Panama Reveal $2billion Offshore Trial of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin

Russia is at the top of the list of the largest countries of the planet Earth. It has the largest nuclear warheads. Since the cold war which is ended 2 decades ago till now, the Russia in its newly emerging state, has been majorly defined by 2 men i.e. Yeltsin and Putin. Presided over the anatomization of Old Soviet Union and the venturous privatization of state’s assets complicit in this decade, mounting insecurity and disorder put a damper on economic liberalization and increase the popular demand for stability of security. To regulate the heist and limit the damage a new brand of centralization through authoritarianism, unpopular nationalism was introduced to Russia by Yeltsin in 1999 and some call it Putin. Yeltsin days may be long gone but Putin knows the same problems still exist.

panama leaks vladamir putin

While Russia does boast massive reserves of natural gas coal and oil and that was the only good news when energy prices soar. A massive 70 % of all exports come from energy sources or minerals. It means the country was at the mercy of global commodities markets. Just as alarming, the Russian people were dying off at a staggering rate. Male life expectancy was a mere 15 on and at this rate Russia was set to lose 50 million people in next 40 years. So it’s no wonder that Putin does everything he can to eliminate impression of weakness. Putin’s approach towards the breakaway republic has been entirely straight forward. Putin himself feels that he as well as his country has been disrespected for many years.

          Panama Reveal $2billion Offshore Trial of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin


Putin’s Fortune Of Secret Billion Dollars


The salary of Vladimir Putin is 187,000 US dollars per annum. He has been fairly popular in Russia since 1999 when he takes over as the president. His wife named Lyudmila controls number of bank accounts of worth 260,000 US dollars. They claim that the net worth of them is not more than 500,000 US dollars. But the reality is far different from these described stats. When many govt. industries were privatized Putin used his powers to build secret ownership’s.

He used his powers to accommodate 4.5 % ownership in natural producer of gas Gazprom, in an oil company named Surgutneftegas he accomplish 37 % ownership and 50 % ownership in Swiss Oil Trader Guvnor. Through Gazprom he get 150 billion US dollars per annum, 80 billion US dollars per annum from Guvnor and 20 billion US dollars from Surgutneftegas. The net worth of all these assets are of 70 billion US dollars.


Putin’s Money Trial And Panama Paper Leaks

The set of leaked documents of 11.5 million confidential files which gives detailed information about 214,000 offshore companies that are listed by corporate Panamanian service provider Mossack Fonseca, these confidential files are known as panama papers.

Putin’s Money Trial And Panama Paper Leaks

Panama papers also reveal the secret connections of different persons listed in papers to Russian President named Vladimir Putin. Sergei Roldugin who is the best friend of Putin claims that he is not a businessman is listed as the owner of offshore companies . Roldugin introduced a women, Lyudmila, to Putin by which he eventually married and he is godfather to his elder daughter as well. He controls the series of assets of more than 100 million US dollars. The files reveal the Putin’s 12.5 % stake in Russia’s biggest TV advertising agency with annual revenues of more than 800 million euro. All these assets revolve around bank Rossiya which is headed by Yuri Kovalchuk who is the personal banker of Putin. Bank Rossiya achieved the transfer of 1 billion US dollars to off shore Sandalwood Continental. These funds comes from Russian commercial bank RCB. Why bank agreed to permit loan and to extend such unusual credit lines ?? the answer of this question has no explanation in the files. Sandalwood purchased 6 million US dollars yacht near St Petersburg. Sandalwood made 3 loans in 2010-11 worth 11.3 million US dollars to an offshore company named Ozon which owns ski resort where Putin’s younger daughter get married. Roldugin Company in 2011 bought the rights to 200 million US dollars loan for 1 US dollar. The loans were unsecured and untraceable so no one would ever know unless the law firm Mossack Fonseca is hit by biggest leak in history. In such way Putin held his huge wealth through proxies channels.

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