they keep on concluding the results.


6. Lake Michigan’s Stonehenge

Underwater Anomalies

Knowing about this lake, although Stonehenge is one of famous historical stone monuments but yet it is not unique in its features. In 2007, the noted activity was discovering similar stones rested in the basement of lake. The series of stones are arranged in such shape and integrity that every single ridge defines a history. Aligned in a circle it is 40 feet (12 cm) deep at sea surface. A surprising fact about this is it has craving of an animal of mastodon that has been extinct for 10,000 years. This can summarize thoughts that it could be an ancient man made structure.


5. Cuba’s Underwater City

Mysterious Underwater Anomalies

A surprising thing that could amaze us discovery of underwater city. Submerged structures are found in Cuban coast in 2001 thus named after it. This city was founded by a company who was surveying under water areas and thus concluded this. Geometric structures cover the area of 200 ha almost 2 square km at the depth between 2,000 and 2,460 feet. Such a large objects which are at such depth covering great amount of space is said to be not a man made thing. Skeptics believe it takes 50,000 years to sink this area so deep in sea. Some Archaeologists state that an ancient inhabitant were settled and got vanished by the time which leads it to this place after geographical changes. Although it could be an island that ended deep in sea.


4. Japan’s Yonaguni Monument

Mysterious Underwater Anomalies

In the coast of Japan massive Yonaguni Monument has been the topic of debate for all scientists, archaeologists and even scholars are also indulge in this case finding the facts and figures. This place marks the signs of man made history but some of scholars said it could be due to natural cause. These could be terraces of Sacsayhuaman. It is also said that it has been modified during last ice age around 10,000 BC. Drawings and carvings are said to be nothing more than geographical changes but the situation is still unbelievable and story is yet to be completed.


3. Bimini Structure

Mysterious Underwater Anomalies

2006 expeditions lead to discoveries like Biminis structures. These are mapped using sonar and under water profiling. In depth of 100 feet these rocks are aligned in same lines parallel to each other. Research said these structures found look same as Cuba’s city. Total number of 50 stones is piled up at 45 feet in size. Such a heavy pace was there deep in sea and makes such a wonder creation that makes everyone astonished and leaves everyone questionable.


2. Gulf of Khambhat Discovery

An ancient city was discovered in gulf after such studies and researches it is claimed that city was found with dwellings, drainage systems, bath and other such facilitated area of ancient civilization. This is 7000 BC old civilization where useful tools like pottery sherds, fossils and even a tooth are found. It is said that sherds are natural artifact and not man made but other discoveries could not be ignored. It said that all the civilization shattered in water millions of years ago leaving behind an unsolved mystery removing all credibility from site.


1. The Circular Anomalies

Anomalies found in coasts of Florida, North Carolina and Belize these are places where un definable species are noted at global scale and their true significance is not defined at all. Many heavy rocks, giant structures and full amazing monuments are found in these specified places that stunned once imagination. Scientists and all researchers kept on working to find the existence traces of these anomalies. These are our histories and belongings that define our past, and make us believe about sources that exist and cause all these changes for better.

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