Ten Darkest Secrets Of The Soviet Union

The Soviet Union impact and legacy is of political, cultural and social drives with aspects that generally comprised of patriotism, political violence, poverty and ideology. It was recognized in 1922 and disbanded in 1991. It was the first state to be established on the basis of Marxist socialism. All the Government levels were controlled secondarily by the the Communist party until 1989; the party's chief executive and political committee efficaciously subordinated the country, and its general secretary was the country's most powerful leader. Soviet industry was possessed and administered by the state, and agrarian land was distributed into state farms, communal farms, and small, exclusively held plots.

Soviet Union name has been associated with mass murdering, genocides, artificially produced famines. Soviet Union had been one of the regimes that have massacred billions of their own freemen, and that in a few case, the fatality actually outpaced that of the World War II. For example, the Holodomor a famine genocide, that was adopted to undermine the nationalistic pride of Ukrainians by Stalin because they believed them to be a threat for communists. The reason behind mass genocide is not something else or human nature but lie in the pure fabric of principles put forward by Karl Marx. In general all the acts of either closed cities, Holodomor, secret weaponry and annihilation of population like any other nation was made by political drives of communism and their state policies as they were a state totalitarian regime.


                                      Ten Darkest Secrets Of The Soviet Union  


10. World War 3 plans


At the height of Cuban missile crisis of 1962, the Soviet Union hatched a secret plan to launch 131 nuclear missiles to destroy political and communication centers across Europe. The plan outlined that after the nuclear fallout, Soviet troops were expected to invade Nuremburg, Stuttgart, Munich and Lyon before dying from nuclear radiation. The plan was signed by Czech defense minister and remained an option until 1990 when Czech president Vaclav Havel scrapped it, however the colossal plan wasn’t revealed until 2007, when historian Peter Lunak stumbled on the 17 page plan while sifting through declassified communist era documents.


9. Secret Cities

Ten Darkest Secrets Of The Soviet Union

During the cold war, the USSR closed over 100 cities and wiped them off the map. The cities were home to state’s most advanced military and nuclear developments, so were kept secret to hide their location from enemy. The 1.2 million citizens of these cities were forbidden to leave and barren from the outside world by barbed wires and heavily armed guards. At the collapse of the soviet state, most of these cities were opened, freeing their citizens into outside world. However, to this day, over 40 cities still remain closed.


8. Small Pox Accident

Ten Darkest Secrets Of The Soviet Union

In 1971 at Soviet Union’s top secret bio weapons lab a fatal accident occurred, which was kept hidden for about 30 years. During the development of a weapon which was designed to cause the breakout of smallpox in open air environment, the deadly and lethal virus was accidentally got released which killed one woman and two children. The Soviet Union kept the accident secret to protect the information about their bio weapons from their neighboring and other enemy countries. It wasn’t until 2002, when the Monterey institute of international studies researched soviet documents that the accident was made known. However, to this day, Moscow denies the event.


7. Balaklava Submarine Base

Ten Darkest Secrets Of The Soviet Union

In 1957 the Soviet Union built a secret submarine base in the city of Balaklava. It had underwater access, so submarines could come and go freely without leaving a trace. The base was kept secret to prevent military knowledge leaking to enemies in Europe. This involved one of its programs in which they trained dolphins to attach the bombs and explosives and tracking devices to enemy ships as well as submarines. During the collapse of the soviet union in early 1990s, all submarines, torpedoes and war heads were removed from the base, revealing the soviet’s underground secret.


6. Cosmonaut Death


In 1961, Cosmonaut Valentin was killed in failed training exercise after being trapped in low pressure altitude chamber that caught fire. It left him with fatal third degree burns all over his body. The Soviet Union founded a policy which stated that space programs would only be made public if successful, and cosmonaut death was kept secret. The Soviet govt. airbrushed cosmonaut out of public photographs to conceal his death. It wasn’t until journalist Golovanov published his research on Russia’s secret space program in 1986 that cosmonaut’s death came to light.


5. Human Experiments

Darkest Secrets Of The Soviet Union

During the cold war, Soviet secret services established laboratories for human experimentation on Gulag prisoners. The main aim of these experiments was to discover a tasteless, odorless, deadly poison that couldn’t be able to detect in post mortem report. Research was conducted by disguising potential poisons in medication or food and drink of prisoners. According to historian Dr. Vadim a poison named c2 was successfully created, killing any victim in 15 minutes. The laboratory was kept secret to hide plans to poison prominent figures of enemy countries.


4. Kyshtym Nuclear Disaster

Ten Darkest Secrets Of The Soviet Union

One of the worst and deadly nuclear disasters ever known and recorded was kept hidden by Soviet Union for almost 2 decades. On September 29, 1957, the cooling systems of secret nuclear plant in Russia failed resulting in a chemical explosion. Ten thousand people were exposed to toxic radiation causing approximately six thousand deaths from radiation related diseases. To avoid public counter blast against building the nuclear weapons, the Soviet regime kept the accident a secret by telling evicted locals that the contaminated area was to become a nature reserve. It wasn’t until 1976 when the Soviet researcher and writer Medvedev published a book about his findings that the holocaust was brought to light.


3. Nedelin Disaster

Ten Darkest Secrets Of The Soviet Union

On October 24, 1960, the launch of top secret soviet rocket missile ended in disaster after a leak of nitric acid caused a huge explosion. Over more than hundred people were killed, some of them died instantly while others died while attempting to escape, after they got pinned in tarmac that had been melted in the explosion. The soviet regime hid the disaster from the public to prevent exposing the development of their weapons to enemy. As a result new publications started that victims had died in plane crash. It wasn’t until 30 years later, in a report published by Russian magazine Ogoniok that the truth was publically revealed.


2. The Katyn Massacre


In 1940 katyn massacre was one of the Soviet Union’s darkest secrets. Stalin ordered the soviet secret police to execute over 22000 polish prisoners of war, whom he believed were a threat to communist movement. Handcuffed prisoners were taken into sound proof cells and shot in the back of their heads. The bodies were then piled into a mass grave. The sovients denied responsibility for the massacre until 1990 when Soviet Union president Gorbachev publicly acknowledged the crimes.


1. The Holodomor Famine

Ten Darkest Secrets Of The Soviet Union (2)

In 1932 a secret famine killed 8 million Ukrainians. New soviet policy at the time hindered crop growth and transportation, leaving peasants starving. These were the very people who Stalin thought were a threat to the soviet regime. Knowing they were at risk of damaging their international reputation, the Soviet Union kept the famine a closely guarded secret for half a century. They hired journalists to write that reports of famine were merely anti soviet propaganda and they implemented laws that made speaking up about the famine punishable by 5 years in prison. The famine was not made public knowledge until an investigation conducted by the world congress of free Ukrainians in post soviet era.

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